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Reviews: a day of sexual fun with my horny, gay boyfriend

I wanted Geoffrey to be my friend with benefits for the day. To explore physical pleasures and intimate conversation. For the first time in years, I feel truly desired and happy.

It's been far too many years since my wife and I have shared anything remotely sensual. We rarely touch or hug one another these days. How I miss the slow and laid back pleasure of mutual erotic play and sexy pillow talk.

I wanted his friendship plus his erotic talents

I wanted us to spend a whole day together - my boyfriend with benefits - as often as I could get away from Sydney.

To be my naked and unashamedly aroused playmate.

On his bed or in the shower. Drinking coffee in his kitchen, wandering about his garden. Wrapped in one another's arms, kissing and hugging.

I told him I wanted to...

  • explore an emotional connection that feels real and genuine. [It does!]
  • laugh and play together. Slap and tickle. Talk dirty. Be silly. And very naughty.
  • be nurtured and encouraged to explore and experiment. Not feel shy or timid asking questions about sex between men.
  • talk about myself and hear his thoughts.
  • share my thoughts, my aspirations, dreams and desires. Feel truly appreciated and admired for all I have achieved in my long life.
  • discover his opinions about food, music, books, travel and everything else that came to mind.
  • try out so many of those things I've seen in gay porn, like mutual sucking and, if I got hard enough, fucking him too.

As a 65 year old on blood pressure medication, there was a strong chance I wouldn't cum. I assured him this didn't worry me in the least. The pleasure of spending the day with him would more than make up for any lack in that direction.

The best investment I've ever made in myself

You know what? Visiting Geoffrey for a luxurious, sensual day of shared pleasure every other month, is the best investment I've ever made in myself.

I feel exhilarated. Desired and desirable. He has this sensual way about him that makes me feel young and randy.

It's getting so I don't have to imagine he likes me: his interest in me feels genuine and sincere. He's told me he likes me and I see no reason not to believe him.

He's cheerful and friendly when he greets me. Naked and clearly excited to see me when he opens the door to welcome me inside.

I can fondle him whenever I like. Lie on top of him and slide my cock between his thighs. Draw him close for a hug.

Tell him to pose for me, so I can lie back and leer at his naked body. Play with his hard cock or finger his tight hole. Watch him lose control when I make him cum.

For a few hours each month, I get to be naked with a handsome, horny guy who really knows how to make me feel special. I feel happier about myself than I have in years. And the feeling lasts.

Sharing intimacy with another man

More importantly, we share a level of genuine intimacy that is tremendously precious to me. I always feel so safe and comfortable during our time together.

He's intelligent and well-educated and we always have something interesting to talk - or argue - about.

It's been easy to relax my inhibitions too. I've tried many of the sexual things I've longed to explore with another man: like sucking his tasty cock and kissing him.

I've even managed to fuck him a few times. It's truly incredible to share such a deeply personal connection with him. When he sits on my lap and I feel my cock gradually entering him, my feelings are indescribable.

The intense look of delight on his face is worth millions: I love feeling that I'm giving him as much pleasure as he is giving me.

I've revealed things about myself that I've never been able to share with anyone. I always feel he's keenly interested in what I have to say. It's such a relief to talk with someone who listens to me but doesn't judge or criticise.

He is truly generous, gentle and loving. Like he's my boyfriend.

I do cum in his hands

What's more - and this really surprises me every time it happens - I do cum with him. Something I thought had gone forever has returned with gusto.

He's got an amazing sense of touch and knows the right buttons to press. I get solid erections like I haven't had for years.

I feel an incredible connection

For one glorious, fun-filled day, I feel young and unattached. I'm in bed with a guy who thinks I'm OK and genuinely loves spending time with me.

I heartily recommend a long, regular visit with Geoffrey. Whenever you need an open-minded, genuine, horny man who'll help you feel good about yourself.

It's the most delightfully pleasurable, erotic experience you can possibly imagine.

I look forward to seeing you often. I enjoy every moment we shared. I want to give you as much sensual pleasure as you so freely give to me.

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