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erotic massageErotic massage
$180 ~ 60 mins
$260 ~ 90 mins

erotic playBody slide & play
$400 ~ 2 hrs
$600 ~ 3 hrs

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Erotic male to male massage

From the moment you enter my private, mountain-top studio in Mt Victoria (west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains), you will be pampered in a relaxing, intimate and very friendly way.

I'll welcome you in person and show you to a comfortable room. There's a chair for your clothes and water to drink. Soft spotlights on pictures of nude men, leaving little to your imagination and much to explore and admire.

Surrender yourself to the softly contoured massage table, breathe in the delicious scents and let yourself drift away, anticipating my first touch of your bare skin.

Relax... you're now in the hands of a talented and experienced erotic masseur.

About Geoffrey

  • Friendly, intelligent, relaxed, caring, 52 year old gay masseur
  • Over 19 years' successful hands-on experience.
  • Clean. Safe. Disease and drug free. Reliable. Discreet. Naked. Horny.
  • Open to your touch.
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Full body, erotic, male massage

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Soon you'll be lost in a delicious daydream. My gentle yet confident hands will soothe away stress and tensions. I'll caress and oil your whole, naked body from top to toe. Arousing and stimulating you with my unique, hands-on, male erotic massage.

Enjoy the music, carefully selected to help you float away. Forget everything except my hands on your body.

Turn your head to watch in the full-length mirrors on every wall as I move around the table, my hands never leaving your bare skin. Let your fingers explore my own nakedness as I massage you from head to foot.

All men welcome

  • Massage & play for
  • Older and younger
  • Any shape or size
  • Gay, straight or bisexual
  • Married, divorced or single
  • First timers too

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Full body orgasm

When it's time to turn over, pause a few moments, then gently rise and reposition yourself on the table. You may feel a little light-headed, but don't be alarmed. My massage is having the desired effect.

Face up, enjoy my slow, stroking, back and forth along the length of your body. One hand encircling your testicles, feeling their fullness. The other caressing your penis like a warm mouth but firmer... keeping you on the edge until you feel you can't take any more, that if I keep doing that, you'll explode...

Safe & discreet


Body to naked body slide and play

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If you've come for a body to body play exploration, we'll move to a capacious bed before you have ejaculated. Now, I'll apply my naked body to yours in a slippery slide. Face to face, our erections jostling one another. Face down, poking and prodding crevices. Delight in the many different ways I can slide my body over yours.

Foreplay fantasies

Is there something you've always wanted to try but couldn't find a willing partner? Do you like to be massaged with your Speedos on? Play a different role to your usual one?

I'm open to exploring all kinds of sensual fantasies. Come for a body play session and let's see how far we can go.

Erotic male to male massage of your full body and penis. Body slide. Gay sex play. In the Blue Mountains, Sydney. Call Geoffrey 02-4787-1383

erotic male to male"You know how to massage a man and you know what it means to be erotic. It's a great combination."


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