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My first male to male erotic massage was hot

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I booked a 60 minute erotic massage on a hot summer afternoon. Little did I know that the heat outside was nothing compared to what we'd generate indoors.

Geoffrey showed me into his massage room, the walls of which were adorned with many pictures of naked men in a variety of poses - mostly naked - and dozens of mirrors.

As I undressed, I checked out the pictures, talking to Geoffrey at the same time.

I had a quick shower to cool down. Returned to the massage room and a naked Geoffrey. He invited me to lie face down on the comfortable table. I spread my legs apart widely; lay my face on the head rest. I was already in such a relaxed state.

You know how to massage a man and what it means to be erotic. You have an incredible talent for being sensual.

A hypnotic, sensual massage

I could feel my breathing getting deeper and slower. My body felt heavier, sinking into the table. Then as he gradually worked on my muscles, lighter and floating. The seductive music and the subtle incense wafted into my senses. A very pleasant, almost euphoric state of peace when time stood still.

So it seemed like several minutes passed before I felt his first confident touch. Now all my attention was focussed on the sensations in my body. His hands gently easing and spreading the oil into and over my shoulders, down my spine to the top of my buttocks.

Soon Geoffrey's hands were doing amazing things to my body. From shoulders to buttocks, along my inner thighs to calves and ankles. And back again, over and over. Back to buttocks. One finger tickling innocently over, around and under my testicles.

I tried to raise myself off the table a couple of times. To synchronise my movements with the return of Geoffrey's hands, willing him to linger in the crack of my buttocks. To caress and massage my balls. To slide his fingers into that delicious space between my thighs.

Your erotic male massage was so relaxing and erotic; it's difficult to see where one begins and the other ends. And your whole approach is so soothing and non-threatening.

A first time, erotic experience for me

When he asked me to turn over onto my back, my erection said what words couldn't. I was really enjoying this experience: my first male to male erotic massage.

I'm married and in my 60s, yet I had never experienced anything as sensual as this.

Most masseurs I've seen don't undress or let you touch them. So I particularly liked how relaxed you were being naked and so ready for me to explore you how I wanted.

Geoffrey moved down the side of the table, massaging my thighs and higher to my chest, lightly flicking a finger across my sensitive nipples. I must have drifted off again but just for a minute or so.

When I opened my eyes, he was standing near my shoulder. I turned my head until his cock was inches from my mouth. I poked out my tongue and licked the engorged head of his cut cock.

The taste of his precum and the musky aroma of his pubic hair were incredibly arousing. I'd never tasted anything so delicious. I continued massaging the head of his cock with my lips, tongue and fingers. Another first for the day. Licking another erect cock!

I know it says on the web site that you have really soft hands and it's like having my penis sucked but lots of men say that. You really do have soft hands and it is like having my penis sucked. Incredible. I've never felt anything like it before.

My first taste of his cock

I lay on my side and Geoffrey moved to let me take more of his cock into my mouth. The feeling of his cock between my lips was really amazing. I wanted more.

Soon I had that great cock buried in my mouth, my nose pressed against his pubes. Loving every inch. His taste, the velvety texture, the slipperiness of my saliva mixed with his salty precum. I gripped his bum with my hands while I bobbed my mouth up and down along his thick shaft. Like it wasn't my first time.

When I finally let him go, Geoffrey pressed our cocks together for a double cock massage. His cock pushing against my balls, mine on top pressing into his pubes. Manipulating the rings in my scrotum. The things he knows! Very erotic.

I feel as if my whole body is one very large penis. I have never felt so many sensations at one time: it's like thousands of electric pulses.

Another first. Fingering his tight hole

I felt around behind him and pulled his cheeks apart. Massaged all around his tightly puckered hole with my fingertips. Then slipped a well-oiled finger all the way up inside him, sliding in and out in time with the music. Another first for me!

I wondered idly how it would feel to penetrate his hot and juicy hole with more than my finger. Next time, I'd book two hours of mansex and find out.

I enjoy the freedom you give me to explore your body and stroke your cock. Plus it's a real turn on the way you respond and how much you obviously enjoy yourself too. It's the most intimacy I've ever experienced with anyone.

For now, I contented myself with fondling his cock and balls. Poking inside his now familiar hole. Drawing him closer to me while he played with and massaged both our cocks.

Absolutely fantastic! I told him

The intensity of sensations in my cock and balls was steadily growing. I could feel myself getting closer to my climax.

I forgot about Geoffrey's cock and arse. Instead, as he brought me to a mind-boggling orgasm, as the cum shot out of my throbbing cock, I rode wave after wave of pleasure. It was like my whole body ejaculated, not just my cock. I'd never felt anything so intense.

Your hands are so soothing. They're unbelievable. You have a magical touch. It's a brilliant massage. I really liked the way you let me relax after I came.

I want to try other "firsts" with Geoffrey

I had another shower after the massage, dressed and left his studio, a much happier, a deeply satisfied man.

As I was walking down the road, I remembered the delicious taste and texture of Geoffrey's cock in my hands, on my lips and in my mouth. I should have kept giving him head. I'd wanted to suck him longer but that magic way he took hold of my cock... the way he led me to such an explosive orgasm...

Maybe, I thought, I could return to try out other "firsts". I'd love to find the best way to bring Geoffrey off!

And I will definitely return!

And he has come back often since he booked his first erotic massage.

When will you come?

I only accept 1 booking per day to guarantee you will enjoy the most pleasurable erotic experience. But you can book as far in advance as you choose on any day (including public holidays) from 10am.

Massage booking

I can see why men drive up from Sydney when they're in for such a happy ending. Your erotic massage is exquisite and that way you kept me on the edge of ejaculation for so long was like the best kind of torture.


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