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Enormous pleasure from a nude, m2m body slide

A man on man, naked, body slide is about the closest we can get next to each other without sucking, fucking or kissing one another.

Our naked bodies slip and slide together. Depending on which way we're facing, our cocks may be pressed together or sliding somewhere else.

Start with an erotic massage

All my erotic sessions include a full body, oiled massage to start. So when we move to the bed to enjoy a mutual body slide, your well lubricated body will readily slip and slide with mine.

The slickness of the oil helps to reduce friction while also increasing the sensuality of your skin.

Sliding together face to face allows our cocks to rub and bump together. The slickness of the oil usually leads to one or other cock slipping between thighs.

The technical term for this is interfemoral but the sensations feel much better than the word makes them sound.

Body slide is very arousing

Much of the excitement and titillation of a body slide arises from the potential to go further. With faces hovering over crotches or cocks sliding between thighs, the desire to penetrate increases.

Allowing yourself to enjoy your lusty feelings and to extend the experience and pleasure rather than pushing your cock into a tight, hot hole can be very difficult to manage but well worth the effort.

Body slide is non-penetrative sensual exploration. But it may include some oral caressing, licking and sucking your balls, the shaft of your cock, your nipples, kissing on the lips or other parts of each body. Sometimes stroking between butt cheeks, around or just inside the lips of the sensitive hole.

Body slide any which way

Different ways of sliding produce different sensations but the aim is always to keep maximum body to body contact.

Explore and be explored

Body slide is an enormously pleasurable way to explore and be explored without penetration. Some men like to lie passively enjoying my attentions as I slide my bare body all over theirs. Others like to be more actively involved.

Because so many men focus almost exclusively on the sensations in their cocks, I like to introduce them to other areas of naked body to body touch. Body slide is a chance to share being erotic together but it is also an ideal way to show and to accept affection.

More importantly, it takes time to fully explore all the sensual possibilities that a body slide offers.

If you're seeking a way to extend and enjoy a sexual experience for as long as possible, a body slide provides an ideal opportunity to prolong foreplay before moving on to other more energetic activities.

You have a beautiful way of moving and I love your sense of touch.


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