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Why do married and straight men choose to come in my hands?

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Have you too wondered if there are new sensual activities to explore? With a man who knows how to satisfy your curiosity about male to male sexual play?

Although straight, I have often fantasised about being sensually massaged in the nude by a male, getting my cock touched and my balls caressed by a man who knows how good it feels.

My arousing, relaxing and sensually satisfying erotic services are designed to appeal to men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older.

Because, in my experience, mature men - straight and married or single - have the self-confidence and desire to explore erotic play with another man. Often for the first time.

Sexual play that lasts longer

Your cock may not stay as rigidly erect as when you were younger. You may need more stimulation to reach your first or second climax. You may not be getting as much sexual intimacy as you'd like.

You've also realised great sex can last longer and be more enjoyable than ever. And you're starting to wonder if there are other sensual activities you can try.

With a man near your age who is willing to arouse and satisfy you in ways you've only ever dreamt about.

I've had a few gay sex experiences but they never felt right. With you, I felt comfortable from the start. Spending a few naked, horny hours with you was the best experience I've ever had.

Have you looked at the wide array of sexual options available online? Maybe you've met a man on one of those personals' apps and discovered it wasn't as much fun as you'd hoped.

Now you've found my web site with its promise of safe and discreet erotic pleasure for a curious man like you. But is it for real?

When I read your web site, I thought your erotic services sounded too good to be true. When I came for my first session, I quickly realised you were far too wicked and naughty to be good. But everything you had described was true.

As one man said "I'm happily married but really want to experience other sensations with a man. Are your services fair dinkum?"

Absolutely fair dinkum!

Satisfy your male to male sexual curiosity

While you're in my erotic studio, you have the freedom to say or explore almost anything that turns you on.

Some men have never seen another cock close up, let alone an erect cock that isn't their own.

Are you keen to touch, stroke and masturbate another cock? Have a close look at another naked man? Lick or suck a hard dick? Watch another man blow his load?

You're providing a truly essential and wonderful service to men who have no other outlet for exploring their sexual longings. You were absolutely made to do this work.

Are you curious about the different textures of a naked male body? The firmness of masculine muscles pressed against yours? The hardness of another erection slipping and sliding over yours?

Are you ready to feel the hands of an erotic masseur stroking your cock, gradually bringing you to a mind blowing orgasm and ejaculation?

Does enjoying sex with a man mean you're gay?

How you choose to describe your sexual preferences is up to you: straight, gay, bisexual or bicurious.

Men who visit me for their first male to male sensual adventure are often happily married. They're not looking to change their lives, except by adding a new and secret sexual dimension.

A way to satisfy their curiosity about touching and being touched by another man.

Spending a few, carefree hours with Geoffrey, makes me more loving and happy at home. Being erotic with a man frees something in me.

In my hands, you're simply enjoying an erotic experience with another man. Nothing could be more natural or normal. There's no need to label it. Or think about it too deeply.

An erotic session with me gives you nothing more or less than an exquisite physical, sexual release. A pleasurable build up to a satisfying climax. Or two.

There's no pressure to perform. Everything happens at your pace.

We may share a laugh or two. An interesting conversation. A mutually pleasurable experience. We may discover we share much in common.

But beyond that, and the likelihood you'll want to repeat the experience some time, no messy emotional connection.

Will we have sex together?

What do you mean by the word "sex"? For most men - gay or straight - sex often means fucking. How often have you wondered about the different sensations of penetrating a man's arsehole? The tightness, the heat, the slippery friction? You're welcome to experiment with fucking my arse. Safely, of course.

My wife and I have a great sex life together. I'd love to fuck her in the arse but she's not into it. So when I'm in the mood, I visit Geoffrey for a few hours of hot, arse fucking. It's the best of both worlds for me.

But there are so many other ways for two men to explore sex and play together.

Will I sensually massage your naked body from head to toe? Stroke, caress and massage your penis until you ejaculate? Encourage you to cum more than once, if there's time. Yes, absolutely.

Can you suck or stroke my cock? Penetrate my arse? Again, yes.

Can we kiss? Share an intimate, affectionate embrace? Slip and slide our naked bodies together? Yes.

And if you're not sure what may happen between us, read about sexual options on my page that asks: "Will we enjoy m2m sex during an erotic session?"

What do I recommend for your first visit?

That depends on how far you want to explore male to male erotic pleasure.

Naturally, we don't need to explore passionate male to male sex. You can simply lie back on my massage table and enjoy a full body, relaxing erotic massage first. Then my hands stroking, pressing, pulling and caressing your cock until you cum.

I know you're going to enjoy the experience and it may be enough to satisfy your curiosity.

I can totally recommend a body play session with Geoffrey. You're both naked and, after his brilliant massage, he'll slide his body and his cock all over you, front and back. Plunge your cock into his crack, pump his tight hole. He'll give you an incredible hand-job and you can cum on his body too.

But when you want even more exciting sensations... to enjoy another naked body pressed against yours... the slippery sensations of cocks rubbing together... to penetrate a hole or two... or to climax twice or more...

When you want to discover all my talents for sensually stimulating a man, book a nude body slide session.

Straight and married men come for uncomplicated fun

Because you can trust me to give you what you most want... and maybe something extra. Age, nationality, body shape or prior experience is no obstacle to your enjoyment of my erotic talents.

One thing I've missed, apart from great sex - though that too - is physical touch: being cuddled, kissed and lovingly caressed. Sharing hours of body play with you was like having one long, luxurious, intimate, affectionate hug. Thank you.

You'll choose to enjoy a sexual experience with me when you're in the mood for it but it's not a significant part of your usual life.

And that's fine by me. Sharing a few slow and easy hours with a man who's eager for a sensual, male to male adventure is my pleasure.

For my first male to male sensual experience, I decided on a nude body slide and erotic massage session with Geoffrey. It seemed a safe way to discover if I'd enjoy being sexual with another man. I sure did!

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