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Body Play: explore playful, naughty, sensual fantasies

How hard will your cock be with my hands trapped in the waistband of your y-fronts or Speedos? Do you like naughty, m2m games or talking dirty? Let's play.

Do you like to be massaged with your Speedos on? Play a different role to your usual one? Come for a body play session and let's explore your fantasies. The longer you stay, the more time we'll have.

Here are some of the many fantasies and fetishes I've explored with horny men during the last 20 years. Add your own or combine one or more for incredible sensual pleasure.

Keep your underwear on

  • Let me admire the way your underwear hugs your groin. Feel my fingers tease and stroke your dripping cock through a favourite g-string, y-fronts, briefs or jockstrap.
  • Keep your Speedos on while I massage the rest of your naked body from top to toe. And everywhere in between.
  • I'll slowly and sensuously undress you. Kneeling at your feet. Or my arms wrapped around you as I tug and tease to remove your clothes.
  • Let's play "Strip Jack Naked". Once one of us is completely naked, we'll play other games.

Playing with sex toys

  • Fit a cock ring and see how much harder your cock gets. Or a cock and ball case that lifts and separates.
  • Let's raid my toy chest and see what we can play with.
  • Have you ever fucked a man while you had a butt plug deep in your own arse?
  • Feathers to caress and tickle. A blindfold so one of us can't see what's coming?

Expose yourself to my lustful gaze

  • Pose naked for me. I'll admire your nakedness as you bend and flex. I may have to adjust you with a well-placed hand.
  • Direct your own private, sex play. Make it up as we go along. Watch in the mirrors as you tell me what to do.
  • Sit back, spread your legs and show me how you masturbate. I may not be able to stop myself from lending a hand.

Make a lot of noise

Sitting, sliding and wrestling

  • Play at being someone else for a few hours.
  • Lie back comfortably on the spacious bed. I'll slip a condom on your hard cock with plenty of lubrication for easy entry. Then I'll sit on your lap and ride - up and down - like I'm sitting on a saddle.
  • Squat over your face, teasing you, your tongue just beyond reach of my tasty man hole. Until I relent and sit comfortably on your mouth.
  • Let's play at nude wrestling. Who knows where we'll end up. What does the victor win?
  • Have you ever played naked Twister?
  • Do you want to stretch your muscles in a private, naked yoga practise?

I felt a bit nervous at the start talking dirty to you and telling you what to do. But you were so eager to please, I soon got into the role play. It was a real thrill exploring my male sexual fantasies.

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