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Geoffrey's a friendly, horny, male nudist you can play with

Where can you comfortably relax naked with a friendly nudist? In my Blue Mountains' studio any day or evening. What's more, I'll lend a hand when you're ready to come.

Spending time naked - not just when you shower but for hours at a time - is relaxing, arousing and invigorating. And it's even better when you're socialising with another nudist.

Being naked lets you see your entire body. Look at yourself differently. Enjoy the rise and fall of your erections, without clothes getting in the way. Let your balls hang freely. Play with your cock. Stroke and caress yourself. Or someone else.

Let me look at you, all over

In my erotic massage studio, its walls plastered all over with erotic photos and mirrors, you can see your whole naked body from any angle. Mine too, if you like to look. Discover the man who's so often hidden by clothes.

How often have you seen another cock up close? Or a winking rosebud hole? Looked up from the floor? Or down from above?

Being naked gives you the freedom to explore your body. Touch or be touched in unusual ways. Compare bodies without embarrassment.

Nudity is not only about sex

Naturally, there's no need to be entirely sexual just because you're naked. You can enjoy many of the activities you might when clothed.

Read a book, watch a movie, play cards. Curl up on a comfortable sofa and doze. Bask in sun shining on your bare skin. Have a hot shower or a cup of coffee.

Talk with whoever else is in the room. Do absolutely nothing while wearing nothing. Stare out into space or gaze at all the trees in my garden.

Be at peace with yourself, just the way you are. Let time pass.

Naked stretching

Being naked is a great way to practise yoga. Or gentler stretching if you prefer. Bend, flex and stretch. Breathe. Hum. Relax.

Check in a mirror to ensure you're stretching the right way. Or watch me as I demonstrate a pose you might like to try. I may need to hold you in place sometimes too.

My hands caressing your penis

When you're ready, I'll be delighted to demonstrate all I know about massaging your erection. Gradually guiding you towards an explosive ejaculation or two. That's bound to relax your entire naked body. Ready for another hour to pass slowly by?

The pleasures of naked male flesh

Hot naked days

Why put up with clothes sticking to you when the weather gets hot? Strip off and let the perspiration evaporate from your skin.

I never wear anything during the summer months. I sleep in the nude and spend the days naked too.

I always make sure to have a pair of shorts or a sarong to wrap around, in case I have to go outside. Or someone knocks at the door.

Even on the coldest winter days, being naked is more comfortable than wearing heavy clothes. So long as the house is heated, why bother getting dressed?

Naked hiking in the great outdoors

I once went on a day's hiking in the Blue Mountains with another male nudist. We each had to keep a pair of shorts handy, as there were other clothed people on the tracks.

Whenever we were alone, we'd strip off again and enjoy the sensations of walking naked. Always with the added frisson of keeping an eye out for other walkers.

We'd take turns being the leader. Remarking to one another on several occasions how exciting it was to look up the path ahead and have a great view into one another's bum.

At the end of the day, we were both so turned on from being naked and looking at one another so much, we had to find a private spot in the bushes for a shared wank.

Nudist beaches and clubs

In summer, you can visit a nudist beach. There is no better feeling than swimming in the nude, with nothing to impede your movements. Or lying naked in the sun and feeling its warmth all over.

There are several nudist beaches in and around Sydney: Lady Bay, Obelisk or La Perouse.

No one at a nudist beach will take any notice of you, unless you wander off into the bushes where men meet to have sex. Then being naked is a bonus. You can instantly see if a guy is eager and clearly show your own intentions.

Or join one of the growing number of men's nudist clubs. Many don't allow sex between members, so if that's what you're after, check the club rules first.

Or come for an afternoon or evening of naked relaxation and conversation with me.

I am so happy to have finally found somewhere I can strip off and relax. You made me feel very welcome and comfortable. You've got a regular nudist friend in me.

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