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My first man to man sexual play was mind-blowing

5 mins read

I'm in my 60s, married and straight. A gay sex virgin. But when I read your site, I knew my first man to man sexual experience had to be in your hands.

I fantasised about you performing your erotic massage on me. How you'd use your confident hands to caress and explore my naked body. That way your hands would stroke my cock and fondle my balls in ways I'd never experienced before.

I had several restless sleeps with all the wild, sexual thoughts racing through my head. I loved how you are so keen for sexual play with an older man. I knew I had to experience all your sensual and sexual talents.

You became my sexual fantasy

Every morning when I returned to read more, it only made me hornier. All those sexy reviews from hundreds of satisfied men who'd come in your hands aroused me so much. I longed to have you to do with me everything so many other men had already enjoyed.

I'm a straight, happily married man. Yet the temptation to have my dick massaged and worshipped by a gay masseur who knows how to give me immense pleasure was irresistible.

I imagined exploring and touching your body too. My hands running up the back of your legs until my fingers found and penetrated your tight hole. Your thick erection skirting the lips of my mouth, teasing my longing to suck your cock, to taste your pre-cum with my tongue.

Our naked bodies pressed together

How we'd lie naked together, with your long legs wrapped around my naked body and kiss passionately. The thought of your masculine body pressed against mine, our hard cocks rubbing together filled me with desire.

My nightly fantasy ended with the thought of you parting your beefy bum cheeks over my face. So intimately, so sensuously exposing your soft and velvety smooth, rosebud anus for me to desire. I'd look first then gently kiss and lick your hole until it was wet and pulsating, longing for more than my tongue.

One thing I've missed, apart from great sex - though that too - is affectionate touch: being cuddled, kissed and lovingly caressed. Sharing hours of body play with you was like having one long, luxurious, intimate, affectionate hug. Thank you.

I imagined slowly entering you

On your back, your legs resting on my shoulders, I imagined slowly entering you, opening your tight, willing hole to so eagerly receive my thick cock. Knowing you needed me inside you as much as I needed to push my cock all the way inside you too. The smouldering look in your eyes - your delighted sighs - would tell me how much you longed for me to penetrate you, so deeply, so passionately.

I enjoy the freedom you give me to explore your body and stroke your cock. Plus it's a real turn on the way you respond and how much you obviously enjoy yourself too. It's the most intimacy I've ever experienced with anyone.

I couldn't wait any longer. I had to make an appointment to see you. I had to experience all your magical erotic talents for arousing my flaming passion. My lust, my desire and fantasies for the intimacy you are so ready to share, even with an older straight man of limited gay experience, like me.

My fantasy come true and then some

I loved every minute of our time together. Are you surprised? Was it obvious?

I'm delighted to know you enjoyed yourself too. I thought you had but I needed you to tell me again. Your unrestrained intimacy and sensuality drove me wild. I've never known anything as exciting as the hot, sex play we shared.

Your erotic massage is every bit as good as I imagined and so much more. When you stood at the head of your table and ran your magic hands down my back, it was easy to surrender to the temptation to stroke your muscular legs, to pull your cock closer to my head. And to touch your beautiful bum cheeks.

I haven't felt so good for years. Having hot sex with a great looking guy is rare for a man of my mature years. You gave me the best experience of my life. Absolutely wonderful: you've definitely got yourself a regular client!

My first taste of cock

I loved how you stood to one side so I could easily run my tongue around the head of your hard cock. I'd never sucked a cock before but it felt so natural to have it sliding in and out of my mouth. Your precum was even more delicious than I'd imagined.

And when you suggested we move to the bed so we'd have more room, I couldn't stop myself from tonguing your delicious bum hole too. Another first for me and as incredibly sexy as I'd imagined.

I am surprised that I managed to keep going as long as I did. Yet my cock was rock hard the whole time you and I slipped together on your bed.

I loved kissing you. That way you stroked my cock and played with my balls excited me beyond belief.

Sex with you, Geoffrey, was totally arousing and hot, sensual and thrilling. I was amazed by your knowledge of how to stimulate my body, all your sexual talents. That way you kept adding layers to my excitement until I climaxed blew my mind.

My cock pushed deep inside you

But I knew when I was getting close to cumming that I wanted to watch you cum first. I loved so much having my hard cock pushed up inside you as you slowly stroked your cock. I was so aroused, so excited. I had to watch you cum before I did.

The look on your face, your sheer delight and pleasure in having my cock thrust so firmly and deeply inside you. Everything I had imagined yet so much better in reality. Feeling your arse muscles clenching so tightly around my cock, as you climaxed. Then seeing that huge load of cum shoot out of your cock. Another hot spurt. And another.

What went on my stomach and chest was so lovely and warm. I can only imagine how good it would have tasted. Next time I'd like you to cum in my mouth.

But I couldn't stop myself. The pleasure of my cock in your arse as you climaxed, the intense sensations, the warm pulsing of your muscles made me cum too. Every hot spurt of your cum matched my own spasms as my cock erupted inside you.

To be honest, I think I prefer giving you pleasure even more than enjoying your sexy talents. Sucking your cock and playing with your arse was hot. Watching and hearing you lose control when you climaxed and knowing I'd made that happen. Hot!

Once you'd wiped us clean, I truly appreciated how there was no rush to get me out the door. Lying naked together with you, with our arms around each other and talking for the rest of the session made everything that had already happened feel even more intimate and special.

I want to taste you again

My first man to man sexual play with you was even better than I had imagined. Thank you for an absolutely incredible, erotic experience. You did amazing things to my body. I was blown away (literally) by your intimacy and sensuality.

I loved how you gripped my cock in your hands. The soft wetness of my cock in your mouth... but I've never experienced anything as hot or intense as the tightness of your arse muscles when my cock was pushed up inside you.

I still sometimes have trouble getting to sleep at night when I remember that first visit. I frequently imagine you standing near my head and your magic hands caressing my body.

As you bend over me, both my hands gently stroke the backs of your legs and move higher, my fingers edging towards your hot, tight hole. I can vividly imagine your cock hardening and slipping into my hungry mouth.

I'm looking forward to another steaming hot session of mansex with you. Actually, my cock is rock hard now, thinking about what we're going to do on my second visit to you.

When will you come?

I only accept 1 booking per day to guarantee you will enjoy the most pleasurable erotic experience. But you can book as far in advance as you choose on any day (including public holidays) from 10am.

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Intelligent, witty, wicked fun and totally hot, as well. Your intimacy and sensuality blow me away. That way you massaged my body, stroked my cock... your eagerness for sexy fun... everything about you drives me wild. You, Geoffrey, are the ultimate mansex professional.


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