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ManSex Stories: first early morning fuck at Avoca Beach lagoon

I was alone at my family's Avoca Beach holiday house on the central coast in the 80s. Out of season, the beach side resort was mostly empty. Or so I thought.

I got up before dawn, wrapped a sarong around my slim waist, slid the back door shut and walked to my favourite swimming spot at the lagoon.

I chose a well-secluded spot surrounded by trees and shrubs, threw my sarong on the ground and plunged into the warm water of the lagoon.

I swam to the deep end and did a few laps, enjoying the fresh warmth of the water.

The lagoon is refilled when the tide is in so the water was salty and clean.

After a few more energetic laps, I swam back towards the shore and noticed there was a man leaning casually against one of the trees, not far from where I had left my sarong.

I changed direction and swam a little further upstream, got out of the water then walked slowly back towards him.

He waved to me and I waved back. Then he started to walk towards me.

"Morning," he said, when he reached me.

"Hello," I replied smiling nervously and covering my groin with my hands.

I love to be naked. There's nothing better but this was not a nudist beach and I didn't want trouble, so early in the day.

As it turned out, I needn't have worried.

While he wasn't naked, he wasn't wearing much: only a mesh jockstrap that bulged invitingly, his crotch hair matting the sheer fabric.

"Did you enjoy your swim," he asked, looking out over the lagoon.

"Yeah, the water was warm and this is a great spot for a swim, specially before it gets too crowded."

As he was looking away from me, I took the chance to inspect him more closely.

Tall, muscular but wiry and well-tanned, about 50, I thought. Very hairy chest and legs, a beard.

There's nothing better than a man with plenty of hair to run my fingers through.

I looked at his crotch and clearly saw the outline of a thick cock pressing against the thin mesh of his jockstrap, his big balls straining the thin elastic on each side of the pouch.

It wasn't a very thick cock but it seemed to be growing longer as I watched.

When I looked up at his smiling face, I saw he was watching me. "Enjoying the view?" he asked.

"Oh, sorry, force of habit," I replied without thinking.

I could feel my cock head poking out from behind my hands.

I took them away and let my cock go, feeling it slap skyward against my tight abs.

"Now that is a great view," he said. "How about we get better acquainted? Over there looks like a good place."

He pointed to where I had left my sarong, and as he turned to walk in that direction, I noticed there was what seemed to be a condom tucked beneath the strap of his jock.

"Do you often bring a condom to the beach," I asked.

"Not usually but when I looked out my bedroom window earlier and saw a naked man in the lagoon, I thought I might need one. Stop here," he said, as we reached a secluded spot in the scrub.

"No one can see us here."

He reached for my cock and gave it a quick tug.

"That is one nice cock and I'd really like to suck on it but right now I'm in the mood for something else."

He pulled his long, cut cock from under one side of his jock.

"Be a naughty boy and bend over for daddy," he said. "Lean against that tree."

I did as he told me and felt him reach between my butt cheeks for my tightly puckered hole.

I turned to look at him and saw he had crouched behind me.

He was tearing the wrapper off the condom with his teeth then he rolled it onto his engorged cock, all the while feeling my tightness.

"This is the best way to start a day," he said as he spread my cheeks and licked my salty hole.

He licked and tongued me, making my hole wet and slippery.

"Oh yeah," I said encouraging him, "tongue my hole. Make it wet for your big cock. Yeah, lick it good."

I pulled my cheeks apart so he could get in deeper. "Yeah, lick my hole."

He stood up and slid his cock up and down my crack.

He dribbled some extra saliva onto his shaft, then teased his sheathed cock around my hole.

"That is one hot hole," he said and pushed his knob inside me pausing briefly as my tight hole begin to stretch.

"I'm going to fuck you hard. Fill you with my hard cock. You want it, don't you baby," he breathed in my ear, pushing against me.

I gasped with pleasure.

I reached one hand to my throbbing cock.

"Mmm," I said, "slide your big cock into me. I love to be fucked."

"I thought as much," he said, punctuating each word by easing more of his cock inside me.

"Hold on to something, this is going to be hard, fast and furious."

His cock was all the way in now and he didn't pause a moment before he pulled out slightly then plunged back into me, his big balls slapping against the back of my thighs.

I braced myself for his onslaught, still stroking my cock, enjoying the tingling sensations in my hole.

He started pumping my arse hard.

I pushed back, loving every deep thrust, revelling in the feeling of his excitement as his hard cock plunged in and out of my arse, pulling on my own cock to heighten the sensations.

My cock was slick with precum and I pulled on my balls excitedly, feeling his cock respond.

He pounded my hole, pressing me against the tree, his balls slapping my thighs.

One, two, in and out he fucked me good and hard.

I pushed back trying to get his thick shaft deeper inside, wanking my cock hard with one hand, the other yanking on my aching balls.

"Your arse is so hot and tight," he panted, as a few moments later, he thrust his cock deep up me.

"Oh, fuck, oh it's fucking gorgeous to fuck you."

I could feel him cumming.

I felt his cock expand as he pushed even further up me.

"Take my cum," he whispered in my ear, pushing so deeply he lifted me onto my toes.

He leant against me, spent, before slowly pulling his limp cock out of me.

He bent over and spread my butt cheeks, looking at my hole.

I hadn't cum yet and was still stroking my cock, enjoying the sensations in my hole.

"Finger my hole," I demanded, "I want to cum for you. I want you to watch me cum for you."

He roughly inserted his thumb into my loosened hole and dragged down against my tight lips, then slipped another finger inside me, spreading his fingers and stretching my hole a little more.

That was enough to get me over the edge and I came, splashing my juices over the tree trunk, my entire body stiffening and releasing with each spurt.

He slapped my butt hard once, twice and each slap forced another short of cum to spurt.

He pulled his fingers out and stood back, pushing his still hard cock back under the mesh of his g-string.

"What a way to start the day!" he said when I had stopped trembling.

"Absolutely the best way. Same time tomorrow?" I asked facetiously.

"Sure, if you're game. I might even last longer next time."

"Maybe I can suck your cock too?" I asked hopefully.

"Now that's an idea. My name's Ed, by the way." he turned to go.

"Hi Ed. I'm staying here all week and I'll be back here tomorrow morning ready and willing."

Thanks for a thrilling, sexy, enormously pleasurable day. I loved how you moved your hands and body. But best of all was the connection we shared. Not only when my cock was buried inside you. You are the best sex I've ever had. I can't wait to come again.

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