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Reviews: I want a man who'll take my fat cock for hours

I like a horny guy who's eager to take my fat cock pounding his tight, hot arsehole for hours. That's why I visit Geoffrey for an all day fuckfest.

His arse hole is usually a whole lot less tight once I've finished plugging him.

I like to start off by just admiring what I'm going to plug, so I get him to bend over and spread 'em. What an incredible sight!

I usually give his puckered lips a nice wet kiss before getting to work relaxing his hole, using one or two fingers to pull the lips apart. Teasing his hole open with my tongue to get it all loose and wet.

I love the way he responds as he relaxes, moving his hips backwards and forwards, his love hole twitching and juicy.

But the best part is the way he opens up for me when I first slide my rubber-covered cock up inside his arse: rosebud lips grabbing my cock. My cock isn't very long but it's pretty thick and the way it feels slipping into his tight tunnel is pure heaven.

Once I've got my whole cock inside him, I like to pause and pulse my shaft and feel the rippling of his response as he clenches his butt.

Pretty soon, I have to start pumping in and out, riding him, pounding his hole and spreading his cheeks so I can feel my balls slapping against his. I can keep this sort of action going for a while but I like to change positions often.

Changing positions for easy entry

Sometimes that means I have to pull my dick out to so I can get his legs where I want them. Or so he can kneel doggie style in front of me or sit on my lap and bounce up and down.

I always like to admire my cock-work. Take a look at his hole, maybe have a taste, finger him before I start to fuck him again with my cock.

My favourite position is face to face, his legs wrapped around my body and me poking him with slow thrusts. And talking to him about my life or how great it is to be fucking him or whatever comes to mind.

We use a lot of oil (and nonlatex condoms) and I love the sounds our bodies make when I'm slapping into him.

It can be hours before I feel those familiar exciting churnings in his arse or see by his face that he's close.

I'm aiming for five continuous fucking hours

I asked him once what was the longest time he'd ever been continuously fucked by a guy. Four hours, he told me. With me. I told him I'm aiming for five.

I pick up speed to match the way he strokes and pounds his shaft. He rewards me with the clamping of his arse muscles all along my thick shaft, until he cums.

Then it's pure heaven riding his bucking arse as he slides his arse up and down my cock trying to get me in deeper and harder while watching ropes of jism fly through the air, splattering on his chest or in his hair. I love how much he shoots. Spurt after powerful spurt until he's soaked in cum.

And I'm still fucking him, as his body writhes on the bed. He pushes against me and pulls away in a paroxysm and when he stops coming, when all of a sudden it's like he's paralysed, his face contorted in flashing spasms of ecstasy so then I slow down.

A brief rest before I continue

I like to give him a brief rest before I start pumping my still hard erection in and out of his arse again, getting him ready for another orgasm. Or for mine.

He recovers quickly. Soon we're pounding away together or adjusting to yet another position. Now I'm talking about how exciting it is to be so deep in his hole, to know he's mine to have as long as I want.

I think he likes me to talk. I think he likes me telling him what a hot hole he's got.

When I'm ready to spew my load into him, I'll have him kneeling like a dog on the floor with me behind swinging my hips back and forth.

Pounding and slamming into his hot arse. I hold his hips firm to stop him moving too far away so on my swing back, I bury my cockhead as far up inside his arse as I can ram it.

Each of my powerful thrusts against his now loosened sphincter opens his hole. I stop talking as I build up my rhythm until the only sound in the room is the schlick-schlick noise of my rigid cock thrusting in and out of his slippery arse as I pound my way towards orgasm.

With a condom on, I can let my cum squirt deep inside him and keep fucking his arse until there's no more cum. Even then, after I've cum my cock stays hard enough so I'll probably fuck him for a few minutes more savouring the excitement.

When I do pull my cock out, I make sure I get one last look at what I've created.

If I'm lucky I can get him to squat above my face so I get a great view of his hole, loose now, wet and I can lick and finger him until I finally have to shower and leave.

You've got it made. You have such long legs, a beautiful, big cock, a very fuckable butt, cute smile and a lovely personality. And you know how to massage a man and keep him turned on.

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