In the hot hands of Sydney's best m4m erotic masseur

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I've had male massages all over the world. But Geoffrey's the first man to guide me to such a thrilling, orgasmic ejaculation. He's the best, bar none.

I entered his warm and softly lit studio. The walls were covered with hundreds of photos of gorgeous male nudes fucking, sucking and wanking. Plus dozens of full length mirrors to satisfy a voyeur like me!

The sensuous music and a subtle incense added to the feeling that I was in for an exciting hour of erotic pleasure.

We chatted while I undressed and put my clothes on a chair he had ready. Geoffrey was already naked and I had a good look at him while I stripped.

He's a sexy, good-looking man. Tall with long, muscular legs. A masculine, lightly haired body. A firm, round bum. And a long, thick, cut dick.

Everything was ready for my pleasure

I asked for a glass of water. He pointed to where one was waiting for me on a side table.

Finally, I was ready. He invited me to lie face down on the firm but soft massage table. My heart was beating fast and my dick was already hard. Yet I felt totally relaxed.

I tried to keep the conversation going. I asked a few questions. Told him this was my first time.

He answered politely as his hands pressed smoothly yet firmly across my skin. His rhythmic movements perfectly matched the gentle music.

Unlike other masseurs who always seemed to be stopping to reach for more oil, Geoffrey's hands never lifted from my skin. His fluid, flowing touch gave an impression that every sensual inch of my body was connected.

It wasn't long before I surrendered to his confident touch, stopped talking and drifted into a half-sleep.

Every now and then, I felt some part of his body touch mine or his erection slide across my upturned palm. I didn't try to identify what was touching me. I simply enjoyed this intimate physical contact.

I wanted to stroke his dick too

I knew I was allowed to touch him. I wanted to. I'd fantasised about stroking his dick; wondered how good it would taste. But for now, I lay still enjoying the incredible sensations in my body.

At one point, as he worked on my shoulders, I turned my head to find his semi-hard dick dangling just beyond the reach of my mouth but close enough to inhale his delicious musky scent.

As if he was aware of his effect, he moved so I could easily lick his beautiful, long, thick dick which instantly grew hard in my mouth.

I reached behind him. What a lovely feeling to have my hand in his crack! I slipped my fingers further between his cheeks to stroke and probe his puckered, rosebud hole. I could tell he liked that as his dick throbbed in my mouth each time I penetrated him with my finger.

When he was out of reach of my hands and mouth, I turned my head to watch in the full-length mirror, enjoying the visual stimulation as much as the physical.

His penis massage is amazing

I must have fallen asleep because it took a few moments for me to realise that he'd asked me to turn over onto my back. When I did, he had already placed a cushion on the table for my head.

Now I could look down the length of my body to the enormous mirror at the foot of the table. I spread my legs apart to give him plenty of room to explore.

He didn't go straight to my dick. He started at my feet and gradually worked his way up to my chest, skirting around my growing erection as though he was teasing me to hardness. I have to say it worked wonders.

When he slipped his hand between my thighs and under my balls, I felt like I was going to cum simply from the anticipation of his touch. I held off and let him work his magic.

He's a master wanker

I decided to encourage him by slipping a finger in his arse as far as I could reach pulling him towards me, so his erection poked into my thigh.

Finally, he relented and gripped my dick firmly and slowly rotated his palm all over the slick head. I almost came on the spot. But he knew what he was doing and he didn't keep it up for too long.

When I wank, I usually beat my hand up and down the shaft pretty quickly until I cum. The way Geoffrey did it, so slowly, in time to the music was much more sensual.

Each time he slid one hand up and over the top of my dick, I gasped. Then his other hand was on its way along the shaft. Over and over, like he was trying to milk the cum from me.

Every so often, he eased one fingertip between the lips of my slippery cockhead. I've never felt anything so good in my life.

Then his hands went the other way, down my throbbing shaft, releasing my aching dick and letting it slap against my belly. I was getting close to coming. But he still didn't let me ejaculate.

Like the best kind of torture

He changed his focus to my balls, gently squeezing them, rolling them between his fingers. I love having my balls massaged and he's a master. The tightness in my scrotum was pure delight.

Back to stroking my dick, pressing all the way along its length. Up and down. Down and up. One palm on the sensitive head, swirling all around.

I couldn't stop myself from bucking my hips up each time his hands slid down to my balls. I could feel those familiar sensations starting inside me, my balls pulling back, the desire to cum growing stronger. Then he stopped teasing me and the sensations subsided.

He was gradually leading me towards my orgasm yet without letting me go over the top. We both knew he was in total control.

Geoffrey knew exactly how to keep me aroused

Once again I lost all sense of time and lay there letting him do whatever he wanted. I lazily fondled his dick when it rested in my hand. Reached behind him to stroke his bum, slipped a hand between his legs, played with his balls, tickled his hole.

I've heard about male full body orgasms but I'd never had one so it was a real eye-opener when it happened.

It felt like I was having one of those out-of-body, tantric experiences I've read about. Caught up in the physical sensations he was creating in my body yet being outside of myself at the same time.

I watched in the mirror as he increased the speed and pressure. He kept building towards my climax then drawing back, waves of pleasure running from the base to the tip of my dick, over and over.

Who knows how long it lasted. I wanted him to keep stroking my dick and caressing my balls. But too soon, there was that familiar tingling in my groin.

I couldn't hold off any longer. I was ready to blow my load.

My first full body orgasm

A warm sensation flooded my entire body. It seemed to start simultaneously at my feet, in my head and from inside my arse. I lost control of my body as wave after wave of pleasure ran through me.

Geoffrey gripped my dick firmly and I shot my hot load - a long, hot spurt of cream then another shorter one. I came and I came!

My whole body climaxed! I was shaking and moaning. I was in utter heaven!

The hands of Sydney's best m4m erotic masseur?

An immense calm and peace spread out over me. As if I had been holding myself rigid and the release he had just given me allowed me to completely let go.

I appreciated how he let me lie still for as long as I needed to recover. Savouring the heavenly sensations in my body, my complete relaxation.

I drove away from his massage studio in a cloud of bliss. The relaxed feelings lasted for days. I slept so much better than usual at night too.

For my money, Geoffrey is the absolute best male to male, erotic masseur in the world. I've never enjoyed such a thrilling, all over body experience as I had in his hot hands.

I can see why men drive up from Sydney when they're in for such a happy ending. Your erotic massage is exquisite and that way you kept me on the edge of ejaculation for so long was like the best kind of torture.

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