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Your arse is so hot it makes my mouth water

He knelt before me applying his mouth to my cock. When he stood up, he turned me around and said "usually I'm a bottom but you're so hot I want to be on top."

"Get me a condom," he demanded urgently.

I handed him one and he put it on, then slid the head of his cock up and down my crack, finally pushing against my well-lubricated hole.

"I always like being fucked by a guy who likes to be fucked," I said feeling how my arse lips spread open, welcoming his rigid cock inside.

He gradually pushed his long, thick cock all the way inside. Paused and pulsed his shaft. Then pulled all the way out, so just the head of cock was inside me. Repeated this a few more times. Before sliding in and out, faster and faster. First he fucked up, almost lifting me onto my toes. Then down, pressing hard against my prostate.

He gripped me by the hips and pulled me back against him, slamming his cock into me deeply - in and out rapidly before slowing down again.

"I love watching my cock sliding in and out of your tight arse," he said, pushing me away. Turning my head to look in the mirror, I watched his long, thick shaft as he thrust back and forth.

Now, he plunged his cock deeply inside and, with short thrusts, pounded my arse, his balls slapping against my thighs. I had to lean forward, my palms resting on the top of the bed for support, my legs spread so I didn't fall over.

I was enjoying his energetic pounding, pushing back to meet his forward thrust, as we got into a rhythm that matched the beat of the music playing in the background.

I was still watching in the mirror and saw he was looking around the room.

Plugging my hole

"I'm going to fuck your arse with that big fucking dildo."

I looked up at the 10 inch dildo sitting on the shelf alongside a finger-sized butt plug. "Which one?"

"The big fucking one," he panted as he continued pounding my hole, turned on by the idea of plugging me with something even bigger than his own thick cock.

"Ah no, not that one," I said. He meant the one I call the "Moby Dick". It's an enormous, thick plug, with a ridged head and a set of balls at the base. More of a butt plug than a dildo and on the shelf as a lewd suggestion, rather than something I'd want inside me.

"You have more," he asked, "you're full of surprises. Just get me one." I reluctantly pulled off his cock and reached into a drawer where I keep my collection of toys.

I selected a truncheon-shaped dildo, a little over 8 inches long, smooth and wide, tapered with a knob at the base.

"Wow!" he said, running his hand along its length. "Quick, give me some more lube. I want this in your hole now."

He liberally coated the long, fat plug with lube. I lay on the edge of the bed and reached behind to spread my cheeks.

Stretching me open

He gently pushed the tip against my hole, then continued pushing until I felt my lips stretching to accommodate the first inch. He gave me a few seconds to get used to the way my arse was being opened so widely.

Soon he eased another inch inside. Then another until I knew he had worked almost all of those 8 long, fat inches inside me. I felt completely filled. I couldn't take another inch. I was wrong.

He paused for a moment, then pushed it in a little further.

"Stand up and clench your butt muscles," he demanded. I felt the dildo move inside me as I straightened up with his hand between my legs holding the plug in place.

"That's so hot. Hang on to it, I want a good look." I watched in the mirror as he bent over and inspected the tail end of the plug trapped between my clenched butt cheeks. I could already feel it beginning to slide out of me.

"Hot," he repeated, pushing it back in, "I could almost cum right now just seeing how nicely that fits inside you. Your arse is made to be filled with a big banger like that."

He didn't cum then, instead he began fucking me with that monster dildo. Pulling it out part way, pushing it left and right. I tried to keep my arse muscles clenched but it was soon too much for me. I eased myself back into a prone position on the bed as he jiggled it in and out of my slippery hole.

He slid the dildo out entirely. I gasped.

Now he knelt behind me, pulled my cheeks apart: "That's one excited, wet hole. I love how it's twitching and winking at me." I reached behind, poking two of my fingers inside: they barely touched the sides.

Banging me hard

I stood up and planted one foot on the mattress, as he swiftly inserted the dildo inside me once more. He frigged my hole with one hand on the dildo and wanked his stiff cock with the other. Every now and again, he'd pause and bend over for a good long look.

I was loving every second and getting off on how much he was enjoying fucking me. I started wanking my own cock, sliding my hand slowly back and forth from its base to the dripping head. Gliding my palm across its slippery surface and feeling my arse muscles clench and unclench with each stoke.

"Yeah, man," he said, "pull on that big cock of yours. I'm gonna blow."

He shoved the dildo up me as far it would go, the balls at its base slamming against my well-used arsehole.

One loud shout and his hot cum splashed across my back, once, twice, a third time. I couldn't hold off any longer. My cock felt like it was exploding as my cum spurted out.

He pulled the dildo out of my arse, dropped it on the bed and patted me on the bum and said: "You are one hot and horny man. I reckon you're about ready to take old Moby Dick up your arse now."

There was still another hour or so left in his All Day body play session. He'd already told me he could cum more than once and so could I. So I agreed we should probably try.

I was looking forward to a massage but when I saw you naked all I wanted to do was fuck you. Fuck! Your fucking arse is so fucking fuckable. So tight and hot.

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