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ManSex: stretching a hard man in a naked yoga pose

They say it's difficult to get hard during a naked yoga practise with other naked men and it's true.

You're concentrating and focusing and an erection is out of mind even when the instructor stands near you to adjust a pose and you are aware of his heat and his scent.

Of course you make sure you sneak a look whenever you can.

Depending on the pose, you might be rewarded with spread cheeks showing a rosy puckered hole or sweaty balls and cock swaying heavily.

Sometimes, there are partner poses where your body is touching another man's or pressed together in an unlikely position, you forget for a moment that this is serious exercise and feel your cock snaking to full hardness, slipping against his slick and sweaty skin.

And when you pull apart, there you are exposed to everyone's view, a heavy throbbing erection with a strand of precum joining you and your partner.

He wipes it away and gets on with the next pose.

You do too, your cock still dripping onto the yoga mat and others snickering around you, their cocks also rising and hardening until the instructor recalls you to the practise in an almost half-hearted way as he usually has an erection too.

If you're lucky you'll catch him stroking his uncut cock once or twice before he turns his attention to our poses again.

Willing him to touch me

It must be very tempting for him sometimes when he is adjusting us in a pose to touch us needlessly somewhere erogenous.

It's often hard not to push back against some part of him with some part of you when he is standing a little too close and you can feel his heat.

But he is careful not to get too intimate with anyone; and everyone respects that and no one tries to take advantage no matter how exciting it gets.

So we are straining in all sorts of ways and some of the yoga poses expose us in very intimate ways: shoulder stands with legs akimbo that make your balls flop one way and your butt cheeks spread wide.

Squats to the floor that let the breeze flow between your legs.

Forward bends and leg lifts and floor poses that would be ideal if you were being fucked.

Another floor pose has your partner's legs on the inside of yours, outstretched towards ninety degrees, often with your toes resting under his balls.

Or, if he can't do the pose with straight legs flat to the floor, you mind find your toes pressed up against his perineum.

Helping you into a pose

You lean forward in an attempt to grip your hands behind his back and he does the same to you. You lean forward, forehead to shins, as if you are trying to pull your head into his groin.

The fountain pose, good for stretching your lower back if you get the right support brings you groin to groin with your partner.

You have to press firmly with your pelvises for support as you hang on to one another's arms and gracefully arc backwards.

Some men cannot contain themselves in this pose and that may be why the instructor only suggests it occasionally.

Most often towards the end of the practise, when we've all been working hard he chooses a volunteer from the group and announces the pose.

If you're the one he has chosen you are already so excited the thought almost makes you blow your load before he has touched your arm.

It has happened.

He presses his groin against mine

But if you can hold back, you'll feel him press his groin against yours and slowly as his cock thickens and lengthens and depending on whether you are concentrating on getting the pose right or just moving your legs to give greater access to his growing erection, you'll feel his cock sliding against your skin.

He keeps a straight face the whole time but everyone in the room knows he's rubbing up against you and everyone in the room is envious.

The instructor will pull away from you and invite the class to try the advanced version of the pose which needs good stomach strength among other things.

He turns to face you again and reaches his hand out to grip your erection.

You hold onto his cock and both of you lean back slightly using one hand to stretch, the other holding a cock for balance.

You move your fingers a little to get a better grip and feel the loose skin of his foreskin sliding up and down his shaft.

Returning to a standing position you notice a pearl of precum oozing from the huge slit at the top of his cock and you just manage to wipe some onto your finger and into your mouth.

He's noticed, of course, and smiles.

Suddenly, there's a gasp or a stifled groan.

Oh my god, I've shot my load

Someone in the class will have ejaculated.

His partner may have already pulled away as the cum squirts onto his body and drips off onto the mat or sprays about splashing others.

Or his partner may have added his juices to the mix and be sliding and humping with the other guy.

It's usually enough to set a few other guys off too and for a few moments the room is filled with sounds of men coming.

Then quickly, we'll change poses and finish with the corpse pose, lying face up on the floor, trying desperately to think of nothing at all so you can be in the moment.

Then afterwards, when a group of naked sweaty men head for the change-room, there's always plenty of half hard-ons.

And among the more self confident, full erections bouncing and throbbing as they laugh and talk about the practice and some talk about other things.

The volunteer usually gets to hang around after the practise to get extra instruction with a pose.

That's often why he is chosen.

And when we all come out dressed, we're often treated to what seems to be two naked men in an intricate embrace as the instructor demonstrates a partner stretch.

I've visited most of Australia's erotic masseurs and quite a few in the rest of the world. You are the best. A master wanker.

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