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Your first sensual, male to male adventure

Keen to try out erotic play with a man who will satisfy your bisexual curiosity? Find out why so many straight and married men choose to come in my hands.

You too can enjoy my first-hand knowledge of how to stimulate, arouse and ultimately satisfy all your sensual desires and fantasies. In safety, privacy and comfort.

Satisfy your bisexual curiosity

You may be surprised to learn that you're not the only straight man who's curious about a male to male sexual encounter.

More than 90% of the men who have enjoyed an erotic session in my studio during the past 20 years have been straight: single, divorced or married.

They choose me because they can trust me to give them what they most want... and maybe something extra. Age, nationality, body shape or prior experience is no obstacle to your enjoyment of my sensual talents.

I've tried sex with other men, but it's never worked out well. With you it was completely different. Great fun. That way you so patiently guided and encouraged gave me the confidence to explore my m2m fantasies. Thanks for making it so comfortable for a bicurious, first timer.

There are any number of reasons why you're intrigued by the idea of an erotic experience with another man. Here are some of the reasons my many straight clients have told me.

I decided on a nude body slide session with Geoffrey for my first visit because it seemed a safe way to discover if I'd enjoy being sexual with another man. I sure did!

Have you wondered about your attraction to men?

How often have you admired the shape of a man's buttocks? Or the outline of his masculine chest?

The bulge of cock and balls outlined in a pair of tight trousers or shorts draws your gaze. Sometimes you sneak a furtive glance at men undressing in a locker-room. And wish you could be more open about looking at another naked man.

A friend and I were in the spa bath in his back garden. I was almost sure he could see my hard-on. I'd always wondered if he was gay but I was too shy to make the first move.

Have you imagined how great it will be to caress, stroke, lick, fondle and suck dick? To have another man massage yours too, knowing how much he wants to.

How only another man can really know how, when and where to touch you.

Did you have once have an experience with a man?

You had a furtive sexual encounter with a man in your teens. In the shower, at the swimming pool or beach. Brief fumblings in the change-room. Your first touch or taste of another cock. All over in a few moments, but leaving a memory.

I was 18 at the time, having a few beers with some mates. One minute we were talking about sex. The next we were naked and sucking each other's dicks. I loved it when my mate blew in my mouth. It never happened again and we never talked about it. But I've often wanted to try again.

Then life took over: you married, had children, built a career. You've been happy. Still a private part of you often revisits and fantasises about your first male to male, sexual experience. Wondering where you can go to explore your desires.

Now, before you grow too much older, you realise it's time to do something about your fantasies.

But you want an exceptional encounter with a man around your own age who's patient and understanding of your inexperience. Safe and discreet.

Have you and your partner stopped having sex?

If your libido is greater than your partner's, you may not have had as much sex as you've wanted. After years of masturbating alone, you decide you need an intimate, physical connection. With another man.

If my wife ever asked if I was playing around, I could honestly say I wasn't. You and I are just mates sharing a few laughs and a bit of manly wrestling. As soon as I leave I forget about it. Until the next time when I need some more fun.

You don't want to be unfaithful to your significant other. You just want another hand or mouth or some other hole to penetrate. No strings, no emotional attachment - uninhibited sexual play - with you as the centre of attention.

Are you open-minded and sexually adventurous?

Man to man sex seems so easy, anonymous and hot. You'd like to suck a cock or have your own sucked. Have your cock and balls massaged properly, like only another man can do. Or fuck a man who's eager to take your dick up his arse.

Before I read the reviews on your web site, I'd never thought of erotic play with another man. Strangely enough, the idea didn't turn me off. To tell the truth, it sounded pretty exciting to have a guy who knew what he was doing playing with my dick.

You view sex for what it is: a purely animalistic adventure. So long as it feels good and lasts longer than a few minutes.

You're aroused by the promise of sexual promiscuity so many gay men seem to enjoy: getting your rocks off without even needing to speak.

Does sex with a man mean you're gay?

When you're lying naked on my table, as I massage your body or stroke your rigid erection, you're simply a man who's enjoying a sexual experience.

Some men ask how I knew I was gay or when I discovered I was. What they're often asking is "does what we're doing now, together, make me gay?"

I reply "Playing with another horny man, sucking his cock, fingering or fucking his arse doesn't make you gay. Unless you think it does."

How you define yourself - straight, bi-curious, gay, queer, bisexual or even straight acting - is entirely up to you.

One thing I've missed, apart from great sex - though that too - is affectionate touch: being cuddled, kissed and lovingly caressed. Sharing hours of body play with you was like having one long, luxurious, intimate, affectionate hug. Thank you.

Will we have sex together?

It depends what you mean by the word "sex". For some straight men, sex only means fucking. If you want to know how good it feels to fuck a man's tight arse, you're welcome to try with me. Safely, of course.

But there are so many other ways to explore sex play with a man.

Can we kiss or cuddle? Share an intimate, affectionate embrace? Slip and slide our naked bodies together? Yes.

Will I sensually massage your naked body from head to toe? Stroke, caress and massage your penis until you ejaculate? Encourage you to cum more than once, if there's time. Yes, absolutely.

Can you suck or stroke my cock? Finger or rim my very clean arse? Again, yes.

What won't I agree to explore with you during a mansex body play session? Read about sexual options on my page that asks: "Does an erotic session include full mansex?"

I'm a straight man. Yet the temptation to have my dick massaged and worshipped by a gay masseur who knows how to give me immense pleasure was irresistible.

Are you too ready to satisfy your curiosity?

I choose to visit you, Geoffrey because I don't want to become the object of another man's desire. I don't need complications, just great sex with a professional who knows how to turn me on.

You may want to lie passively accepting as my erotic massage gradually leads to an explosive ejaculation, without touching me at all. You may not object if my cock slides across your upturned palm, but nothing beyond that.

As you become more aroused during the massage, you may reach out a hand to stroke me too. Or, as with many men, make your first attempt at sucking cock.

If you've booked a nude body slide or mansex session, you'll enjoy the kind of close physical intimacy only two men can share. Naked skin on skin, cocks sliding together, thrust between slippery thighs, the temptation to plunge deeper, again and again.

I know it's a professional relationship with a financial transaction. But that actually makes it easier for me. I know I'm going to get what I'm paying for without complications. And it's heaps better than using my own hand to beat off.

When will you come?

Men like you choose to visit me for their first sensual, male to male adventure because I promise honesty, discretion, safety and enormous fun. What's more, anything that happens will be within your comfort zone.

I've wanted to try male to male sex play for a while but I've always been too nervous. Your site gave me the courage to visit you. I am so happy I did. Thanks for making it so comfortable for a bicurious, first timer.

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