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Why do many straight men enjoy casual sex with a gay man?

For many straight, married men, enjoying an occasional erotic experience with a gay man is a uncomplicated way of releasing sexual tensions and frustrations.

It's a physical release with no pressure and no strings. There is no other connection between us apart from the massage or body to body slide.

I visit professional sex workers, like Geoffrey, because I don't want to become the object of another man's desire. I don't need complications, just great sex.

Paying for a sensual experience adds an extra layer of separation.

Acting out their secret fantasies

Enjoying the company of a professional sex worker allows you to act out your fantasies, without needing to worry about anything being taken the wrong way.

You can say or do anything that turns you on and not be concerned that anyone else will find out your secrets.

That's one of the additional benefits of my studio being away from most of my clients' usual stomping grounds. There's almost no chance we'll ever meet socially or at a local venue.

If it wasn't for straight married men, there wouldn't be a gay sex industry.

If you have a desire to explore anonymous, passionate, animal sex with another man, you are far from being alone.

Emotionless sexual experiences

Some men, who are often married or divorced, say they want something more when straight sex gets a little dull or difficult to get.

Perhaps sex with another man is a desire they've always had and when they found my web site, they can't resist the temptation to indulge their long-held fantasies.

For some, man to man sex seems so easy, anonymous and hot. They've wondered what it feels like to suck a cock, how good it can feel to have another man masturbate them. Or simply the pleasure of not having to perform.

They don't want an emotional connection. And they have no desire to leave or damage their marriages. Or to stop having sex with women.

I am not interested in an emotional connection with my clients either. I'll encourage you to return as often as you like to enjoy and explore my sensual and sexual talents.

We may develop a mutual friendliness as we get to know a little about one another. But we'll never enjoy anything more than a professional relationship.

I'm not cheating

For some married men, visiting me for an erotic experience means they feel they are not being unfaithful to their wives. If they had sex with another woman - even a female sex worker - that would create a moral issue for them.

Very occasionally an open-minded woman has booked a session for her male partner. Because she accepts his "other" desires and knows he'll be safer with me than if he was to visit a beat or bath house.

Because our interactions are purely commercial, with no emotional content beyond the surfaces we touch during a session, men (and women) can rationalise the experience as nothing more than a bit of fun with a mate. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Am I really straight?

Straight men who have sex with other men sometimes grapple with how best to label themselves. Does having sex with another man make me bisexual or gay?

But as I often say to them, forget the label, it's just sex.

Many are nervous about anyone else ever finding out their secret, which is another reason they choose to visit me: absolute discretion.

My wife is very religious and does not agree with homosexuality. I love her and wish that we could share a more open, sexual relationship, but she'd never go for it.

They often tell me how much they'd like to tell all their friends about how great the experience has been for them.

But we both know that's not going to happen.

Few heterosexual men are comfortable with telling other people about their married sex lives, let alone about enjoying sex with men. And admitting you paid for sex is a bridge too far.

Trying something different

The men who come to visit me want to explore the wide array of sexual options. For many, it's an occasional exercise, a sexual hobby.

They tell me how envious they are of the anonymous, sexual promiscuity gay men seem to enjoy. They want that too: fun without strings.

After being married for more than ten years, I wanted to try something different. I've started with erotic massage because it feels like a safe way to find out if I like being with a man.

They visit me when it feels like their marriages are in a slump or getting boring. Enjoying a sexual experience with a man can be a way to reinvigorate their sexual interest in women.

Spending a few, carefree hours with Geoffrey, makes me more loving and happy at home. Being erotic with a man frees something in me.

Or there's a sexual activity they want to explore occasionally and with a man. Something they'd never ask their female partners to try.

A helping hand

For many straight men, a m2m erotic massage or body slide is a means of getting off in a way that is impersonal, anonymous and passionately animal.

They'll enjoy a sexual experience with a man when they are in the mood for it but it's not a significant, or even an important, part of their usual sex lives.

Body play and massage:
$400 for 2 hours or $600 for 3 hours (Cash or Prepaid)

❝ I have a wonderful heterosexual life and now I have you too.❞

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