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My first erotic, male massage was fantastic

Your massage is all about arousing a man. Exciting and teasing all his untouched areas. Allowing me to enjoy all my sexual feelings. I'm glad I came.

I found your erotic massage web site a few years ago and bookmarked it. Then every so often, when I was alone, I'd sneak another look and have a solitary wank.

I read all the reviews from other men who have come in your hands. How would I feel if it was me on your table? Your hands exploring and caressing my naked body. It became my self-indulgent, sexual fantasy: being expertly massaged and explored by a naked man who'd let me touch him too.

I spent so many hours rereading all the comments, reviews and answers to all kinds of questions, I felt I could have recited the contents, if anyone asked.

On one of my visits, I saw you had started an erotic massage blog. The more I read about the different experiences men were enjoying with you, the more excited I became.

When my wife went on holiday without me, I decided it was time to "take the bull by the horns" and arrange a session with you.

Booking my erotic massage session

I could have emailed or used that form on your web site. But I wanted to hear your voice, just to be sure. If I didn't like the way you sounded or whatever, there'd be no trace. This would be my secret.

When we spoke, I was agreeably surprised. You answered my questions patiently and without contradicting what I was looking at on the web site. It was obvious to me that you could be trusted. So I made a booking for a few days later and took down your address.

I was still nervous on the day but I went ahead with my plan to visit you. What can I say? It was the best decision I've made in a while.

Friendly and welcoming

When you greeted me by name at the front door, you were smiling and welcoming. Invited me into your nicely heated massage room and showed me a chair to put my things on. Just like it says on the web site.

My nervousness dropped by a notch or two. I felt even more comfortable that I'd made the right decision to visit. I was intrigued by what was to come.

I would have felt a bit embarrassed undressing in front of you, so I liked that you took off your robe first. You seemed comfortable being naked and that encouraged me to strip off too. I felt brazen that you could see I already had an erection before I lay on the table. Sort of liberated.

A massage unlike any other I've had

I've had an occasional remedial massage so I thought I knew what was going to happen next. Except your massage was totally different. I mean you massaged my body the way I expected but how I felt about it was totally different. It was your confidence in knowing how and where to touch me.

Sports massage is deep and firm and avoids all the erogenous areas or anything that might lead to inappropriate arousal.

Your massage is all about turning a man on. Exciting all those untouched areas, teasing and arousing. Giving a man a chance to enjoy being and feeling sexual.

Then I touched you too

I didn't feel any pressure to touch you. For a long while I lay there simply enjoying your attentions. When I felt something that wasn't your hand brush against my thigh, I thought "why not, it's what I'm here to try".

I reached out a hand and enjoyed my first touch of another erect penis. Soft and hard at the same time.

I liked how you responded to my awkward fumbling. Not losing the flow of your massage but somehow increasing the pleasure I was feeling in my body and in touching you too. Each time I caressed you, there was a kind of feedback from you that aroused me more and more.

I found I wanted to touch you in places that only a few hours before I wouldn't have dreamt of exploring. I'd read that story of the straight man who'd fingered you.

I experimented with that too, enjoying how tightly your muscles gripped my finger. You have a hot arse.

Like being in heaven

When you asked me to turn over, I was already more aroused than I think I've ever been. It felt natural to be lying naked on your table with my dick throbbing and dripping. I spread my legs to give you better access to my balls and you responded beautifully.

The way you massaged my penis was astonishing. I'd never realised there were so many different ways a man could make me feel sexually aroused.

I wish I'd taken more notice of what you were doing instead of lying back and enjoying the sensations. Next time I plan to watch in the mirror. Or maybe you can demonstrate and explain some of your amazing techniques.

I could tell you knew exactly the effect you were having. And I loved how you moved your hands in time to the beat of the music. I don't know how long you kept up the pace, stroking and fondling my genitals.

I only know that when I finally came, it was like a revelation. I've had sex and I've usually cum but never with such force and quantity.

My full body orgasm

I'd already read about those men who have what you call a "full body orgasm". I thought that was just clever marketing.

But it's real. It actually felt like my entire body was exploding. I was seeing stars, totally lost in a moment of pure ecstasy. What's your secret? How do you do that?

I'm sorry I didn't bring you to a climax too. I was so carried away by what you'd done to me, I'd have liked to have felt your hot cum splash onto my body. But I was too caught up in my own feelings. Next time!

More to come

You carefully wiped me clean with a warm, damp towel. I thought "ok, he'll want me to leave pretty quickly now".

Instead, you let me get my breath back - told me not to rush - as I burbled on about how marvellous I felt. What a remarkable, enthralling experience.

When I eventually climbed off the table, you gave me a clean, dry towel and led me to the shower. I came back to the room and enjoyed watching you masturbate as I dressed. It added a final, intimate touch to a very erotic experience to let me see your own pleasure as you ejaculated.

I'm coming back

When I was back sitting in my car, I reflected on the whole marvellous adventure. I wondered, not for the first time, why I had waited so long to make my first booking.

The entire experience left me feeling thoroughly relaxed and at peace with myself. I felt I had allowed myself to be more uninhibited than ever before. There's plenty more I decided I'd like to try next time, like the body slide or having your penis my mouth.

You've obviously had more sexual experiences than I've had. Yet, I didn't feel you were bored with my lack of experience or that this was just a job. In fact, I felt that you genuinely cared about my pleasure and satisfaction, first and foremost.

I'm planning another visit to you as soon as I can. I am sure I can think of some excuse to be away from home for an hour or two. The pleasure of another erotic massage with you is a great incentive.

I felt like I was being lovingly guided to explore to my own erotic dimensions by a man with vast sexual knowledge, experience and understanding.

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