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Geoffrey’s intelligent and sensual hands-on pleasure for men

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Which do you prefer? A sociable man with many interests? Or a sensual man who knows how to give you immense erotic and sexual pleasure? Luckily, I'm both.

I trained as a remedial masseur over 20 years ago because I recognised a need to help men like you relax.

One day a client asked me to strip naked and massage his cock as well. Being eager to please, I did as he asked. He loved my masturbation techniques. And I could see the relaxation effects were far greater than only massaging his body.

From then on, I became an erotic masseur. I like being naked and I enjoy men seeing, stroking or sucking my erection. What's more, I love the sensations of a hard cock in my hands: seeing, hearing and feeling a man's pleasure in my touch.

When I read your web site, I thought your erotic services sounded too good to be true. When I came for my first session, I quickly realised you were far too wicked and naughty to be good. But everything you had described was true.

My subsequent research into erotic massage unearthed a range of issues men seeking a quality erotic experience faced. Many erotic masseurs don't work in the nude, as I always do.

Plenty of them tried to get me to pay extra just to touch them. Several rudely refused to massage me at all, saying I wasn't their "type" or I was too old for them. Few had any social skills or even cared about my pleasure or satisfaction.

It was a new experience for me to enjoy an erotic massage from a naked man. I chose you for my first time because I knew I'd be looked after, properly cared for. Thank you for being so gentle and so kind to a virgin like me.

Every man deserves the chance to feel my hands

I decided my erotic services would be professional - not sleazy - and that I would always do what I advertised on my web site.

I adopted Carl Roger's advice: to treat all men with unconditional positive regard. That means I accept bookings from mature men of all ages, body shapes, nationalities and sexual preferences.

Because I believe every man deserves the chance to experience my talents for relaxing, arousing and ultimately relieving them.

Some, though not all, men want to touch me too. And plenty of men - straight, married, gay and virgins - choose to visit me because I am willing to let you experiment sexually with me. Maybe enjoying your first taste of my cock or the delight of fingering, rimming or fucking my arse. At no extra charge.

I've had a few gay sex experiences but they never felt right. With you, I felt comfortable from the start. Spending a few naked, horny hours with you was the best experience I've ever had.

Do you get enough sensual pleasure?

Along the way, I have discovered the sad truth that far too many men miss out on enjoying regular, deeply satisfying, pleasurable sex. And, until they discover my sensual services, they haven't known where to go to relieve their pent-up frustrations or explore their sexual fantasies.

That's one reason I added nude body slide and mansex body play to my sensual offerings. To give you the opportunity and the time to prolong the sensations and to explore your sexual desires. To slow down, to enjoy yourself and relax.

Will we have sex together?

It depends what you mean by the word "sex". Do you mean will I sensually massage your naked body from head to toe? Stroke, caress and massage your penis until you ejaculate? Encourage you to cum more than once, if there's time. Yes, absolutely.

Do you mean will I let you suck or stroke my cock? Can you finger or fuck me? Yes.

Do you wonder if we can kiss or cuddle? Share an intimate, affectionate embrace? Again yes.

One thing I've missed, apart from great sex - though that too - is affectionate touch: being cuddled, kissed and lovingly caressed. Sharing hours of body play with you was like having one long, luxurious, intimate, affectionate hug. Thank you.

What I won't do is listed on my page that asks the question: "Does an erotic session include full mansex?" If there's something I've missed that you'd like to try, please feel free to email or call me on 02-4787-1383 to ask.

Are you turned on by pornography?

My erotic studio is permanently ready. It is not a spare room filled with junk. We won't be interrupted by the phone ringing or other people's voices.

I have devoted much time to creating an atmosphere designed to please and stimulate you. To guide your escape into my world of sensual pleasure for an hour or more.

It smells delicious. The lighting is dimmed. The outside world is blocked from sight and sound. My musical choices subtly influence your growing arousal and eventual relaxation.

Every available surface is covered in the pornographic pictures I have collected over many years. With mirrors in between, because lots of men like to watch as I massage, my hands stroking, caressing and fondling their cocks. Or they like to watch themselves.

It's really great to talk to someone who is obviously intelligent. You are clearly a well educated, well spoken man who cares about what he does.

Do you like to talk? Because I love to listen

I like to learn what turns you on. Not only how to stimulate and relax your body but also your mind.

These days everyone seems intent on telling their own stories but so few people bother to listen. I'd love to listen to you talk about your life experiences and express your thoughts.

I left on a high last night. Not only the massage and naked body play but talking with you about all your lovely books. It's rare to meet someone who's so keen to listen and can discuss what interests me.

Because my passion - apart from giving sexual pleasure to men - is learning. Not only from books and I have plenty of those. But from you. And I am interested in a diverse range of topics. Everything actually.

After I have thoroughly explored and satisfied every inch of your body, imagine we're on my bed as you talk about yourself. That's what a mansex session offers you: the opportunity to savour all my sensual talents with extra time to talk.

Do you value honesty and discretion?

My erotic massage services are perfectly legal. And attitudes to homosexuality have changed for the better.

But not every man wants the world to know he's paid for a sexual experience with a man.

What I like more than anything else, even your incredibly sensual massage, is knowing I can trust your openness, discretion and honesty.

I respect your privacy like my own. I never identify my clients, though I may describe their experiences. Reviews or comments are anonymously published on my site.

If we ever meet socially - and that is very unlikely - I will never show that we have already met. (And I expect you will do the same.)

No one but you and I will know the reason for your visit. There is no parking lot outside my studio, no signage nor a queue at my front door.

And I will never contact you without prior agreement.

To be honest, I think I prefer giving you pleasure even more than enjoying your sexy talents. Sucking your cock and playing with your arse was hot. Watching and hearing you lose control when you climaxed and knowing I made that happen. Hot!

Do you want to know more about me?

I trained as a remedial masseur because I too needed to relax. I became an erotic masseur because I love exploring men's bodies.

I've added longer nude body slide and mansex sessions because slow and easy sexual play is a great pleasure for both of us. And I love to take the time to listen to your stories.

But before I did any of these things, I worked in the world of high end digital communications: marketing, business management, training and publishing. (Visit my LinkedIn profile for details.) That's one reason I am able to write and produce the content for this web site.

I've travelled and lived overseas. Been around the world three times, by air and sea. I went to school in England (and later at Barker College in Sydney). I've lived in France, Germany and England. Worked in Hong Kong and Singapore. Enjoyed holidays in South America, Northern Europe and Africa.

While my earlier corporate life was fast-paced and enthralling, I much prefer the slower pace of giving physical pleasure to men. These days I can keep abreast of the latest technological and publishing advances for the sake of interest rather than needing to know for my next consulting project.

Intelligent, witty and totally hot, as well. Your intimacy and sensuality blow me away. That way you massage my body, stroke or suck my cock... your eagerness when I need to plunge my cock inside you... everything about you drives me wild. You, Geoffrey, are the consummate mansex professional.

What kind of a man am I?

I'm considerate and respectful. Affectionate, caring and patient. As I hope you have discovered on this web site, well-educated and thoughtful.

But most of all, I am very sensual, often horny and uninhibited. Ready and eager to stimulate and arouse a man like you.

I felt we shared an instant connection the moment you welcomed me into your studio. I had a great sense of contentment and well-being the entire time we were together. Thank you.

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