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My military fantasy was to probe his manhole

As a former army doctor, I've examined hundreds of male rectums. It was never sexual. Now I'm retired, my military fantasy was to inspect and probe the arse of a man who wanted it.

When I stumbled across Geoffrey's web site, I knew I'd found my man. Not only would he let me explore my fantasy to my heart's content, it sounded like he was going to enjoy being probed, inspected and thoroughly examined.

I told him I wanted to play at being his strict, commanding officer. Nothing too rough. If he obeyed my instructions implicitly, I promised I'd give him as much pleasure as he gave me. First instruction: shave your arse!

"Attention!" I commanded in my best parade voice

"I'm on my way. Lubricate yourself and be ready at the door," I told him when I rang a few minutes before my arrival.

He was standing at attention at his front door, dressed as I had asked: a crisp, white, button up shirt, trousers and well-polished black shoes. Underneath, he'd be wearing the black boxers I'd also requested. There'd probably be a wet patch on them where they pressed against his lubed hole. I was looking forward to seeing that.

I ripped his clothes off

The moment he closed the door to his massage studio, I was all over him. I ripped his shirt off, the buttons flying in all directions.

I tweaked one of his nipples firmly, enjoying his startled reaction as he tried not to pull away. I tweaked the other one harder: he gasped but stood perfectly still, staring ahead.

I pulled down the zip of his trousers and thrust my hand inside, seeking his solid erection. I didn't bother to gently undo the buttons of his trousers. I pulled hard on the waist, tearing his trousers apart, letting them fall in a puddle to the ground. He stepped out of them.

"Bend over and touch your toes," I said.

There was the wet patch I'd been hoping to see in the seat of his boxers. I pressed a finger into his crack, rubbing the fabric against his wet, shaved hole.

Pulling the back of his shorts down, exposed his pale-skinned, smooth buttocks. I felt the wetness of his hole with one finger planted firmly between his hairless cheeks.

Starting my examination

"Turn around and face me!"

Sliding my hand into the front of his boxers, I felt beneath his balls. "Cough." His balls lifted then relaxed back onto my hand. I reached along his perineum and slipped a fingertip into his manhole.

"Cough," I repeated. His hole pressed tightly against my finger.

I dragged his boxers down his legs and let him step out of them.

"Kneel on the bed, arse facing me," I told him, "Spread those legs apart."

I quickly stripped off my clothes. Once naked, I began a more thorough examination.

First rolling his testicles gently but firmly between my thumb and forefinger, pulling them away from his body to stretch his scrotum. They seemed healthy enough at first glance but they'd need a closer inspection later.

Inspecting his prostate

I pulled his cock back between his legs, forcing him to lean further onto the mattress, his butt lifting higher.

Using one well-oiled finger and gently touching the anal sphincter, I slowly inserted my index finger into his rectum to the point where the prostate is most accessible.

I rubbed firmly and slowly across the walnut shaped bump, as if I was feeling for any abnormalities.

There were none, of course.

As a good doctor, I thought I should make absolutely sure, so I kept rubbing around his prostate, pressing up firmly and insistently.

Feeling around the outer edges, as deeply as I could with only my finger. I was already planning to probe his hot, tight manhole with something much bigger soon.

But for now, my medical examination fantasy was proceeding just the way I had imagined.

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❝ I loved the way you played my role games and were so enthusiastic about helping me explore my sensual fantasies.

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