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ManSex Stories: a tongue bath first before he entered my manhole

It was one of those stinking hot summer days, after several of continuous heat. Even being naked made little difference. I hadn't slept well until the early morning and woke late.

Still bleary-eyed and half asleep, with my morning hard-on leading the way, I pulled open the curtains in my lounge room and peered out.

I rubbed my eyes with one hand and languidly stroked my cock with the other. When I opened my eyes again and looked out the window, I noticed one of the men doing roadwork near my driveway, looking in my direction.

I didn't think he could see me. I wasn't that close to the window so I assumed he could only see my top half. So I didn't move away or draw the curtain closed.

After a few moments, he walked away. I got on with the rest of day and forgot about it.

A hot afternoon

Later in the afternoon, the temperature still hadn't dropped much. I'd showered to cool off but hadn't bothered getting dressed.

There was a knock at the front door. I grabbed a sarong to wrap around my waist and went to find out who it was. The man from earlier.

"Hey mate. Do you know you can be seen from the street? I got an eyeful of you this morning."

"Oh, err, sorry about that. I saw you but I didn't think you could see me."

"I sure could. You should be more careful. You never know who's looking."

"Thanks, I will. Thanks for telling me."

I thought he'd leave then. But he stood still, looking me over from my feet, up to my face, his gaze lingering a little longer on my crotch. He looked past me into the hallway.

Come inside, I told him

I suddenly realised that my sarong was not the best choice for answering the door. Flimsy, see through and not quite enough fabric to cover me properly. And a full length mirror in the hallway meant he could clearly see how it didn't quite cover my butt.

"It's been hot working out here all day. Have you got a glass of water for me?"

"Sure," I said. I could tell he wanted more than water. I opened the door more widely, and moved to one side to let him in. "Come inside out of the heat."

I led the way to the kitchen.

"Nice to see the back of you too," he said, "Gives a man a few ideas. It's been a long hard day and since I saw you this morning, I've been looking forward to getting off... work that is.

I handed him a glass of iced water and let the sarong float to the floor. He raised a questioning eyebrow.

"You've already seen me naked and it's too hot to wear anything. I can put it back on if you'd prefer."

Taking a closer look

"No mate. I don't mind getting a closer look at you. Looks like you don't mind me looking either." He pointed at my lengthening cock.

"Hey no need to hide that piece of meat," he added as I coyly slipped a hand in front.

I pulled my hand aside as my cock lengthened to its full hardness.

He drained the last of the water from the glass and put it on the table, his eyes on my cock. "Can I use the john?"

I showed him to the bathroom. I listened to the steady stream gushing into the toilet bowl, heard him wash his hands.

When he joined me in the kitchen again, not only had he not rebuttoned his fly, he'd left his cock dangling out of pants. It was already half hard, a long, thick shaft tapering slightly at the head.

"You must get hot wearing so many layers in the sun," I said pointedly ignoring his growing erection.

Stripping of his work clothes

"Yeah, I do. It's nice to strip off at the end of the day."

He removed his jacket and shirt, undid the belt of his trousers letting them slide down his muscular thighs hitting the floor with a thud.

"Great to have a cool shower, put my feet up and take things easy."

"Do you want a shower?" I asked, my eyes now glued to his cock which stood fully hard, pointing straight up from dense hair, his balls hanging between his hairy legs.

"And a bath too."

"I don't have a bath. Oh, right, the heat makes me a bit slow."

Practise filling a hole

"That's ok, mate. Go as slowly as you like. I'm in no hurry. I'm not due back at work until morning. I'm on trenches tomorrow. After my bath, I reckon you can help me get some practise filling a hole."

Later, after a quick shower, I knelt at his feet, looked up and said, "I ought to stand naked at my loungeroom window more often, if this is what happens."

"No need for that mate. Once I spread the word, you won't have time. There's men on my team who'll be eager to get in plenty of after hours' practise filling a manhole."

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