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Mansex: he wanted much more than a nude, erotic, m2m massage

Standing at the head of the massage table, I stretched forward, sliding my fingertips along his back until they reached his butt.

As I drew my hands back towards his shoulders, John reached his hands either side of my thighs and pulled me closer to him, so my swelling erection slid across his cheek and my balls pressed against his hair.

Keeping me in this position, he slid the fingers of one hand up between my butt cheeks until he found the furry crack and then the lips of my hole, which he rubbed lightly.

Very gently he slid a lubricated knuckle inside, tugging slightly at the rim.

I groaned in appreciation and he pushed his finger in deeper until the tip tickled my prostate.

I squirmed with pleasure.

"Do you like that?" he asked.

"Yes," I breathed in reply, moving so he could get more of his finger in.

"Don't stop doing that!"

He continued to slide his finger in and out, prising my butt cheeks apart with his other hand and forcing my dripping cock further along his unshaven cheek.

I almost lost my balance as he kept pulling me closer.

Fingering my hole

He immediately took advantage, poking a finger from his other hand into my hole, forcing me to stand on the balls of my feet, so his head was almost between my legs.

Keeping a firm grip on me, he slid first one finger then the other inside, pulling and stretching the tight rim of my hole with each thrust.

I ground my balls into the top of his head, my cock now drooling pre-cum across his face.

Resting on his elbows, John sucked my cock into his mouth, almost swallowing the entire length down his throat.

He pulled his head back slightly, then bobbed up and down, his tongue swirling around the glans with each upwards stroke, his lips pressing the shaft as he sucked down again.

My cock pulsed.

At the same time, he pulled me closer and began a rapid finger-fucking of my arse, poking my hole and pulling at the lips, trying to get more of his fingers inside.

He switched to licking my shaft, from under my balls to the tip and back again, repeating this a few times more.

"Move over there and bend over," he said, pointing to one side of the table.

"Spread your butt cheeks for me. I want a good look at that hole."

Bending over to receive

I did as he demanded, legs spread wide for balance, my hands resting on my knees, my parted butt cheeks leaving my rear end exposed to his hot breath as he knelt behind me.

"Beautiful! That's one hot and juicy looking hole."

It felt like he was running a fingertip lightly over the lips of my butt hole, sliding around the rim and poking gently at the opening.

Yet when I felt both his hands on my rigid cock, I realized it was his tongue stroking between my spread cheeks, his beard grazing the sensitive lips of my hole, his tongue feeling even more velvety by comparison.

"I love your delicious tasting bum. Do you mind me licking you there?"

"It's incredible," I said, "don't stop!"

John laughed wickedly and started licking again with long, flat strokes of his tongue up and down my hole.

He circled the tip of his tongue around the over the slightly hairy surrounding skin, flicking his tongue across the puckered rim a few times.

I rocked back and forth as he drove his tongue into the hole pulling my cheeks apart to get his stubbled face closer.

He kept up his attention to my arse, varying the direction of his strokes, some aimed low, others high, some more circular.

Eating my arse

"You've got a great tongue," I gasped, as he licked and sucked noisily, slurping away at my arse with an irregular rhythm.

I reluctantly pulled away from his probing tongue and stood up, wiped and re-oiled my hands and continued my massage routine.

Working now on his buttocks, I allowed my hands to slide away from his inner thighs to graze the back of his large, pendulous balls.

I slid my fingers underneath his scrotum and traced the outline of each testicle, gently squeezing the oval shape and feeling the size and weight of each.

Dropping his testicles, I felt first for the hardness of his perineum and ran a slick fingertip between his hairy butt cheeks, lightly touching his hole.

He raised his hips, his balls pulling up tight to his body.

I felt underneath him then, quickly running my palm along the shaft of his cock, feeling its length and thickness, pulling back as he humped my hand.

I returned to working on his shoulders, pressing firmly with the palms of both hands along his spine.

Then repeating the full body slide from before, leaning my body across his and guiding my hands to the top of his buttocks then drawing back to his shoulders.

Once again, John reached behind me, pulling and holding me close.

His fingers snaked between my cheeks: two fingers to pry my cheeks apart and a third to tickle the slick lips of my hole. I felt his finger slide deep inside again, poking against my prostate.

"I think it's time for you to turn over," I said after he had fingered me a few minutes longer.

He lay face up with his knees bent, his rigid cock throbbing and oozing pre-cum. His balls tensed in anticipation then loosened, one hanging slightly higher than the other.

"I haven't felt this good in 40 years," he smiled broadly and his cock bounced.

"Look at what you're doing to me!"

Teasing him

Deliberately staying out of range of his probing fingers but bending over the table and giving him a tantalising glimpse of my butt crack in the mirrors, I began to massage his feet.

Slowly working my way along each leg, I kneaded his strong calf muscles.

"Stop teasing!" he demanded. "Come closer, I want some more of that butt."

Gradually, I massaged along his inner thigh, my fingers finally working beneath his balls, sliding under and around them, getting them slick with oil and pre-cum.

I hooked my thumb around his scrotum and fondled his balls, used both hands to tug them and roll the folds of skin between my fingertips.

When my hands finally reached his throbbing erection, he groaned.

As I massaged around under his balls, cradling each one gently, feeling its contour and bouncing it as if to test its weight, his groaning increased.

I pressed each finger delicately into the pulsing vein running the length of the shaft back up to the dripping head.

Then slid my well-oiled palm up and down, encasing and milking the firm shaft of his cock.

Now rubbing and pulling it this way, now stroking and squeezing and pushing it down, fingers flickering across the slick, sensitive knob, my other hand still manipulated his balls.

His breathing started to heavier and more laboured as he groaned and panted.

His testicles started to ride higher, pulling up closer to his body, as my fingers encircled and teased them, my other hand stroking and polishing, fingers flickering across the slick, sensitive knob of his dripping cock.

I stood side-on to the table giving John plenty of room to finger me.

Each time I stroked his cock in a particularly pleasurable way, he responded by fucking me harder with his finger or trying to get more fingers into the hole.

As his testicles began to pull more tightly into his body, I realised he was getting close to ejaculating, so I switched my attention to massaging his stomach, chest and nipples, tweaking each one lightly between finger and thumb until I found out how much pressure he liked.

I stood on my toes so I could bring my cock to touch one nipple leaving a trail of pre-cum in his chest hair.

I stood again at the head of the table and he bent his neck so my cock lay across his forehead.

Mutual sex play

"Let's swap places," he said.

"Do you want me lying face up?" I smiled at him, "Or face down?"

"I want you standing, face down resting on the table."

I watched in one of the mirrors opposite as he moved behind me and then kneeling on the floor, he reached out both hands and pulled my arse cheeks apart and blew warm air at my hole.

He leaned forward and I felt his tongue move slowly up one cheek and down the other, his lips kissing the smooth skin, his teeth nipping at the flesh.

He kept this teasing up for a few moments more, stretching my butt cheeks apart and kissing or licking everywhere except for the pulsing hole in the centre.

Finally, just when I thought I'd reached my limit, he started licking my sensitive hole.

I could feel his rough beard rubbing my ass as the satin skin around the opening softened and his tongue slipped inside me.

The feeling of roughness following smoothness was incredible and I groaned with each deft flick of his tongue.

John got back to his feet and firmly pressing me down on the table with one hand, he used the fingers of his other hand, first gently and then more forcefully to slide in and out of my arse.

Giving me directions

"Stroke your cock for me," he demanded. "Play with your balls."

I felt between my legs with both hands, stroking my shaft and feeling my well-worked hole clench and pulse each time my fingers reached the head of my cock.

I fingered myself, feeling how slippery my hole had become.

"Yes, that's right," he said. "Play with your hole for me."

I reached behind to fondle the head of his cock too.

Now, he slipped his fingers in and out, pushing and stretching my hole and poking inside me, rubbing against my prostate repeatedly.

"I'm going to blow soon," John panted, punctuating each word with a pressure of his fingers against my prostate.

"Here it comes." He cried out as he ejaculated, his whole body convulsing.

His cum landed with a splat on the table beside me, his fingers still working my hole.

He paused for a moment to recover, then said: "That's a first. I've never cum so much in my life. Wow."

"Now, I want you to come too," he said.

"Get up on the table on all fours, bum to the mirror. Knees apart. That's right. Now show me how the master wanks."

My turn to come

He sat on the table behind me and stroked my pulsing hole first with his fingertip then with his tongue.

Within a few seconds he was noisily sucking at my hole, alternately applying his fingers and tongue to stimulate the sensitive opening.

The more excited I became, as I began to increase speed stroking my cock, the more frenzied his attentions to my arse became.

"Shoot some spunk for me," he said and dug his fingertip hard against my prostate.

I did then, as wave after wave of delicious feelings flooded my body, my hole tightened and my cum shot out.

My body convulsed with the explosion and more cum splattered onto my chin and the table.

John pulled his fingers out of me, swung his legs off the table and patted me lightly on the butt. "Great arse," he said.

At 58, I just want to slowly fuck a willing, experienced, male bottom near my own age. You tick every box. No fuss, no strings, no demands. I pay for a few hours and have a great time pounding your tight arse whenever I get the chance.

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