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In the hands of Sydney's best m4m erotic masseur

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I've had male massages all over the world. But Geoffrey's the first man to guide me to such a thrilling, orgasmic ejaculation. He's the best, bar none.

I knew I'd made a great decision to visit him the moment he greeted me at his front door. He had such a friendly, welcoming smile.

I'd arrived late for the appointment and apologised. Geoffrey calmly reassured me it was not a problem.

His relaxed and laid-back attitude already calmed and soothed me, even before he'd laid a hand on me.

One aspect of your erotic services I truly appreciate is how well-prepared you are when I arrive for my regular massage. I know I'll have your undivided attention during the entire session, so I can relax and enjoy myself.

Everything was ready for me

I showered in his mirrored wet room first, returning to the massage studio to find Geoffrey had stripped naked and was patiently waiting for me.

He looked exactly like he had described himself and I had imagined: tall, very long legs, a nicely muscular body and a big dick that was already growing harder.

I was still a little nervous, so we chatted for a few moments. I made some comment about all the mirrors and sexy pictures plastered on the walls of the room. He turned up the lights to give me a better look.

I asked for a glass of water. He pointed to where one was waiting for me on a side table.

I bet you have men coming from all over the world to experience your superb erotic massage. I've only driven the short distance from Sydney but it feels like I'm in a different world when I'm on your massage table. You are the body bliss man!

A truly relaxing massage

Finally, I was ready. I lay face down on the massage table and tried to keep the conversation going. I asked a few questions. Told him this was my first time.

He answered politely as his hands pressed smoothly yet firmly across my skin. His rhythmic movements perfectly matched the gentle music.

Unlike other masseurs who always seemed to be stopping to reach for more oil, Geoffrey's hands never lifted from my skin. His fluid, flowing touch gave an impression that every sensual inch of my body was connected.

It wasn't long before I surrendered to his confident touch, stopped talking and drifted into a half-sleep.

I never thought I'd enjoy touching another naked man so much but I really loved running my hands over your body.

I wanted to stroke his dick too

Every now and then, I felt some part of his body touch mine or his erection slide across my upturned palm. I didn't try to identify what was touching me. I simply enjoyed this intimate physical contact.

I knew I was allowed to touch him. I wanted to. I'd fantasised about stroking his dick; wondered how good it would taste. But for now, I lay still enjoying the incredible sensations in my body as I grew calmer and less tense.

Watching in the mirrors as your confident hands worked their massage magic up and down the length of my dick was pure heaven.

I must have fallen asleep because it took a few minutes for me to register that he'd asked me to turn over. When I did, he had already placed a cushion on the table for my head.

Now I could look down the length of my body to the enormous mirror at the foot of the table. I spread my legs apart to give him plenty of room to explore.

Oh, those magic hands of yours. You're such a beautiful wanker and a superb erotic masseur. The entire massage session was a fantasy come true.

His penis massage is amazing

I was a bit surprised that I didn't already have a raging erection though it didn't take very long before I did.

He didn't go straight to my dick, either. He started at my feet and gradually worked his way up to my chest, skirting around my growing erection as though he was teasing me to hardness. I have to say it worked wonders.

When he slipped his hand between my thighs and under my balls, I felt like I was going to cum simply from the anticipation of his touch. I held off and let him work his magic on my dick.

Geoffrey knew exactly how to keep me aroused

I realised he was stroking the shaft in time to the music, running his slick palms across the sensitive head, the oil on his hands mixing with the copious precum oozing from my dick.

He was gradually leading me towards my orgasm yet without letting me go over the top. We both knew he was in total control.

Once again I lost all sense of time and lay there letting him do whatever he wanted. I lazily fondled his cock when it rested in my hand. Reached behind him to stroke his bum, slipped a hand between his legs, played with his balls, tickled his hole.

Any trace of nerves or shyness had long since disappeared. I am sure I must have moaned and groaned loudly several times.

It felt like I was having one of those out-of-body experiences I've read about. Caught up in the physical sensations he was creating in my body yet being outside of myself at the same time.

He finally let me cum

I watched in the mirror as he increased the speed and pressure on my dick. He kept building towards my climax then drawing back, waves of pleasure running from the base to the tip of my dick, over and over.

I feel as if my whole body is one very large penis. I have never felt so many sensations at one time: it's like thousands of electric pulses.

I wonder now how me could keep me on the edge for so long. He was in complete charge of the sensations flooding my body. All I had to "do" was surrender to his expertise, and enjoy the experience.

Who knows how long it lasted. Too soon, there was that familiar tingling in the base of my balls. I wanted him to keep stroking my cock and caressing my balls. But I couldn't hold off any longer. I was ready to blow my load.

There was this split-second explosion of such orgasmic intensity I'm sure I saw stars. An intense pleasure surged through my entire body. I felt electrified as my cum spurted out with such force like my whole body was climaxing too.

My lips were tingling. My whole body was paralysed. I went blind, couldn't think straight or speak. All my focus was on the incredible sensations in my cock. I've never before cum so intensely. Full body orgasm, you say? I'll be coming back for more of those!

An immense calm and peace spread out over me. As if I had been holding myself rigid and the release he had just given me allowed me to completely let go.

I lay still for several moments, savouring the feelings in my body, totally relaxed.

I had another shower after the massage, dressed and drove away in a cloud of bliss. Those sensations have lasted for days.

Sydney's best m4m erotic masseur

For my money, Geoffrey is the absolute best male to male, erotic masseur in the world. I've never had such a thrilling all over body experience though I've had plenty of massages in the past.

Fantastic. Fabulous. Wow, what you can do with your hands. Definitely worth the money.

Before I left, I asked where he had learned to massage a man's body so well. He told me he'd had years of experience and it shows in his confident way of touching.

He added that he always learns something new from each man. Now he knew what turns me on the most, he said, my next sensual massage would be even better.

I'm already planning another longer visit. Treating myself to one of his mansex sessions. If he can stimulate me so well with just his hands, I can't wait to find out how well he massages me with his body as well.

When will you come?

I only accept 1 booking per day to guarantee you will enjoy the most pleasurable erotic experience. But you can book as far in advance as you choose on any day (including public holidays) from 10am.

Massage booking

I've travelled the world and I've had a lot of massages from men. Your erotic body massage was exquisite: the best I've ever had. I didn't want to turn over. I don't just mean the way you handled my penis. You're the most talented and sensual masseur I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.


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