How to massage and masturbate your penis the way I will

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This unique penis massage manual is for any man who wants to learn new ways to stroke and pleasure his penis the way I will when you come for erotic massage.

Do you masturbate quickly to relieve tension? Or when you can't get or don't want "proper" sex?

You pull out your cock, add a little lube or spit. Maybe think up a fantasy. A few strokes up and down, as fast as you can. In the same way you always have because it does the trick. You blow your load. It's all over in a few minutes or less.

It doesn't have to be that way. I know and practise hundreds of sensual ways to masturbate that'll give you enormous, long-lasting sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

I feel as if my whole body is one very large penis. I have never felt so many sensations at one time: it's like thousands of electric pulses.

In the hands of a master wanker

I've been massaging penises professionally for 22 years. Cut and uncut. Large and small. Bent and straight. Hard and soft.

I've massaged the penises of men who thought they'd never have such a solid erection again. Let alone ejaculate.

I've guided men who suffered with premature ejaculation issues to discover different techniques for delaying their climax until they're ready.

Watched, felt and heard the delight of a man who has climaxed more than once in hours of prolonged, intense, mind-blowing pleasure.

It was your slow, long and soft touch along the shaft of my penis like a warm mouth that made your whole penis massage so good!

Some men ask how long I can keep them on the edge of orgasm with just my hands slowly manipulating, stroking and massaging their cocks. More than an hour, I reply.

Many a horny man, watching my hands working up and down the length of his shaft, all around the slippery head of his penis, will gasp: "Can you teach me how to masturbate the way you do it?"

Yes, I can teach you how to masturbate

In fact, so many men asked me to teach them how to massage a penis properly, that I decided to compile all my techniques into a book called "Your Penis: A Handbook: A hands-on guide to getting the most from your penis.

Male masturbation is a topic that few would have the courage to venture into. You have achieved a highly worthwhile, sensitively written, down to earth, visually enticing compilation - quite frankly - it is awesome! Well done!

This is not a book like any other sex manual you can buy. Most sex books I've read fail in one major way: they don't tell you specifically what to do.

Not only was the book thoroughly researched and professionally edited. But it was tested by happy men before it was published.

Your Penis: A Handbook gives you over 100 new and exciting, easy to follow ideas you can practise on your own or a friend's penis:

You'll learn how to:

use your fingers to tease along the length of your penis

use your hands to to grip and stroke your shaft

fondle your balls

use different hand positions for maximum pleasure

use your arms, fists or fingertips

apply temperature and texture

Congratulations on creating an awesome instruction manual about massaging my penis.

The text is written as clearly as possible so that anyone can easily follow the directions. So I know you too will get up to speed (or slow down) with what you'll discover inside this unique instruction manual.

The number one masturbation manual for men. MenOnTheNet

Explore your penis in new ways

With my penis handbook in one hand and your lengthening erection in the other, you'll soon wonder why you've always masturbated the same way.

I'd have benefited so much when I was learning about myself from your penis handbook. So I ordered a copy for my own son. He has really taken to it, as have some of his friends. I want him to embrace and nourish his penis as well as explore his sexuality rather than feel embarrassed and repress his needs like I did.

Not only is frequent masturbation good for your health and happiness: relieving muscular aches and pains and reducing depression too. Regular ejaculation can lead to a longer life.

But that's no reason to keep doing it the same way every time.

Masturbation lets you learn what arouses and stimulates you. Discover your own triggers for ejaculation. Master the art of delaying your climax.

Find out how your penis compares with others. How many times a week you're likely to cum. And how much cum there's going to be.

Learn my masturbation secrets

It's possible you'll think you already know everything there is to know about male masturbation. You may think you can find everything in my handbook on the web. I know you'll never find some of the best strokes I've used on penises. Nor those special ones I invented. Because I've already searched online.

Do you really want to spend hours and hours repeating the research I've already done on your behalf? When in minutes, you can download a copy of this popular male masturbation handbook.

Your penis massage talents and ebook are ideal for all us guys who would otherwise go about our lives unknowing and sexually uninspired.

I've compiled the strokes into logical order. There's even a sequential "recipe" you can follow.

I've tested and refined each stroke repeatedly on different penis sizes and lengths: cut and uncut.

Carefully written, edited and checked the text so you'll readily understand how to apply each delightful stroke yourself.

Asked hundreds of deeply satisfied men which strokes they enjoyed the most.

I've even demonstrated my hands-on penis massage skills to men for 22 years, to ensure they can follow every step.

Thanks for your little black book of divine guidance.

I know that each of the immensely arousing ways to stroke, caress, fondle, pull, push and plunge your hands up and down and all around your erection in Your Penis: A Handbook feel great.

I've watched the effects of my penis massage on countless men. I've listened to them shout out with delight. Seen their bodies go rigid - almost paralysed - when they've had a full body orgasm. And then ejaculated.

I loved how you held me on the edge of cumming for such a long time. It felt like you were making love to my cock, worshipping it with your hands and fingers. You are a master wanker!

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