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Naked stretching with another man is a great way to relax

Nudity not only feels great but it's good for you too. Spending time naked - not just when you shower but for hours at a time - is relaxing, arousing and invigorating.

Strip off on hot days

Why put up with clothes sticking to you when the weather gets hot? Strip off and let the perspiration evaporate from your skin.

Men get erections all the time. But clothes usually get in the way. So being naked lets you enjoy your erection. And you can more easily stroke and fondle yourself. It's yet another great reason to spend time around another naked man.

I never wear anything during the summer months. I sleep in the nude and spend the days naked too. I always make sure I have a pair of shorts or a sarong to wrap around, in case I have to go outside. Or someone knocks at the door.

Naked, full body, erotic massage

Massaging in the nude is more comfortable for me and more pleasurable for the man on the table. It makes it easier for him to get his hands on me too.

Even on the coldest winter days, being naked is more comfortable than wearing heavy clothes. So long as the house is heated, why bother getting dressed?

It's a great way to practise yoga too. You can watch your entire body in a mirror, if you have one handy, and make sure you're doing a pose the right way.

And it's even better when you're stretching naked in company with another horny man: there's nothing more arousing than perving on one another. It's like a vertical, visual massage.

Nudist beaches and clubs

There are several nudist beaches in and around Sydney: Lady Bay, Obelisk or La Perouse.

No one at a nudist beach will take any notice of you, unless you wander off into the bushes where men meet to have sex. But even then, being naked is a bonus. You can instantly see if a guy is interested and clearly show your own eagerness.

There is no better feeling than swimming in the nude, with nothing to impede your movements. Or lying naked in the sun and feeling its warmth all over.

And there are male-only nudist clubs to join. Many don't allow sex between members, so if that's what you're after, check the club rules first.

Naked hiking in the great outdoors

I once went on a day's hiking in the Blue Mountains with a man. We each had to keep a pair of shorts handy, as there were other clothed people on the tracks.

Whenever we were alone, we'd strip off and enjoy the sensations of walking naked. Always with the added frisson of keeping an eye out for other walkers.

We'd take turns being the leader and remarked to one another on several occasions how exciting it was to look up the path ahead and have a great view of one another's behind.

At the end of the day, we were both so turned on from being naked and looking at one another so much, we had to find a private spot in the bushes for a shared wank.

He needed a place to be naked

Read about how much one nudist client enjoyed his day of naked relaxation.

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