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Reviews: I've found the secret to feeling young again

How long have you wanted to explore a sensual experience with another man? Why delay another minute, when you too can discover the immense pleasure two men can share? Come today!

Sharing a sexual adventure with another man is something I've often thought about. But I never found the chance to do anything when I was married.

I've still got plenty of energy and tons of enthusiasm. But I'm not the best looking man in the world. I don't have a muscular, youthful body. That seems to be what everyone is into these days. That, and a rock hard dick.

My dick doesn't stay as hard as it once did.

So I've spent a lot of time looking on the web, not really getting excited by all the porn. But what else is a horny man meant to do?

Then I found your web site. I was amazed and excited. Hopeful. Maybe there was a chance for an old bloke like me to have some fun, after all.

I liked the way you came across in your pages: warm, friendly, kind and relaxed. Open-minded and uninhibited caught my attention too. Cheerful with a wicked sense of humour. It all sounded like we'd have a great time together.

My first time with another man

I read everything on the site: the reviews, your erotic massage blog, all the stories. I kept returning, wanking and wondering. It seems incredible that you are exactly what I am looking for: a mature man who is enthusiastic about sharing sexy play with someone like me.

Your web site promised you'd be gentle, understanding and nurturing. We'd both be nude and it was ok for me fondle and caress you too. I liked how you openly encouraged men of my mature years to come and play with you.

I miss being hugged

What clinched it for me was how you're willing to hug and kiss a man. I love being hugged.

Living alone as I do, I don't get much chance to share physical affection with anyone these days. Even something as simple as holding hands. I don't often get lonely but I truly miss touching and being touched.

The promise of being naked together, held in your arms and kissing convinced me to come see you.

I was thrilled you had an opening for me

I have a lot of spare time now I'm retired and I like to take things at a leisurely pace. I guess I could have booked an hour or two with you for a massage and body slide.

But I chose to spend the day with you instead, because I wanted to share as much touch with you as possible.

Learning mansex with a master

What I lack in technique, I make up for in desire and lusty fantasies. I felt very safe and comfortable talking about what I wanted to try. You're a superb teacher.

That way you have of gently guiding me. I didn't feel clumsy or inadequate. I felt masculine and experienced, like this wasn't my first time being sexual with another man.

I liked the way you demonstrated how and where you wanted me to touch you. And explained why it felt so good. It didn't feel like it was a lesson so much as we were each learning something new together: a shared, sensual discovery.

It was so arousing and thrilling. Every minute was thoroughly enjoyable. Looking back, I'm still surprised at how you kept getting me hard. I don't think I've ever felt so horny.

Endless, passionate love making

I can't remember all the details about what we did on your bed, under the shower, in the kitchen. Over the back of that chair. In your back garden.

How you look and move. The way you kiss. Your incredible hands massaging my body. My head resting on your inner thigh. Sucking your dick. Being inside you. The intense sensations each time I climaxed. Watching your face as you came and knowing I had given you so much pleasure too.

I didn't feel rushed, everything was so slow and easy. That way you wove your relaxing massage into everything. Your passion and obvious excitement at being with me. Your eagerness to laugh and have fun.

All the sex I've had in the past was over in a pretty short time. With you, sex is much more than fucking and coming. It goes on and on all day. Everything we did together was the best kind of sexual experience I've ever shared with anyone.

Genuine intimacy and affection

Best of all was when we lay naked together on the bed, your handsome face resting on my chest, your arms wrapped around me, as I talked about myself.

I know I've had a very ordinary life: work, home, marriage. I'm not much into reading books. I watch TV and I like gardening but that's about it. I have my own ideas about things but I don't often get the chance to share them.

With all your education, I'd worried that you might be too high-brow for the likes of me. But you're the most down to earth, approachable person I've ever met.

You didn't laugh at my hair-brained ideas, either. Or think I was a half-wit. In fact, I reckon I'm pretty clever.

It didn't take long for me to realise I'm ok. That you, at least, genuinely like me as I am and enjoyed my company. What a relief!

It's one of the main reasons I'm planning to visit you as often as you'll let me. You're like the friend I never knew I missed.

An entire day of mutual pleasure

At first, I hadn't been sure about booking an entire day with you. It wasn't the price or that I had to pay in advance: that seemed very professional. It gave me real confidence that you were on the level.

It was simply that I wasn't sure if I could last so long.

I finally decided you must know what you're about so I chose to trust in your expertise. I am so glad I did.

I was amazed at how the hours flew by. You must have had some sort of plan for how we'd spend the day. But it still felt spontaneous, like we made it all up as we went along. And I was totally involved in what we did together.

I completely lost track of time, I felt like I was absorbed in a different world.

I walked out of your studio, lighter and happier than I've been for a while. I wondered if maybe I'd been a bit depressed before we met. Not any more.

I felt a great sense of contentment and well being. What's more, with you, I've finally found the secret to feeling young again.

You are so generous with your time. Understanding and encouraging too. You made me feel desirable and young again. I felt I had been very carefully nurtured. All wrapped up in horny, naughty, sexy play.

I want to come again. And again.

I didn't want to leave. I could easily have stayed with you several more hours. When I finally drove off, it was getting dark. I checked my watch, surprised and delighted that we'd gone over time. That said a lot about you.

Next time, I'm planning to stay all day and the night too. I wish I could stay with you for a whole weekend. Can I do that?

You, Geoffrey, are that rare breed of man: genuine, honest, caring and very affectionate. I am thrilled and delighted to have met you. I can't wait for my next visit.

I was looking forward to a massage but when I saw you naked all I wanted to do was fuck you. Fuck! Your fucking arse is so fucking fuckable. So tight and hot.

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