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Wanted! Men who long for sensual stimulation

Erotic stimulation for men with Geoffrey in the Blue Mountains (NSW). Come for massage, stay for hours of play. Safe, discreet, fun and deeply satisfying.

Every pleasurable erotic male to male session includes my skilful hands massaging your entire body and your penis.

Hands-on, full body, erotic male massage

Duration: 1 hour or 90 minutes
When: Any day from 10am
Price: $200 per hour (cash or prepaid)

Erotic, nude, full body, male to male bodywork on a massage table. Plus much caressing of your cock and fondling of your balls until you climax once, twice or more. Deeply relaxing and arousing.

male erotic massage Ideal as a gentle introduction for virgins, first timers or bicurious men. Plus any man who enjoys having his entire naked body explored and his penis expertly man handled.

Read comments from satisfied massage clients. Book now!

Mutual, erotic play that touches you all over

  • Body play and nude slide

    Duration: 2 or 3 hours
    When: Any day from 10am
    Price: $200 per hour (cash or prepaid)

    Massage to relax and arouse. Plus nude, body slide on a comfortable bed. Passionate, man on man, pleasure and satisfaction. Longer sessions available.

    body play Ideal for any man who wants to touch and be touched, all over.

    Read comments from body play clients. Book now!

  • All day sensual play

    Duration: 6 hours
    When: Any day from 10am to 4pm
    Price: $1,200 (prepaid)

    A full day of erotic massage, nude body slide, sexual play, relaxation and conversation. Friendly, interested, willing, sensual companionship.

    all day play Ideal for active men who want to plunge slowly and deeply into sensual manplay.

    Read this man's story of pleasure. Book today!

You made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The massage was absolutely incredible and so was everything else. I'm really glad I decided to spend time with you. You were so generous, understanding and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed your company.

  • Overnight play and stay

    Duration: 12 hours
    When: Any night from 8pm to 8am
    Price: $1,200 (prepaid)

    An entire night of massage, mutual body slide and sensual play until we fall asleep, if we do. Like staying at an all male guesthouse with erotic extras.

    overnight play and stay Ideal for men who enjoy a night of sensual exploration with a horny man.

    Read what other men say. Book online!

  • Day and night play

    Duration: 21 hours
    When: Any day from 11am to 8am
    Price: $2,100 (prepaid)

    The best kind of erotic holiday: be my guest for all day and night pleasure. Massage, nudity, slide, sexual play, conversation and erotic discovery.

    all day and overnight Ideal for any man who wants to immerse himself in hours of mutual, erotic play.

    Read what other men say. Book now!

Naked afternoon tea

If you're looking for friendly, naked companionship, you're welcome to visit me for an hour or two. None of my erotic services are included but I'll be happy for us to have a chat and a cup of coffee or tea. Pay whatever you can afford. Email me to book a time.

Therapy for men

Talk about yourself or learn how to enjoy more sex with men. Included in any session of 2 or more hours

A friendly, non-judgemental listener

When you need someone to talk with, a naked counselling session can help. Giving you much needed breathing space to express yourself. With the addition of sensual, pleasure to ease your body too. Talk about relationships, your feelings, aspirations or anything you like. I'm gentle, friendly and open-minded.

naked counselling Ideal for any man who needs a friendly, accepting person to listen to him.

I felt very good about myself after talking with you for a few hours. You really helped me sort things out. And the sexy play was great fun too.

Male sex coach

There are plenty of men trying to find their way in their sexual lives. You can read books, look at pornography, try things out with a casual partner. But the best way to learn is with a patient teacher who knows about sex between men. If you're eager to learn, I'm willing to teach, within certain limits.

male sex coach Ideal for virgins, first timers, curious men and any other man who wants to improve his sexual or relationship skills.

❝ You obviously have a marvellous knowledge, respect and appreciation of the male body and all the sensations that go with it.❞

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