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What happens when you book an erotic session?

Ready to come for an erotic massage or body play session? Here's what will happen when you fill out my online form or email me to book.

A prompt reply

I will reply to your email within 24 hours with confirmation or alternative dates or times. Don't forget to check your SPAM folder or add my email address to your contacts.

Come for a session within the next 7 days

My reply to you will contain:

  • confirmation of the date, starting time, session duration and price
  • my address and phone number
  • directions for driving from Sydney
  • directions for walking from the local station
  • plus links to a Google map and to a train timetable

I'll ask you to reply to my email to confirm the booking. You may pay in cash on the day of your booking.

Paying in advance

I require your advance payment by direct deposit for Half Day, All Day or All night and Night+Day sessions. That way I can confidently decline other requests for the same date.

I'll send my bank details when I receive your booking request. (Please note: deposits to Australian bank accounts can take up to 3 days to arrive.)

Once I have your payment, I'll send my address and the other details mentioned above.

Book a session weeks or months in advance

You are welcome to book a session as far in advance as you like. You can either:

  • prepay for and reserve the date you want; or
  • confirm up to 2 days prior and hope I am still available.

Postponements and cancellations

I accept that events out of your control may cause you to postpone or cancel your session. If this happens, please email or call me as soon as you can.

You are welcome to postpone the booking - once only - to another date or time that suits you better.

If you cancel a prepaid booking:

  • with LESS than 7 days' notice, I will refund your payment less $100;
  • with MORE than 7 days' notice, I will refund your entire payment.

Your privacy

Your secret is safe with me. I treat your privacy with greatest respect. Your phone number and other contact details are never given nor shown to anyone else.

I look forward to massaging you.

It was so easy to make a booking with you. I appreciated how professional the entire process was.

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