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My first mind-blowing, erotic male massage

My first erotic, male massage with Geoffrey was mind-blowingly good from his first touch of my naked body to how he massaged my penis until I shot my load.

Geoffrey met me at the door of his studio with a friendly sensuous smile that put my mind at rest and excited me all at the same time.

I entered a warmly lit room whose walls were covered with hundreds of photos of gorgeous male nudes fucking, sucking and wanking.

Several mirrors covered the spaces between the photos. There were even two full length mirrors to satisfy any exhibitionist! The sensuous music and a subtle incense added to the feeling that I was in for an exciting hour of erotic pleasure.

I removed my clothes and put them on the chair provided.

Then I watched Geoffrey drop his pants to reveal dark, pubic hair and a big limp cock hanging between his long, awesome legs. He invited me to lie face down on the massage table.

I felt myself sink into the firm but soft table. My heart was beating fast yet I felt totally relaxed. My hard-on pressed into the table.

The erotic massage began

He towered over the massage table. Although only his hands touched my skin, it felt like our bodies were in constant contact the whole time he worked on my muscles.

I could feel the hair on his arms as his incredibly hot hands glided over my skin.

At one point, as he worked on my shoulders, I turned my head to find his semi-hard cock dangling just beyond the reach of my tongue but close enough to inhale his delicious musky scent.

As if he was aware of his effect, he moved so I could easily touch his beautiful, long, thick cock which instantly grew hard in my hand.

I reached behind him, feeling for his firm hairy butt. What a nice feeling to have my hand in his crack! I slipped my fingers further into his crack to stroke his puckered, rosebud hole. I could tell he liked that as his cock bounced each time I penetrated his tight hole with my fingers.

His own hands continued to glide between my legs as he massaged my thighs and gradually around my entire body, exciting me with his hot touch.

A master wanker

When he asked me to roll over onto my back, my cock was hard and ready but not to the point of no return. I was totally relaxed! He massaged my chest and nipples, my stomach, my upper and lower legs and feet.

Then he skilfully ran his fingers up and down the shaft of my cock and circled it with his thumb and forefingers. He cupped my balls in his hands and worked on them gently but firmly.

All the while I was touching his lovely body, my fingers back inside: enjoying him as well.

I usually cum much more quickly. But Geoffrey's penis massage skills kept me on the edge for more than 20 minutes.

The last time I came?

I've heard about male full body orgasms but I'd never had one so it was a real eye opener when it happened.

A warm sensation flooded my entire body. It seemed to start simultaneously at my feet, in my head and from inside my arse. I felt like I was about to ejaculate. I lost control of my body as wave after wave of pleasure ran through me.

My whole body climaxed! I was shaking. I was in heaven!

Geoffrey gripped my cock in a special way and I shot my hot load past my right ear over the table - a long, hot spurt of cream then another shorter one. I came and I came!

His lovely cock was still pulsing in my hands so I started sliding my hand up and down his shaft. I tried getting another finger into his hot arse, stroking in and out as I wanked his cock.

When he came, it seemed to take forever as his cock spurted wad after wad of hot creamy cum on my stomach.


After the massage and for many days to follow, I was filled with an enormous sense of satisfaction. I felt much better about myself too, which is sometimes the effect of a really good massage.

Every man deserves a chance to feel this good!

The first time I came in your hands it was the best orgasm I'd ever had. But today's orgasm was even better. I can't wait until my third visit.

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