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How to enjoy great sex even in a sexless marriage

If you're in a sexless marriage, you may be surprised to learn you're not the only one. Countless men tell me how it's been years since they stopped having sex with their wives.

Clearly he reaches a stage where the lack of sexual intimacy begins to matter. Otherwise, how does he come to be lying on my massage table telling me stories of a lifetime of sexual frustration?

There's plenty of pornography on the web but at some point men want to do more than just look at other people having sex. They want to enjoy in reality what they see on screen.

Before I read the reviews on your web site, I'd never thought of having sex with a man but strangely enough the idea didn't turn me off. The possibility of enjoying a few hours of sexy fun with someone who wanted to caress my penis was very enticing.

It's wonderful and fulfilling to be valued and desired

It's hardly surprising that after so many years living in a sexless marriage, men grow depressed and wonder about their own sexual desirability and personal attractions.

Some men start affairs but that can bring its own disadvantages and complications.

Opportunity knocks

Visiting a professional and discreet, gay male sex worker is far better than feeling alone or disconnected and disheartened by a complete lack of physical intimacy.

We're unlikely to meet in a social or work setting, as may happen if you have an affair with a colleague or one of your friends' wives or husbands.

I know it's a professional relationship with a financial transaction. But that actually makes it easier for me. I know I'm going to get what I'm paying for without complications. The connection we share may not be real but it still feels genuine. I can imagine that you really value and desire me. And I love how much you seem to enjoy yourself. It's a wonderful and fulfilling sensation.

Intimacy with a responsive and uninhibited sexual partner

I am not surprised when a married man visits me and gradually expresses his pent-up sexual fantasies. He may only want another man to massage and masturbate him.

It's often the first time he has seen or touched another naked man. He often wants to try sucking my cock. And, if I decline to penetrate him, he's often just as eager to fuck me instead. As one man said:

A hole is a hole and your hole is fucking hot.

He's neither gay nor bisexual. He may be curious about or at least open to the idea of sex with another man.

I'm not being unfaithful to my wife when I visit you. We're just mates sharing a few laughs and a bit of manly wrestling. It doesn't mean anything. It's not like I'm going to leave her. And she never needs to know about this side of me, anyway.

A gradual lack of sexual intimacy

Men tell me how they miss the intimacy that sex used to bring to their married or partnered lives. Sometimes their sex lives have gradually tapered off over many years. Sometimes there was a distinct cut-off point where sex simply stopped. Often accompanied by a loss of any kind of affectionate touching, kissing or hugging.

We had great sex at the start. Then gradually it became like a chore. She'd lie there like she was thinking of folding laundry or her shopping list. I found it very depressing that she didn't move or make any noise. In the end, we no longer seemed to find the time. That was 15 years ago. We don't even sleep together now.

She never enjoyed sex

He'll tell me she never really enjoyed sex, which he may take as a wounding criticism of his sexual talents and abilities. When they were still having sex, they always did it the same way: usually missionary style.

We never kissed. And we always did it in the dark. I was only ever allowed to put my penis in part of the way. When I was close to cumming, she'd make me pull out and go to the bathroom to 'finish off' alone.

We have great kids

She believed sex was only for procreation purposes.

She'd schedule 15 minutes for sex. If I missed the deadline, tough. She'd lie on her back - we only ever did missionary - I'd thrust in and out a few times. And that'd be it. If she fell pregnant, there'd be no more sex until she wanted another baby.

Frequent solitary masturbation has often been their only sexual outlet. Often they've had to do that in private, in case the wife discovers and puts a stop to it.

She was like a bitch in the manger. She didn't want sex and I wasn't suppose to want it either. So, if she caught me wanking, there'd be hell to pay. It made me feel sordid somehow, like there was something dirty and wrong with me feeling so horny all the time.

After so many years in a sexless marriage, men who visit me are looking for an uncomplicated way to enjoy a thoroughly arousing sensual experience with an enthusiastic, laid-back partner who is nothing like his wife.

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