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My first male to male erotic massage was hot

I booked a 60 minute erotic massage on a hot summer afternoon. Little did I know that the heat outside was nothing compared to what we'd generate indoors.

Geoffrey showed me into his massage room, the walls of which were adorned with many pictures of naked men in a variety of poses - mostly naked - and dozens of mirrors. As I undressed I was checking out the pictures and talking to Geoffrey at the same time.

I had a quick shower to cool down and then returned to the massage room and a naked Geoffrey who asked me to lie face down on the table.

An almost hypnotic, sensual massage

After what seemed like several minutes I felt warm oil placed on my back or was it my shoulders. I was already in such a relaxed state. Geoffrey then began an almost hypnotic movement with his hands gently easing the oil into and over my naked body.

The music was also drifting into my senses and for a while I could feel myself drifting into a half sleep.

Geoffrey's hands were doing amazing things to my body. From shoulders to buttocks to calves and ankles, and back to buttocks and one finger dragging innocently over the back of my testicles.

I tried to raise myself off the table a couple of times; to synchronise my movements with the return of Geoffrey's hands, willing him to linger in the crack of my buttocks, to massage my balls or to slide into that delicious space between my legs.

A first time, erotic experience for me

When he asked me to turn over onto my back, my erection said what words couldn't. I was really enjoying this experience: my first male to male erotic massage.

I am married, yet I had never experienced anything as sensual as this.

Geoffrey moved down the side of the table and I must have drifted off again but just for minute or so. His cock was at my left shoulder. As I turned my head, his cock was just near my mouth. By lifting my head a little bit I was able to lick the engorged head of his cut cock.

The delicious taste of pre-cum and the musky aroma of his pubic hair kept me going for another minute or so as I continued massaging the head of his cock with my lips, tongue and fingers.

Another first for me

Then at one point, as he bent over, I caught a glimpse of his hole reflected in one of the mirrors and thought "Why not?"

Massaging his buttocks, pulling his cheeks apart, I slipped a well-oiled finger into his tightly puckered hole, sliding it in and out in time with the music. It was so hot and juicy. And another first for me!

During the rest of the massage, while I fondled his cock and balls, Geoffrey worked his magic on my hard-on and manipulated the ring in my scrotum. The things he knows! Very erotic.

The intensity was growing and so was my pleasure. I forgot about Geoffrey's cock and rode wave after wave of pleasure as he brought me to a mind boggling orgasm.

Absolutely fantastic!

I had another shower after the massage, then left, a much happier, a deeply satisfied man. As I was walking down the road, I remembered the delicious texture and feel of Geoffrey's cock in my hands and on my lips and thought maybe I should have tried to suck his cock as well.

Maybe, I thought, I could return to where I left off to see how far he would let me go and maybe, just maybe, I could bring Geoffrey off!

And I will definitely return!

And he has come back often since his first erotic massage.

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    One erotic hour of hugely pleasurable, full body, male massage with expert attention to your penis and testicles. We're both naked and you can touch me too.

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    Two slippery hours of erotic massage and naked body slide. With mutual masturbation, sex play and talk, cuddling and laughter. A popular choice.

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    Three sensual hours of body and mind stimulation with nude massage, body to body slide and foreplay, sex, play and talk, masturbation, conversation and more.

Spectacular. Your touch was so relaxing, I fell asleep in the first half hour. But your first touch of my penis and I really woke up!

One erotic hour of nude body and penis massage $250
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