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Massage, chat and sex with a male nudist

What's more fun than chatting to a friendly, horny male nudist? Spending a sensual afternoon admiring and sexually exploring one another's naked bodies too.

I've been looking for a man who's comfortable in his own naked skin and can have a decent conversation with me.

I guess I could go to one of Sydney's nudists beaches, like Lady Bay, Obelisk or La Perouse. Or join a nudist club.

But I burn too easily. I'm not so good in crowds. And, for a man of my mature years, comfort is important.

I love being massaged and you can't do that at a beach either.

Besides, wandering about the bushes with a hard-on hoping to meet a guy who wants more than quick sex is not my idea of a day well-spent.

Most masseurs I've seen don't undress or let you touch them. So I particularly liked how you were naked and eager for me to explore your body too.

An open-minded, relaxed nudist

When I discovered Geoffrey's sensual services, I knew I'd found my ideal man.

The opportunity to spend a few comfortable hours naked together in his erotic massage studio filled with mirrors, porn wallpaper, gay sex movies with a naked man to perv on would perfectly suit my voyeuristic desires.

I read all those horny reviews from other men. I imagined it was me in those stories: stroking his cock, feeling his naked body, kissing him, sucking his cock, playing with his bum.

And, from all I read, getting a superb erotic massage as well.

Here was a mature man who was clearly friendly, confident and honest. Good looking and relaxed about being naked. With a great sense of humour. Smart and well-educated too. All in all, everything I was looking for in a male nudist.

It was so easy to make a booking with you for the day and time I wanted. And paying for my session before I arrived gave me added confidence in your friendly and professional attitude.

Only one question remained: how well did he speak? I rang him and was thrilled by the sound of his voice: cultivated, yet deep and very sexy.

I told him when I wanted to come. Then I used his online form to book a 3 hour mansex body play session, starting in the early afternoon. He confirmed promptly, sending his bank details. I paid him. He sent his address. We were all set.

A naked, friendly welcome

I knew I'd made a great decision to visit Geoffrey when we met at his front door. He was naked and his cheerful, friendly smile - plus his obvious erection - aroused me immediately.

It takes a special kind of man to do what you do. A strong individual with an independent spirit who can communicate well and understand another man's needs.

I quickly undressed, chatting about the weather, the drive from Sydney. How lucky he was to live in such a lovely place. So many trees and the fresh air.

His shelves of books drew my attention too. He joked that they were there as insulation. But I knew he'd probably read most of them: I love talking with a man who reads widely.

He suggested his erotic massage to begin. I asked if instead we could lie together on the bed and talk for a while.

Intelligent, lively conversation

I planned to find out more about him but he has this easy way about him that invites confidences. I was soon telling him things I'd never told anyone else.

Our conversation flowed naturally and freely. I've never felt so relaxed, so quickly with a stranger.

But we didn't only talk. We slipped our bodies together, kissed, hugged and stroked one another. I sucked his cock, he sucked mine. I licked and fingered his delicious arse hole. He massaged my balls. We kissed. Laughed and rolled about.

I'm totally turned on by the touch and sight of a man's buns. So it was incredibly exciting seeing you lying on your stomach, legs spread apart, like you were waiting to be fucked. How could I resist?

Rear entry

When he rolled onto his stomach, I lay on top of him and slipped my sheathed cock between his bum cheeks, slowly entering his hot, tight hole. Oh! what an incredible feeling to have my hard cock pushed up inside him. And how he lifted his hips and held his cheeks apart so I could thrust deeper.

I fucked him as slowly as I could, enjoying every pleasurable inch of his arse muscles working along my cock. I loved how he moved with me, the muffled sounds of his moaning, his obvious pleasure with being pinned down and penetrated.

I didn't want to cum too soon, so before I got too close to blowing my load, I reluctantly pulled out and lay beside him. For a few moments, with my fingers gently stroking his wet hole, we kissed and savoured the sensations.

My hard cock in his hands

Next he showed me what he could do with a hard cock in his hands. I didn't know there were so many ways to tease my cock but he found all of them, one after the other.

Every time I felt I was on the edge of coming, he did something different that kept me poised on the edge. Finally, even though I hadn't yet cum, he stopped and we returned to the conversation we'd been having before this delightful interruption.

Only so far and no further

He told me that he'd read a story by Roald Dahl about a fictional technique called "only so far and no further" and he'd been practising ever since.

So, every now and then, we'd be in the middle of an intense discussion about something. My cock would be half hard.

Then he'd start massaging it again, taking me gradually to just before my point of no return.

I laughingly complained once that it was an unfair way to win an argument. He asked if he should stop. No bloody way, I told him.

I'm utterly amazed at how he knew precisely when to pause.

Then he'd bring my attention back to our conversation. Who knows how many hours flew by before he finally let me cum.

What a way to win an argument

He had me in such a state of arousal and desire that by the time I felt those familiar sensations churning in my groin, I could barely think straight.

I wanted to cum. I wanted him to see the effect he'd had on me. Having his hands working their magic on my throbbing cock was an amazingly intense sensation.

That incredible way he seemed to have melded my mind to my ejaculation, so that everything seemed to be happening in the present moment, kind of what I guess tantric sex is all about. Who knows?

I closed my eyes, lost in the enthralling ecstasy he had created just for me.

Mutual admiration with an intelligent nudist

I left his house with a spring in my step and a happy smile on my face. We'd gone over time by a few hours, so I gladly paid him an extra $400.

I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed so quickly with another man. We had so much to talk about together yet we barely skimmed the surface. I truly enjoyed looking at and touching his body. The combination of being naked and talking together made my time with him extraordinarily satisfying.

It wasn't only his slow and easy playful style. Or that incredible way he massaged my cock. Or the affectionate way we played together. Or even how easy he was to talk with.

It was all those things combined. Plus the unrestrained freedom to relax and simply be myself.

Am I going to visit him again?

Absolutely. Next time I'm going to turn the tables on him. Armed with his penis manual, I'm going to show him he's not the only master at keeping a man on the edge of cumming.

Or at least I'm going to try.

I am so happy to have finally found somewhere I can strip off and relax. You made me feel very welcome and comfortable. You've got a regular nudist friend in me.

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