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What is male to male tantric massage?

A tantric massage is an erotic massage with a fancy name. Tantra means a "body of knowledge": the word itself holds no talismanic, sexual or magical force.

Imagine! My hands are slipping and sliding around the head of your penis, bringing you ever closer to a full body orgasm. You are in that all-encompassing, mind-blowing moment, sitting on the edge of ejaculation.

You have lost the power of thought, you are beyond giving a name to what you are feeling. You simply wait in a frozen moment of time, between cumming and not cumming, caught in the breath.

That's the aim of tantra: to lose yourself in an eternity of the present moment.

If, after you have finally surrendered to your need for a physical, orgasmic release, you feel you've been touched by the hands of a god... if you feel energy coursing through your body... or that all the cares you had before the massage have slipped away... that's a matter best left to you to interpret.

What's in a word?

The word "tantra" has a variety of meanings, such as a "body of knowledge". The word itself holds no talismanic force.

One tantra has come to be known as being about sexuality. That tantra could as well be called "The Joy of Gay Sex" or "The Art of Erotic Massage".

To call a massage practise tantric, is only to say it is based on a philosophy. You could just as easily call it "library massage", as a dictionary is also a body of knowledge.

My erotic massage practise is based on a philosophy too though one not lost in the fog of Eastern mysticism or the politics of 2,500 years ago.

The erotic trantra

No one has ever been able to adequately translate all the the thousands of texts that contain this sexualised tantra. That's probably because one of the clearest messages that tantra has given is that "texts for general publication are to be set forth in such as way that no practical use can be made of them".

The sound of one hand clapping

However, the basic point of the rites is to lose oneself in the moment of purest ecstasy, either with a partner or alone. To feel yourself depart the physical body and commune with the divine. To transcend this earthly realm and lose yourself in Nirvana.

How you arrive at that moment of joy - sex, bdsm, masturbation, meditation or whatever turns you on - is a matter of personal taste.

You do not need a guru nor any kind of teacher to discover this plane of personal extinction. There is no priesthood. No training or guidance. No one person has any greater chance than any other to realise this level of orgasm.

Though, having said that, I am more than willing to give you the benefit of my experience in leading you to the kind of full body orgasm that may reveal heaven to you.

Erotic Massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours (Cash or Prepaid)

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