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How I lost my virginity to a man and found a world of pleasure

There are certain days when we know our lives change profoundly, days we remember forever. For me, one of those days was when I had my first blow job from another man.

Coming home late from another trying day at high school - I was 16 at the time and very naive - I crossed the empty park, as usual. For some reason, on that day, I paused at the end of the path and looked towards the men's toilets.

I watched as a man entered the building. Nothing unusual in that. Except he seemed furtive: looking all around before he went inside. I wondered why.

So I sat on my school bag in the middle of the pathway and waited to see what might happen next.

What was going on?

I waited. And waited. What could he be doing for so long? After 10 minutes, I decided to investigate.

I walked the short distance to the door and stood outside momentarily. Then stepped into the dimness inside.

There was a single stall with its green, battered door wide open. I would get to know that cubicle very well in coming months.

Losing my virginity

But this first time, my attention was focussed on the man standing at the urinal. He looked to be about 40ish with bushy red hair. He was shorter than me, slim and unsure.

He smiled warily. I smiled back shyly.

He must have taken that as an invitation as he turned towards me, his hands stroking his cock that poked out from masses of red pubic hair, lengthening and thickening as he asked: "Looking for some fun?"

"Um, yes," I mumbled. I was not entirely sure what he meant but intrigued and aroused all the same.

As if in a trance, I stepped forward, my eyes on his throbbing erection. In a flash, I noticed the ropy veins along the lengthy shaft, the pearly drop of precum poised on the engorged head, his balls hanging low between his muscular thighs, all covered in the same springy, red hair.

Without being aware of how it came to be there, I found one hand already stroking his hard-on, the other ripping the fly of my trousers open to release my hardening, aching cock.

I was a little disappointed when he pulled away from my fondling fingers, thinking I had done something wrong.

But he stepped back a pace and sank to his knees onto the dirty floor... and sucked my cock into his hot mouth.

In that instant, my life changed forever

That first time, feeling how expertly he applied his moist, hot mouth to engulf my raging erection, sucking furiously, his head bobbing up and down, was indescribable. At least in those days.

(Now, I know how to depict the excitement in words that will arouse you as much as it did me, as you'll discover when you read my other stories.)

That day, it was as though I had found the key to a secret garden. All my childish cares fell away from me as I eagerly and enthusiastically embraced all the excitement that was now offered to me.

Secret, hidden, male sexual pleasure exposed to my avid, enthusiastic attention. A wealth of learning potential that made my school work seem pointless by comparison. Here was a topic I could throw myself into with great gusto!

So that day and for many weeks afterwards, I willingly plunged into this exciting world with eyes and hands - and later mouth and legs - wide open.

Plunging into a world of male to male sex

I returned to those toilets every day for the next three years, until I discovered an even wider possibility for sexual pleasure at the Roman Baths in Sydney.

For now though, every day there was yet another horny man eager to suck a young man's cock or to have me suck his.

It wasn't too long before I graduated to fucking and being fucked by men who seemed to have heard about me on some grapevine I knew nothing about.

I did know, instinctively, that my extracurricular activities had to be kept private. I knew that if anyone ever found out, not only would I be stopped but probably severely reprimanded too. But the secrecy of my new found life added a frisson to what was already a stimulating pastime.

Over the years since that fateful day, I've enjoyed sexual experiences with thousands of men. I've had sex in buses and bus stops, church halls, back streets, bushes, parklands, gardens, changing rooms, swimming pools, and occasionally, even in bed.

Taught by an older man

I've learned a great deal about giving enormous sexual pleasure to men. There was even an older man early in my life who took me in hand, so to speak, and taught me more than I could ever have learned on my own.

Read entries from my masseur's journal for details about some of what I've learned and explored with men during an erotic session:

The art of pleasing men

I enjoy arousing men and I've had plenty of experience of all the various ways of getting them to cum, explosively. I'll be delighted to show you, in person, what I've learned since that first day when I lost my virginity.

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