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When was I last properly fucked by a senior citizen?

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"How often have you been properly fucked in the arse by a senior citizen?" he asked stroking my firm and furry bum. "Not often enough," I replied.

He had his arm around my waist, his hand wedged between my bum cheeks, two fingers firmly planted inside.

"Your hole is very tight," he said. I felt him spread his digits apart trying to get his fingers in deeper.

"It's been a while since anyone has fingered me."

"I'm surprised at that. I'd have thought most of your clients couldn't stop themselves from fingering such a hot hole. When you so obviously enjoy it too."

He punctuated his remark with a deeper poke, then added: "You ever been fucked by a 65 year old?"

"I wouldn't know. Men often don't tell me their ages. Except for this one guy who proudly told me that he was 80."

Fucked hard and fast by an octogenarian

"He went at me for a few hours like there was no tomorrow. We tried several positions before he decided he liked fucking me on my back. He'd pull his cock out every so often to admire my hole. He came back for another couple of visits and fucked the same way each time. So I guess that was his technique. Very energetic, he was."

"I hope I'll have the energy to keep fucking like that when I'm 80. For now, I'm eager to demonstrate how this 65 year old can fuck a man's arse."

"It's going to be a tight squeeze," I added, "getting a long, thick cock like yours all the way inside me."

"Nothing better than a tight squeeze. How about you climb on my lap and lower yourself onto my cock?"

Sitting on a man's lap is a great way to begin, especially if it's been a while. I can take things slowly and control how fast or deeply he can enter me. And I can choose to sit facing him or facing his feet, my back to him so he can more easily watch.

I decided to start face to face.

I stroked some oil up and down his shaft. Slipped a condom onto his cock and added more oil. Then, one leg either side of his thighs, and bending forward slightly, I guided his cock towards my hole, sliding the knob back and forth across my arse hole.

Sit on my cock!

"Stop teasing me. Sit down on my cock!" He tried to thrust up, grabbing my hips in his eagerness to force me down. I resisted, lifting my butt slightly so that only the head was inside.

"Not so fast," I said.

When he relaxed back onto the mattress, I started lowering my bum, allowing another inch to penetrate me. I pulsed my arse muscles, exhaling with each downward slide, as I gradually eased his long, fat shaft inside me.

Finally, I felt his hairy balls pressed against my butt cheeks. I breathed in deeply, feeling how my arse muscles clenched the base of his cock, exhaled and enjoyed the sensation of being completely full.

"There," I managed to say, "was that worth the wait?"

"You bet it was. Sorry I was so impatient."

"I take your eagerness as a great compliment."

I reached around behind to fondle his balls. Pulling them downwards, I lifted my bum up until just the head of his cock was inside.

Now, I began a slow and easy, up and down movement, riding his cock like I was in the saddle. Sometimes I leaned forward slightly so his cock head slid in a different direction.

Other times, I sat back towards his feet, so that his shaft ran and pressed hard along my prostate, every inch giving us both immense pleasure.

I applied my arse muscles like it was my hand grasping his long, thick shaft, slowly and luxuriously stroking his cock.

He massaged my cock as I slid up and down. "Stop," I said, "Or you'll make me cum."

Squirt your cum on me

"I want you to cum. Cum on my chest."

He picked up the pace stroking my rigid cock. In a few seconds, and in spite of my attempts to stop, I blew a great squirt across his chest, landing on his chin. Then another that flew up high and splattered onto his arm.

I could feel my arse muscles clenching and unclenching as my cock erupted. I leaned forward: his cock slipped out of me.

I slid over to lie on my back alongside him, my entire body shaking with the force of my orgasm.

He said: "I can tell you enjoyed that. I did too. If I'm very gentle do you think we could try some more?"

"Give me a moment." Sometimes, I want a guy to keep fucking me. After I've ejaculated, my arse becomes even more sensitive. And I can be so turned on, I'll cum a second or third time too.

"I just need a breather first."

Missionary man

"You stay there and take your time. I'll just lift your legs so," he knelt behind and between my legs, lifting my ankles onto his shoulders, "and then I can slip my cock back inside like that. Ah that feels good."

He was very gentle to begin but he soon got carried away. And so did I, my erection rising as fast as my passion. We found a rhythm and pounded together for what seemed like hours.

I was so turned on, he made me cum a second time before he finally succumbed and came too, pulling his cock out of my well-worked arse, ripping off the condom and ejaculating onto my stomach.

After our shower, as he was towelling me dry, he said: "Let's have another go at it. I want to try other fucking positions. Then you can say you've been enthusiastically rogered by a senior citizen too."

I want to fuck your arse, over and over again. From behind, from the side, on your back, standing, sitting, bent over a chair, every which way. Use a whole pack of condoms. I'd love to find out how many times I can cum inside you.

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