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Geoffrey’s intelligent and sensual hands-on pleasure for men

Which do you prefer? A sociable man with many interests? Or a sensual man who knows how to give you immense erotic and sexual pleasure? Luckily, I'm both.

I'm considerate and respectful. Affectionate, caring and patient. And, of course, very sensual, often horny and liberated. Ready and eager to stimulate and be aroused - sexually and intellectually - by you.

How many of your friends can you talk to about your male to male sexual fantasies? Not too many, in my experience.

You'll probably be more focused on experiencing all of my many pleasurable talents. But feel free to express any of your secret hopes, erotic dreams and sexual desires.

I left on a high last night. Not only the massage but talking with you about all your lovely books. It's rare to meet someone who's so keen to listen and can discuss what interests me.

Conversation is sexy

During a one hour erotic session when I am concentrating on relaxing your naked body and yearning to get my hands on your growing erection, there's not much time to share much meaningful conversation. Though you're most welcome to talk if you like.

There's more time to talk as we slip nakedly together during a body slide. Though that's more likely to be you saying "oh, my god, do that again!"

You're obviously very calm and patient. You know exactly what you're doing and I had no sense of you rushing at all.

Massage for your mind

But if you want to pull my hands away from your cock - do you really want me to stop?" - my Mansex play sessions give us plenty of time to share conversation.

Imagine. Three sensuous, delightful hours of my attention focussed entirely and exclusively on making you feel like you're "master of the world". Believe me, I know how good you're going to feel!

You can trust me. I'm an attentive listener. Free from judgement, eager to know you as intimately as you wish. I know how to expose as much of myself as you want, without going overboard.

I love the eye contact, the kisses, the laughter, hugs, the feel of skin on skin, your first touch, being massaged. Simply being with another man without judgement or criticism, with joy and for pleasure.

If you agree that conversation is a vital part of sexy and sensual play, join me for Mansex play session and let's, err... talk.

If I'm so smart, why am I a sex worker?

A man once asked me that very question. We'd enjoyed a few hours of sensual pleasure together. Yet he was irritated that I was "wasting my intellectual talents" on selling erotic pleasures to men. When, presumably, I could make so much more money selling my mind.

"Because," I replied, gently chiding, "one of the benefits of being smart is that I get to choose what I want to do and who I want to work with."

The men who come in my hands... and elsewhere

Men of all ages, shapes and sizes, sexual preferences and backgrounds have enjoyed an erotic experience in my hands. Men like you who...

    • are usually aged between 40 and 80 years
    • are often married with children or grandchildren
    • may be straight, gay, bisexual, bicurious or virgins
    • may be fatter than they'd like or be gym-toned and muscular
    • may be hirsute, hairless or shaved
    • have big cocks, small cocks or any size in between
    • have cocks that bend one way or the other
    • have cut or uncut cocks

You're providing a truly essential and wonderful service to men who have no other outlet for exploring their sexual longings. You were absolutely made to do this work.

Find out what happy clients have said

One review from a married man, who chose me for his first male to male adventure, has become one of the most popular pages on this site. He has returned many times over the years.

I'd be delighted to receive a review from you too. I'll lightly edit what you send to include on this web site, so you don't need to be concerned about your writing skills or your privacy.

My erotic massage journal describes the horny fun I've shared with men during an erotic session.

Trained and experienced

During my late 20s, I studied for a degree in social work and worked for some years as a relationship counsellor. I also learned plenty about sharing and resolving issues amicably during 30 years with my significant other.

I thought an hour had passed since I'd arrived. I was amazed when I looked at my watch and saw that 3 hours had gone by. Incredible.

Later, during my corporate communications' career, I provided executive coaching and mentoring to people who needed help to find a new path in their careers.

So I know how to listen to what you say and to hear what's beneath: the subtext. When to offer insights that may alter the direction of your thinking. And when to say nothing, to simply enjoy learning about your experiences.

I've also enjoyed a long and active sex life, learning as much as I could from each encounter. If you want to know something, feel free to ask me anything. And if you can teach me something new, I'm ready to learn.

A gold star for truth in advertising erotic, male to male massage on your web site.

It's all about communication

My earlier corporate career was in communications - always with people - digital publishing, writing and teaching. I've had to interact with everyone from executives to receptionists: often experts in their fields, sometimes novices.

I quickly learned how to take briefs and produce the required results. How to speak with people from various backgrounds and often with far less education. And I've won prestigious awards along the way.

I still take down briefs, y-fronts, jockstraps and Speedos, to discover what's underneath and to produce a different kind of result.

A lifetime of self-education

Learning anything is a reward in itself. So, when I am not massaging or talking with horny, naked men, writing articles or updating this web site, I read: books, newspapers and magazines. Every available wall space in my house that is not filled with paintings, mirrors or pictures of naked men has a shelf filled with books.

As you leave the mirrored wet room after your shower, you'll see a wall of novels. In the hallway leading back to my massage room, there are yet more novels plus books about law.

Dictionaries of most languages, encyclopaedias and other references fill the shelves in the lounge room. Cooking, herb and food books in the kitchen. Biographies, histories, science, art, music, mathematics and atlases in the library.

Medical, massage, sex, yoga and philosophy books in the massage room itself.

I also read magazines like The Times Literary Supplement and The New York Review of Books, as well as dozens of online newspapers from all over the world.

So, if you're interested in an indepth, topical discussion about almost anything, I'm ready to talk. Or to listen and learn from your own expertise and knowledge.

My sugar daddy

I was very young, even if I knew a thing or three, when I agreed to take a year off modelling and spend a year pleasuring a much older, sugar daddy. He liked to show me off to his friends at parties.

Apart from lots of sex - his thing was fucking me from behind with a mirror on the side so he could watch - we went to the opera (he had a box), galleries, openings (and the occasional closing), theatre, movies and overseas travel. Quiet dinners in multi-starred restaurants or sometimes more quietly, naked at his palatial home.

He covered me with many strings of pearls. Bought me my first corporation. And my first collection of diamonds, long since gone.

What happened to him? Exhaustion, they said.

Well-travelled and cultured

I have travelled around the world three times, by air and sea. I went to school in England (and later at Barker College in Sydney). I've lived in France, Germany and England. Holidays in Hong Kong, Singapore, South America and Africa.

I know about food and cooking, selecting wines and how to eat. Thanks to Brillat Savarin, among others. I like to potter about in my extensive garden, with its many trees, roses, flowering bulbs and shrubs. Care to join me?

How do you create the impression that we've known each for years? I felt we shared an instant connection. I knew you were genuinely interested in everything I had to say, so I didn't hold back from telling you everything I could think of.

Fashion, perfume and massage

I trod the boards as a catwalk model in my 20s. Trained as a sempster and worked in the rag trade. Thought about becoming a "nose". Trained as a remedial masseur.

A member of the mile-high club

These days, the bathrooms on planes are almost too small to fit one let alone a pair of horny men who want to use more than the facilities.

But there was a time when, if you didn't mind a tight squeeze - a little pushing and shoving - you could easily fit one or two (the more the merrier, I always say) men in a cubicle on a long and otherwise dull flight to London.

Easily the best penis massage I've ever experienced. I sure learned heaps about wanking during that session!

Want to know more about my background?

For details about my corporate career in digital communications, visit my LinkedIn profile.

And come soon for an erotic session. We're bound to discover plenty of topics to talk about. Or you can lie back, relax and savour my immensely pleasurable, erotic man to man talents.

I felt we shared an instant connection the moment you opened the door to welcome me inside. I had a great sense of contentment and well being the entire time we were together. Thank you.

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