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ManSex Stories: a long, thick cock is hard to beat

I was 17 when this adventure happened. No one used condoms or chatted before, during or after beat sex. Raw, anonymous, animal lust was the name of this game.

This guy's cock was the biggest I had seen to that date: at least 10 long, fat, cut inches. He didn't have much difficulty getting it up either. But he probably couldn't find anyone willing to take it all and so had developed a taste for being screwed.

I first met him at the Denistone beat. I was on my way home from school and as usual I called in to the toilet block to see what was on offer. There was a green Holden parked near the toilet, so I knew someone was about.

He was in the only cubicle with the door ajar and, as I walked inside, the door shut quickly. It was always safer to shut the door than risk the possibility that the guy walking in actually wanted to use the toilet for its proper function.

I stood at the urinal and opened my fly, pulled out my semi hard cock and began pumping it: the universal signal of availability. I turned my head to see if the guy was peering through the gap in the door: the usual return signal of interest and availability.

He was, so now I turned my body to face him, to see if he wanted to go any further. He clearly did because he opened the door widely and showed me his cock in return. I was fascinated by its length and thickness.

He was big everywhere

He was a solidly built, muscular man with an attractive, squarish face, a well proportioned body. That is, he was big all over!

He beckoned to me and I entered the tiny cubicle. I dropped my pants and he pushed me gently down onto the cold toilet (there had been no seat on the toilet for some years). Bending down in front of me, he took my hard cock into his mouth and sucked, all the time running his fingers over my crack.

I reached for his enormous cock and balls and fondled them, stretching my fingers as far as I could to explore further between his legs. Playing with his tight curly pubic hairs and reaching up to finger his invitingly tight arse hole.

He stood up. His rigid cock dripped pre-cum from the large slit. Now it was my turn to suck. It was difficult to get the whole of the long, throbbing piece of meat into my mouth, as much as I wanted to.

So I contented myself with licking the head and drinking the pre-cum from the slit, sucking at the slit as more oozed out.

Fucking his tight arse

He was aware of my difficulty I had getting all his thick cock in my mouth. He suggested I stand up and move behind him. He bent over the cistern spreading his bum cheeks, reached behind with a gob of spit and wiped it on his arse making it wet and slippery.

With one hand against the pipe at the back of the toilet for support, I leaned forward, aiming my cock at his hole.

My cock slipped in past the tight ring and glided further until I felt his cheeks hit the base of my cock. I spread his arse cheeks further apart and pushed in harder, then keeping his cheeks as far apart as possible, I started to screw him, pulling out as far as I could then ramming deep inside him.

He pushed back to meet my thrusts, enjoying my young cock in his arse as I enjoyed his tight and hot hole.

I felt between his legs to find his cock was throbbing and well lubricated from the juices pouring out from his cock. Using this as lubricant, I pumped him to my rhythm, till I could feel my balls begin to churn. I knew I was close to exploding inside him.

The last stretch

I began to push harder and faster digging deep into his arse and then as I felt my legs go weak I gave a final shove and blew inside him: spurt after spurt.

As I finished climaxing I could feel him reaching his and quickly felt for his balls, tugging on them as I felt his cock expand.

His cum shot out in front and landed with a splat on the wall in front, his whole body shaking and my still-hard cock forced back into him.

He stayed bent over the toilet when I pulled my limp cock out of his arse, my copious cum already dribbling down his thighs.

This was the first of many experiences with him, including one night when he took me in his green Holden to his flat in Artarmon for my first experience fucking on a water bed. But that's another story.

I enjoy the freedom you give me to explore your body. I love fingering you and it's a real turn on that you enjoy it so much too. It's the most intimacy I've ever experienced with a man.

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