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Geoffrey’s ultimate guide to male masturbation

You can keep masturbating the way you always have. And get the same tired result. Or you can learn new ways to massage your penis from a master wanker.

Imagine how much more pleasure you'll have when you're applying the tried and tested techniques that have made my penis massage skills so popular.

With my penis handbook in one hand and your cock in the other, you'll soon wonder why you've always masturbated the same way all these years.

You obviously have a first-class knowledge, respect for and appreciation of the male body and all the sensations that go with it.

Explore your sexuality, your way

If you're like most men, you probably think masturbation is only a quick way to relieve tension. It feels good to cum.

Or maybe you're one of those men who think masturbation is just what you do when you can't have "proper" sex.

Forget all that.

Not only is frequent masturbation good for your health and happiness: relieving muscular aches and pains and reducing depression too. Regular ejaculation can lead to a longer life.

Masturbation lets you learn what arouses and stimulates you. Why not play with your cock for hours on end? Discover your own triggers for ejaculation. Master the art of delaying your climax.

Then, when you're enjoying "proper" sex, you'll be able to communicate what turns you on.

I'd have benefited so much when I was learning about myself from your penis handbook. So I ordered a copy for my own son. He has really taken to it, as have some of his friends. I want him to embrace and nourish his penis as well as explore his sexuality rather than feel embarrassed and repress his needs like I did.

Is this book right for you?

Your Penis: A Handbook is not the ideal choice for every man (or woman). It's possible you'll think you already know everything there is to know about male masturbation.

And who knows, maybe you do.

This is a handbook for a man who likes to expand his horizons and explore his sexual fantasies. For a man who likes to learn new ways of getting immense sexual pleasure. In his own hands (or the hands of a willing partner).

If this isn't you, then simply don't buy this book.

But if you're a man who has ever wondered...

Am I like other men?

Do you sometimes wonder if your penis is "normal"? Or if you're ejaculating as often as you're "meant" to? Is it ok to eat your own cum?

Find out about all the different shapes, sizes and styles of cut, uncut, large, small, rigid and flaccid cocks in the section called "Facts and Figures".

Are there other ways to masturbate?

That's really what this book is about: trying out all the many and varied ways I use in my successful erotic massage practice.

As you can imagine, I had immense fun researching and testing this text. I am sure you will enjoy the fruits of my labours.

Your Penis: A Handbook

the ultimate guide to male masturbation written and tested by a master wanker

But I can find this stuff on the web

Do you really want to spend time repeating the research I've already done on your behalf?

I know the hundreds of techniques in Your Penis: A Handbook are effective. Because I've been applying them to hard and soft cocks for more than 20 years.

pages: your penis a handbook

I've already done the hard work for you. Plus I know you'll never find some of the best strokes I've used on penises. Because I've already looked online.

I've asked hundreds of men to tell me what they enjoy the most. I've had feedback from men who tell me which strokes gave them the most pleasure.

I've seen the effects of my penis massage on countless men. I've listened to them shout out with delight. Seen their bodies go rigid - almost paralysed - when they've had a full body orgasm. And then ejaculated.

Congratulations on creating an awesome instruction manual about massaging my penis.

Discover my masturbation secrets

So save yourself time and take advantage of my years of hands-on experience. Discover what I've learned about:

Play with your cock for hours

MenOnTheNet described the book as:

The number one masturbation manual for men.

Why continue to masturbate the same way every time? There are hundreds of thrilling, immensely arousing ways to stroke, caress, fondle, pull, push and plunge your hands up and down and all around your erection.

You are doing a good service to many guys who would otherwise go about their lives unknowing and sexually uninspired.

Your Penis: A Handbook shows you easy to follow, practical, hands-on tips to get you experimenting with any cock you have in your hands.

Get your hands on a copy today!

Instantly download a copy of Your Penis: A Handbook from any of the online retailers listed on this page.

Your Penis: A Handbook

the ultimate guide to male masturbation written and tested by a master wanker

Male masturbation is a topic that few would have the courage to venture into. You have achieved a highly worthwhile, sensitively written, down to earth, visually enticing compilation - quite frankly - it is awesome! Well done!

In minutes, you'll be giving yourself enormous sexual pleasure as you practise a new, hands-on stroke.

You'll be in good company too. Your Penis: A Handbook has sold several thousands of copies, in print and online, since it was published in 2003.

Two versions to explore and enjoy

I've created two versions of the book to satisfy as many men as I can. The PDF contains over 80 images of penises, while the epub version contains only the text.

Either version can be read on your favourite e-reader. And you can purchase your copy of this fascinating ebook from your favourite retailer, like Lulu, iBooks and Amazon.

I loved how you held me on the edge of cumming for such a long time. It felt like you were making love to my cock, worshipping it with your hands and fingers.

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