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Intelligent handling of sensual and sexual manly pleasures

Few men who visit me for a male, erotic experience are interested in my intellect or education. But if you want to know more, here is an overview.

You're providing a truly essential and wonderful service to men who have no other outlet for exploring their sexual desires.

A talented erotic professional

Being an erotic masseur brings together many of my skills, talents, interests and education. Not only do I have to provide a quality sensual service to my clients, I have to know how to communicate with men of varying ages and backgrounds, sexual experience and desires.

Apparently, I am successful, as one man commented:

You were absolutely made to do this kind of work.

Genuine, caring, gentle and likeable

I am affectionate, caring and patient. I like people, especially men, from all walks of life. And I like to give (and receive) pleasure.

I am flexible - physically and intellectually - as well as friendly, agreeable, open-minded, uninhibited and kind. I know how to give as much of myself as a man wants, without going overboard.

I get on well with people from all kinds of backgrounds, whether they're well educated or not. I can always learn something new and interesting from anyone.

What better career for me than to be an erotic bodyworker?

The sensual male

When you come for an erotic session with me - whether only a full body massage, my popular body play or one of my other offerings - you can expect to receive a confident, professional and enthusiastic service.

There's nothing I enjoy more than giving erotic pleasure to a man while allowing him to explore his fantasies and desires.

Learn to enjoy sex more

Feel free to ask me anything about sex between men. I've found that men rarely have the chance to ask such intimate questions and I am always willing to share my knowledge.

That's why I created my special male sex coaching service. Not only will I answer your questions but I'll demonstrate and guide you to enjoy more fulfilling and arousing sex with a man.

A counselling session in the nude

Often during a body play session, as we pause between passionate pursuits, a man might open up and tell me about himself. I like to listen and offer insights if I can.

Some men simply do not have anyone else they can trust to talk with about their feelings or thoughts. Being naked and comfortable with me gives them an opportunity they grasp with both hands.

It's like a counselling session in the nude. And all part of my service to you.

My virtual hands on your penis

Don't forget to buy yourself a copy of my popular Your Penis: A Handbook. This illustrated ebook (PDF, epub or Kindle versions available) details the many and varied massage techniques I have learned and applied to hundreds of penises during my lifetime.

I compiled it like a software manual - I'd already written dozens of those - but it's really designed to get you hard, keep you aroused and extend the pleasure of masturbation, alone or with a partner. Plus it's suitable for men or women.

Your Penis: A Handbook has been described as the "ultimate guide to male masturbation" and you won't find another book like it.

Erotic writings

There are several sections on this web site that explore different aspects of male sexuality. Reviews that men have sent me, stories from my sex and massage diaries, as well as sex manuals and articles.

Reviews of my erotic services

Some men send me reviews of their experiences with me.

One review from a married man, who chose me for his first male to male adventure, has become one of the most popular pages on this site. He has returned many times over the years.

I'd be delighted to receive a review from you too. I'll lightly edit what you send to include on this web site, so you don't need to be concerned about your writing skills. And, of course, I never identify the men who visit me.

Stories from my sexual life

ManSex contains stories from my vast sexual experience, starting from my first blow job from a man. I plan to publish more of my stories as time permits.

Secrets from my massage diary

You can read excerpts from my erotic massage blog. Discover many of the interesting experiences I've shared with horny men during an erotic session over the past 20 years.

Articles about male sexuality

I have written several articles about being a sensual and sexual male and add more to this site regularly.

A lifetime of self-education

When I am not massaging horny, naked men, writing articles or updating this web site, I read: books, newspapers and magazines. Every available wall space in my house that is not filled with paintings, mirrors or pictures of naked men has a shelf filled with books.

As you leave the wet room, you'll see a wall of novels. In the hallway leading back to my massage room, there are yet more novels plus books about law.

Dictionaries of most languages, encyclopaedias and other references fill the shelves in the lounge room. Cooking, herb and food books in the kitchen. Biographies, histories, science, art, music, mathematics and atlases in the library.

Medical, massage, sex, yoga and philosophy books in the massage room itself.

Occasionally, a man will ask if I have read all these books.

Umberto Eco summed up the answer best:

You will accumulate more knowledge and more books as you grow older, and the growing number of unread books on the shelves will look at you menacingly. Indeed, the more you know, the larger the rows of unread books. Let us call this collection of unread books an anti-library.

I also read magazines like The Times Literary Supplement and The New York Review of Books, as well as dozens of online newspapers from all over the world.

Well-travelled and cultured

I have travelled around the world three times, by air and sea. Schooled in England (and later at Barker College in Sydney). Lived in France, Germany and England. Holidays in Hong Kong, Singapore, South America and Africa.

I haven't been to university because I haven't had time. I have a partially completed qualification in social welfare. If you were to label me, you might say I was an autodidactic polymath. But that's just me showing off.

I know about food and cooking, selecting wines and how to eat. I like to potter about in my extensive garden, with its many trees, roses, seasonal bulbs and shrubs. I once trained as a sempster. Thought about becoming a "nose". Worked as a catwalk model in my 20s. Trained as a remedial masseur.

A career in digital communications

Having reached the top of my previous career in digital publishing and stayed there a number of years, I decided I'd like a career that offered much greater depth and potential.

One that allowed me to indulge my interests in sharing sensual and sexual pleasure with men.

I made that decision 20 years ago. I have never regretted my choice of an erotic career in place of my former corporate life.

Between 1985 and 2008, I worked in digital marketing communications, first in print and from 1996 on the web. I have developed dozens of web sites, designed magazines and other typographic pieces. Some have won prestigious awards.

Typography and print design

In 1997, I was described in The Australian newspaper as "one of Sydney's leading typographers". My hundreds of articles and cover stories about typography, printing and graphic design have appeared in local and international magazines and newspapers like Macworld, Publish, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, among many others.

Silver for Publish AustraliaWon a Silver medal for Publish Australia in 1996 for magazine design. And produced the first computer-to-plate magazine in the world.

Senior management

I've worked as an Account Director in public relations and marketing firms, an Art Director for magazines, Principal Trainer for corporations. Director of Communications for community organisations and Managing Director (CEO) of a few private companies. As a senior consultant in financial services, publishing, government, medical, transport, communications, manufacturing, printing, computing and legal sectors, to name a few.

Adult educator

I've trained hundreds of adult students in computing, graphic design, journalism and publishing, privately and in Sydney colleges. Made presentations at international conferences. Been the editor of dozens of technical publications. Published 12 technical books.

And produced hundreds of web sites

I develop web sites - like this one - and keep abreast of the latest online technologies.

If you're looking for a professional content producer, designer and technical developer, I am always keen to help small businesses to build a web site that works.

Want to know more about me?

Come for an erotic session and ask me anything. I am sure we'll find something interesting to talk about. And if not, you can simply lie back and enjoy my enormously pleasurable, erotic man to man talents.

⚣ Erotic Services: $200 per hour
☆ Body Play: 2, 3 or 6 hours ☆ Massage: 1 or 1.5 hours

⚣ Erotic Services
$200 per hour
Body Play: 2, 3 or 6 hours
☆ Massage: 1 or 1.5 hours
🔒 Book online

❝ I bet you hear this all the time but you have the most delightful, sensuous touch.

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