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Wanted! Men who long for sensual stimulation

Why wait another minute? I want a man like you who longs for sensual stimulation in my hands, on my naked body, edging towards orgasm. When will you come?

I'm available for your pleasure, arousal and satisfaction, 7 days a week from 10am. Use my secure form to book your session for today, tomorrow or up to 6 weeks in advance. You'll be glad you came.

  • Full body massage

    Duration: 1 hour
    When: Daily from 10am
    Price: $180 (cash or prepaid)

    A sensual and arousing hour of nude, full body, male massage. With my talented hands slowly caressing and stroking your cock and balls until you ejaculate once, twice...

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  • Body slide and play

    Duration: 2 hours
    When: Daily from 10am
    Price: $380 (cash or prepaid)

    Two luxurious hours of massage and nude, body to body slide on a comfortable and spacious bed. Masterful massage of your penis and testicles. And maybe more...

    Read comments from body play clients.

You made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The massage was absolutely incredible and so was everything else. I'm really glad I decided to spend time with you. You were so generous, understanding and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed your company.

Every pleasurable and satisfying erotic male to male session includes my skilful hands massaging your entire body and your penis. I'm naked and you can touch me too. The longer you stay, the more we can explore.

Extended body play sessions for maximum enjoyment

These extended sessions must be prepaid by direct deposit at least 3 days prior to you arrival. You can stay even longer for a further $100 per hour, either paying before you arrive or in cash on the day of your session. Use my secure online booking form to tell me when you want to come!

  • Play Day

    Duration: 6 hours
    When: Daily from 10am
    Price: $950 (prepaid)

    A full day of erotic massage, nude body slide, body play, sex, relaxation and conversation.

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  • All night play

    Duration: 12 hours
    When: Nightly from 8pm
    Price: $1,200 (prepaid)

    An entire night of nudity, massage, body slide, conversation, sex and sensual play. We may even fall asleep together if there's time.

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  • All day and night

    Duration: 24 hours
    When: Daily from 10am
    Price: $2,100 (prepaid)

    A luxurious, naked, erotic escape for you to slowly savour, explore and delve into everything I have to offer a man with lusty desires.

    Read what other men say.

I felt good about myself after spending such a happy and pleasurable day with you. You really helped me sort things out. And the sexy play was great fun too.

Naked afternoon tea

Duration: up to 90 minutes
When: Daily from 3pm
Price: $100 (cash)

Friendly, naked conversation, with coffee or tea. Plus enjoy my popular penis massage. Unwind and relax. Email or phone ☎ 02 4787 1383 to book.

You obviously have a marvellous knowledge, respect and appreciation of the male body and all the sensations that go with it.


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