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Why men choose Geoffrey for their first erotic m2 massage

When I lay my hands on your naked body, I am bringing not only more than 20 years of practical skill to the massage. I am also applying an erotic philosophy.

For me, there's more to being a male erotic masseur than simply performing a enormously arousing, erotic massage. Here is my philosophy of erotic m2m massage and body play.

I believe that every man is entitled to benefit from my expertise in giving him enormous pleasure and satisfaction, regardless of his age, body shape and condition, sexual experience or preference.

You deserve the best erotic experience I can provide, as you lie on my comfortable massage table. Relish the pleasure of my hands soothing and exploring your entire naked body, edging their way towards arousing and stimulating your penis.

My erotic massage philosophy

I believe that you are worthy of my unconditional positive regard.

This means I accept you as you are, without applying my own prejudices or values to the way you look or behave. I cannot know how you feel unless you tell me. And I take what you say at face value.

If you choose to reciprocate by touching me - and you are welcome to do so - it will enhance the experience for you too.

If you ask a question and I am able to answer, I will do so honestly and succinctly.

There's a transaction

Beyond being paid for my talents and time, I do not make demands of my clients. So long as the man is enjoying the experience and getting from it what I advertise, it does not matter much if I am also enjoying it. That's the transaction between us. The mark of a true professional.

Naturally, it is better if he reciprocates: mutual touch enhances the erotic experience for him as well. But I allow him to explore to his limits, not to mine.

It's a performance

Performing an erotic massage is like being on a stage: I am always acting a part. I am not being dishonest, but realising that I don't need to bring all of myself into the performance.

I am well-educated, articulate and I read widely: fiction and nonfiction. Yet unless you've chosen to visit me for a day of body play or decided to stay overnight, it's unlikely you'll be interested in my intellect or my previous profession.

Sometimes, during a body play session, when there is time to talk, I may tell you more about myself if you're interested. But usually, you'll want to talk about yourself: and I like to listen and learn about other men's life experiences.

A different approach

I am honest and upfront about my erotic massage services and provide a quality erotic service to men. I advertise what I do and do what I advertise, have principles and a code of practise and stick to them.

I enjoy exploring sensual pleasure with men. Pleasing men and seeing or feeling their happy responses. I like being naked and I don't object to being looked at. I am uninhibited and often eager to explore something new and arousing with a man.

Discretion is paramount

Some men are eager for stories about other clients and I am happy to tell them. But I would never give any identifying information that would breach the privacy of another client.

Discretion is a vital. A man who recently visited me noted that, although he had been to see me before, I hadn't shown the slightest hint. I said I clearly remembered him but had thought it better to wait for him to say something first, in case he didn't want to be recognised.

Your pleasure above all

There are some sexual activities I will not agree to perform before we have met. Beyond that, my erotic services are always focussed on your pleasure and satisfaction.

I take pride in and gain immense satisfaction from knowing that a man has enjoyed my skills and talents. If we have shared a mutual, erotic experience that's even better.

A code of practice

After almost 20 years as an erotic masseur, I believe that my simple "code of practise" has proven the right one:

As one man recently remarked, when I suggested he might like to visit one of my competitors by way of comparison:

What competitors? You're in a class of your own.

⚣ Male massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours [Cash or prepaid]

⚣ Male massage
$200 for 1 hour
$300 for 1.5 hours
[Cash or prepaid]
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❝ I was very nervous when I arrived, but felt perfectly calm and relaxed within minutes of lying on your table. I have never had anybody manipulate my penis before and when I came it was a great release. I felt great for the rest of the day.❞

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