How I enjoyed mind-blowing massage with a horny male nudist

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Geoffrey had me in such a state of arousal with his mind-blowing, naked male massage that, when he finally let me cum, I couldn't think straight.

Geoffrey was already naked when we met at his front door. And he didn't try to hide his obvious excitement when he welcomed me into his erotic massage studio.

As I undressed, we chatted about the weather, the drive from Sydney. How lucky he was to live in such a restful place. So many trees and the fresh air.

He suggested his erotic massage to begin. I asked if I could look at all the pictures he has on his walls first. I had my eye on one already: a cute guy with long muscular legs, bent forward with his bum cheeks well-spread.

Perving on him and his porn gallery

I asked if it was a picture of him. Geoffrey said not but I wasn't convinced. So I got him to lie across his massage table and spread his cheeks, posing for me like the guy in the photo.

I carefully inspected his bum comparing it with the picture on the wall. I couldn't resist licking my finger and slipping it up inside his juicy hole.

We looked at the rest of his pictures, imitating more of their poses. Not only the ones where I had Geoffrey bent forward, my fingers probing his hole. Those were my favourites and we laughed about that.

And he knelt on the floor to suck my cock like another guy in one of the photos. It was some time before I was convinced he'd got the pose just right.

It was a real treat to be with a handsome, naked man who was so enthusiastic about posing and exposing himself in all the ways I wanted to see.

He knows how to massage a man

Finally, I was ready for his massage, which was every bit as good as he'd described. I watched in the mirrors as he moved around the table.

I played with his cock when he was in reach, stroked his bum. But mostly I let him release the tension in my muscles.

Once he'd massaged my back, bum and legs I was completely relaxed. He invited me to lie on his bed to continue the massage and give us more room.

He wanted to lie on top of me but I had other ideas.

The sight of a man's bum drives me wild. I wanted him face down, on his stomach, legs well-spread, like he was waiting to be fucked. How could I resist?

I reached for a condom and some oil from the side table and slathered it all over his bum, up his crack, slipped a finger inside.

Then I lowered myself onto his back, sliding my shaft up and down between his cheeks, until I felt my cock head press against his hole and gently slip inside.

What an incredible feeling to have my hard cock pumping inside him. I fucked him slowly in time with the sensuous music. Savouring every pleasurable inch of his hot arse muscles working the length of my cock.

I loved hearing his muffled groans and moans. The way he lifted his bum to meet my gentle downward thrusts. His obvious pleasure with being penetrated.

Only so far and no further

After I came the first time, I was ready for us to talk. I had planned to find out more about him but he has this easy way about him that invites confidences. I was soon telling him things I'd never told anyone else.

Our conversation flowed naturally and freely. We talked and laughed. Caressed, kissed and hugged one another.

And when he bent over to tease my cock back to full hardness, I admired his wet hole winking at me in the mirror beside the bed. I gave him a two finger salute to show my appreciation of the view.

We discussed books we'd enjoyed. He told me that he'd read a story by Roald Dahl about a fictional technique called "only so far and no further": taking a man to the brink of ejaculation over and over but not letting him go over the edge.

He said he'd demonstrate on me. So, every now and then, we'd be in the middle of an intense discussion. Then he'd start massaging my erection until I was almost on the edge. Then he'd abruptly stop and we'd continue our conversation.

Or he'd slip another condom onto my cock and lower himself onto my lap, pulsing his muscles and playing with himself, so I could feel every stroke of his hands as his muscles clenched along my shaft. While still talking to me at the same time.

I laughingly complained that it was an unfair way to win an argument. He asked if he should stop. No fucking way, I told him, gripping his hips.

Geoffrey is the master wanker

I don't know how long his demonstration lasted. One moment his hands were stroking my cock or he was sucking and licking it. Or playing with my balls.

The next he was sitting on my lap. Caressing my body everywhere but ignoring my cock and balls altogether. Or moving just out of reach, fingering his arse and stroking his cock while I watched with delighted fascination.

He even spoke to me in his soft and sexy voice, telling me what he planned to do with me next. Describing the most intimate, naughty details of his wicked plan to tease me further.

The cat that got the cream

He had me in such a state of arousal that when he finally let me cum - and he was in total control - I couldn't think straight. His hands sliding up and down, milking my cock so firmly, so sensuously.

When I blew my load, time stood still. My body froze as my cock erupted. Lost in some kind of tantric ecstasy, I climaxed a second time.

When I was finally able to open my eyes, I was delighted to see how much cum I'd splashed across his chest, still dripping from his nipples. And that wicked look in his eyes, like a cat who knew he'd got the cream.

Hours of mind-blowing massage with a horny male nudist

Now I've written this review I don't have to imagine how much sensual and sexual pleasure we're going to share together.

Instead, I can look back to the best sex I've ever had with another man. Or look forward to our next session of "only so far and no further".

When I read your web site, I thought your erotic services sounded too good to be true. When I came for my first session, I quickly realised you were far too wicked and naughty to be good. But everything you had described was true.

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