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I invited him to come in my back door

"Come to my back door, so the neighbours won't see me naked," I told Jim when he booked a body play session. He laughed: "I'll come in your back door too, if you'll let me."

I watched him walk down the driveway and up the back steps. I was naked, as usual, already aroused and excited to see him, when I opened my back door to welcome him inside.

"Wow," he said as he looked me over, "you're better looking than I remember. And I like the look of that," he added, giving my erection a firm squeeze. "Turn around so I can see the rest of you."

I turned around slowly, giving him plenty of time to admire my body.

"Mmm, I can see we're going to have fun today," he said, giving my bum a playful slap.

"Let's get started then." I said, "Come this way." I headed along the hall to my studio, held the door open and invited him in to the warm, dimly lit room.

"Plenty to look at in here," he said as he looked at the pictures.

"And mirrors to watch yourself in too," I added. "Or me."

Jim pulled me into a firm embrace and we stood for a few moments, my head on his shoulder, his working their way down my back towards my bum. He gave my cheeks a playful squeeze. "I'm looking forward to feeling more of that."

"Would you like a massage to start?" I asked, pointing at the table.

"Yeah, that'd be great." He started to undress, laying his clothes on the chair behind him.

"You know the first time I visited you I was really nervous. I didn't know you or what to expect. But this time, I'm not nervous at all. Though I'm not sure how far you'll let me go."

"All the way, if you like," I said as I settled him on the table and prepared to massage him. "I'm very horny."

His answer was muffled by the face rest but I felt his hands seeking for my cock, which he squeezed when he found it.

Full body, erotic massage

I began my massage, oiling from his shoulders along his back to his buttocks, then moved to stand at the head of the table to sweep down along each side of his spine.

"That feels great already," he said, turning his head to one side. "I like how you move in time with the music. And it's great being able to watch you too."

I continued along each side of Jim's body. Each time my cock was in reach of this upturned palms, he gripped it, reaching as far along my shaft to fondle my balls and trying to reach further between my legs.

I paused a few times to let him slide his fingers a little deeper before moving further away from his fondling.

Once I had finished massaging his legs, I climbed onto the table ready to start the first part of the body slide. My cock rested in the cleft of his buttocks as I carefully lowered myself to his shoulders, resting my weight on my arms.

Once my face was pressed against the back of his neck, I began a slow slide up and down and across his torso.

He whispered "welcome, Geoffrey, welcome", as I slid my naked body against his, my lips near his ear. After a few more minutes of sensual sliding, I climbed off the table and invited him to turn over.

When he was in position, his legs spread widely apart, I began to massage his feet, working gradually up along each leg until my fingers bumped into his shaved balls, lifting each one up and letting it fall to either side.

Cock play

He pulled on my cock when it was in reach. At one point he slid a fingertip across the sensitive head of my erection and lifted the finger to his mouth.

"Your precum in flowing in buckets," he said, "your love juice tastes delicious."

"You're turning me on," I said, "that's why there's so much."

"I can't wait to get more of it in my mouth," he said returning to get some more.

I began to stroke the shaft of his cock, running my fingertips across the tight skin of the head. Then sliding my palms down to his balls.

I gripped his balls with one hand, forming a tight ring and used the other hand to tease his erection, sliding my moist palm across his slick and sensitive cock head. He groaned, his hand stroking my own erection as I worked on his.

"If you keep doing that, I'll cum," he said.

"Then I'd better stop," I said, reluctantly removing my hands from his dripping cock. "We can move to the bed, if you like. Then I can give you a frontal body slide as well."

"Sounds good to me," he said as he swung his legs off the table and stood up. "Where do you want me?"

"Lie down, face up, with your head on the pillow," I said, "so I can climb on top of you."

He lay down and I positioned myself on top, face to face, my cock battling with this. I slowly lowered myself to press against his body.

Sucking cock

Our lips touched, he wrapped one arm around my back and we kissed, tongues searching one another's mouths.

When we pulled apart, he said: "Fuck that feels good. Sorry, I didn't mean to swear."

"You say whatever you like," I said. "Shout if you like. There's no one else to hear you."

"Fucking fuck, I like how your cock feels just there."

I pressed my cock against his and felt it slide off and slip between his legs, poking against his balls.

"Are you going to let me suck that monster," he asked.

"Sure," I said, moving so my cock was resting on his chin, my knees against his armpits. "Suck my cock."

He lifted his head from the pillow until my cock rested on his lips, opened his mouth and licked the precum from the head. Then he sucked the head into his mouth.

I pushed my hips forward slightly to get more in his mouth.

When he moaned his excitement, I felt the vibrations running along my cock. I thrust my cock deeper into his willing mouth, gently fucking his face as he sucked and slurped away.

After several minutes, I pulled away, a strand of precum and saliva between his lips and my dribbling cock.

"My turn," I said. I turned around, straddling his chest and sucked his cock into my mouth. I licked around the engorged head, enjoying the taste, before sucking the entire shaft as far down my throat as I could manage in that position.

Balancing on one hand, I used the other to tug gently on his balls, pulling them away from his cock and stretching the skin.

Pulling back, I nibbled at his cockhead again before plunging his cock down my throat. Each time I leaned forward a bit further I could feel how my butt cheeks spread and I knew he was getting a great view of my hole.

Finally, I pulled away from sucking his cock, turning around to face him and kissing him deeply on the mouth, our cocks now mashing together.

Sitting lightly on his chest, I slid down his body until I was sitting on his lap, my bum cheeks spread apart, his cock wedged between them.

I rocked slightly and felt how his cock slipped and slid between my hairy cheeks. I continued letting his cock play around my hole as he lay back, eyes closed, moaning softly.

Ready to be fucked

Finally, I leant over to the small table beside the bed and extracted a condom from the box where I keep them.

"Just in case you accidentally slip in," I told him as he watched me slide the condom onto his rigid cock.

I returned to sitting on his cock, this time guiding it with my fingers so the accident became a sure thing. I felt the head of his cock slip past the tightness of my hole and that wonderful sensation of being slightly stretched and opened.

Then I paused to enjoy the feelings without letting him push his cock in any further.

"My cock is encased in your tight hole," he said "I fucking love it."

He tried to raise his hips to slide his cock in further but I kept lifting up so only his head was inside me. Finally, I gave in and let the entire length of his thick shaft slip deep inside my arse until I was sitting on his lap, with all of his cock inside me.

"Fuck," he shouted, "I fucking love being in your fucking love hole." He looked a little embarrassed at his outburst but I laughed, lifting up slightly before sitting back down again, until his balls pressed against my cheeks.

"Can I fuck you from behind?" he asked.

"Mmm, I'd like that. You can really fuck me hard and fast that way."

I slowly eased his cock out, got off the bed and leant across the massage table, my feet far apart and waited for him to enter me again. He stood behind me and slid his cock into my willing arse and paused, the throbbing of his shaft matching the pulsing of my tight hole.

"I didn't think you'd let me fuck you. But I am so fucking glad you have," he said as he began to pull back.

"I don't know what your religious beliefs are but I believe God gave men lots of nerve ending around the anus so men could fuck one another. It was meant to be."

I felt his cock pull out to the head before he slammed back into me, pushing me forward and lifting the table slightly.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard. I love fucking your fucking love hole. It's so tight and hot," he panted as he thrust in and out.

He kept his fast pace up for a few more minutes then asked if we could try a different position. He pulled his cock out and stood back.

"I can lower the table height if you like. That'll make it easier to get your cock in deeper."

"Yeah, I'd like that."

Taking advantage

I bent over to adjust the table legs, hoping he'd take advantage of the way I was exposed, my bum cheeks well parted, legs slightly bent. He did.

"You're not getting away with bending over in front of me." he said in a gruff voice, "I'm going to fuck your hole for that."

He pulled me back until his cock was buried deep inside me and then, slightly off balance, he started pounding my hole again.

"Can you feel my pubes against your fucking arse?" he punctuated his comment with a deep thrust that almost knocked me over. I had to push back hard to keep my balance and his cock went in even deeper.

"Thank you for letting me fuck your hole, Geoffrey," he said again. "I've never had so much fun being in a guy's arse. You're so hot and wet and exciting."

He finally let me go and said "Lie across the bed so I can get in deeper."

He pulled his cock out and I moved to lie on the bed, with my legs in the air. Now, as he entered me again, he was thrusting from higher up and I felt his cock slid hard against my prostate. It was a great way to be fucked as his cock thrust in deeper each time.

The final stretch

A few more minutes of energetic thrusting and I knew he was close to cumming. He was panting heavily and I could feel how his cock seemed to be growing even bigger inside me. We were both dripping with sweat.

I was already stroking my own cock in time with his thrusts and could feel how my arse muscles clenched and unclenched his shaft as it rammed in and out of me.

"I'm gonna cum," he shouted, suddenly. "Fill you with my hot man juice." His fucking became more erratic and he thrust hard inside me.

His body seemed to spasm and convulse as his cock released his load. I could feel the way his cock pulsed and expanded with each explosion, one, two, three.

And almost without being aware of it, I was cumming too, a great splash of creamy whiteness hit the bed and my arse tightened and forced him to shoot another spurt.

It felt as though I was being electrocuted as my body thrashed about wildly beneath him, pushing my arse back hard against his body to get his cock in deeper.

A shared orgasm

Each of us lost in the pleasure of our shared orgasm, part of me aware of how much noise we were making and excited by that too.

We finally collapsed onto the bed, his softening cock still gripped inside my pulsing, throbbing arse, my stomach covered in my own cum and our shared sweat.

"Fuck," he shouted,"I fucking love fucking your fucking love hole."

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