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Penis Handbook: the ultimate guide to male masturbation

How often have you wondered if there are other ways to stroke your penis? Or your partner's penis? Master my unique male masturbation skills with this handbook.

Buy Your Penis: A Handbook for the ultimate, illustrated guide to penis massage and male masturbation. Discover thrilling ways to give enormous pleasure to any penis.

Thanks so much for your little black book... divine guidance!

I have been massaging penises professionally for more than 20 years and I've learned a great many strokes from all the many thousands of penises - cut, uncut, large, small, rigid and flaccid - I've held in my hands.

I have to congratulate you on formulating an awesome instruction manual about massaging my penis.

cover: your penis a handbook

A carefully researched, tested and fun guide

In this fully illustrated, carefully researched manual you'll discover ways to prolong masturbation for as long as you want. For yourself or your partner.

All of the strokes have been thoroughly tested by men and women. And everyone has remarked about how much fun they've had showing off their new found skills to their partners.

Male masturbation is a topic that few would have the courage to venture into. You have achieved a highly worthwhile, sensitively written, down to earth, visually enticing compilation - quite frankly - it is awesome! Well done!

You could sift through the web looking for different ways to masturbate. Ask hundreds of men for their recommendations. Then spend hours testing different strokes to find the ones that give you the most pleasure.

Or save yourself time and take advantage of my years of hands-on experience.

Simply visit any of the many online retailers listed on this page and instantly download a copy of Your Penis: A Handbook. In just a few minutes, you'll have all you need to give yourself enormous sexual pleasure as you practise a new, hands-on stroke.

cover: your penis: a handbook

You'll be in good company too. Since it was first published in 2003, Your Penis: A Handbook has sold more than 5,000 copies, in print and online. What's more...

8 out 10 men who have already bought this handbook said it had completely changed how long they masturbated and how much they enjoyed the strokes they learned.

Two versions to explore and enjoy

I've created two versions of the book to satisfy as many men as I can. The PDF contains over 80 images of penises, while the epub version contains only the text. Either version can be read on your favourite e-reader. And you can purchase these ebooks from your favourite retailer, like iBooks, Amazon, Lulu or PayHip.

I never knew stuff like the penis handbook existed before. I could have benefited so much when I was learning about myself so I ordered a copy for my own son. He has really taken to it, as have some of his friends. I want him to embrace and nourish his penis as well as explore his sexuality rather than feel embarrassed and repress his needs like I did.

Extend your pleasure

Instead of stroking your penis the same way every time, discover how much more aroused you feel by just massaging the glistening head.

Or keep your hands away from your penis entirely as you explore and fondle your testicles. Swap hands and stroke just the shaft. Learn how to apply pressure with only your fingers.

You are doing a good service to many guys who would otherwise go about their lives unknowing and sexually uninspired.

There are hundreds of ways to masturbate. And Your Penis: A Handbook shows you easy to follow, practical, hands-on tips to get you experimenting with what turns you on.

How to hold off your ejaculation

Discover how to delay your ejaculation so when you're ready to cum, you drain every last drop. Practise daily on yourself or your partner's penis.

Unlock the secrets of enormous sexual pleasure with the hands-on, male masturbation techniques you'll discover in Your Penis: A Handbook.

I loved the way you were able to hold me on the edge of cumming for as long as you wanted.


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