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nude slide
Who else likes looking at horny, naked men?

Feast your eyes on my entire naked body. From the top of my head to the tip of my penis and all the way up my long, muscular legs to where it gets cheeky.

When I greet you at my front door, I'll be naked. You'll feel a familiar stirring in your pants as you anticipate the excitement that is to come. First you'll see my smiling face, then my cock growing harder. I'll invite you to enter my massage studio, where a visual feast awaits.

What could be more arousing than being massaged in a room filled with visual pleasures? Every surface in my studio is covered in nude photos or mirrors reflecting upon each other.

Wherever you look there's male sex on display

Take a few moments to look around the room. There's plenty here to indulge your voyeuristic desires.

Pornographic photos in every direction, mirrors and a sexy screensaver playing in one corner of the room.

And me too, of course. Naked and erect.

Patiently waiting for you to adjust to the soft lighting as you leave the outside world behind. Preparing yourself for an hour or more of erotic pleasure.

A gallery of sexy, naked men

The walls of my massage room are plastered with male pornography. More than 1,000 carefully selected photographs, wedged between the mirrors, covering every surface (apart from the ceiling).

Eye-candy male models pose provocatively: smooth skinned or hairy. Mature men and twinks. Fetish and fantasy. Nipples, cocks, arses aplenty.

Lewd, pornographic images of men sucking, fucking, fingering or rimming arse. Every conceivable position or sexual activity you can imagine. And some you can't. Everything displayed to arouse your imagination and fire up your sexual fantasies.

More sexy images play in sequence on a wide screen. And, I have a huge collection of modern and vintage gay sex movies to excite any voyeur.

(If you're looking for galleries of naked men, visit my ManSex gallery or follow the links here to find even more pictures to arouse and titillate.)

I loved being able to easily turn my head to watch in the mirrors as you massaged your way around my body.

Mirrors to reflect you from every angle

Wherever you look we're each reflected in more than twenty mirrors, positioned to capture every naked inch.

One enormous landscape mirror sits at the foot of the table. When I stand at the head of the table and reach my hands from your shoulders to your butt, I'll have a full view between your legs.

Later, when you're lying on your back, you can watch in that mirror to see how I slowly massage your penis.

Ready to massage you

Settle yourself comfortably face down on the extra wide, massage table. You can rest your hands on the shelf beneath the head rest. Or lay them by your side. Keep your legs together or spread them - there's plenty of room on the foot rest.

As I stand at the foot of the table, oiling my hands and forearms, I'll look along the length of your naked body. Checking to see where there's tension I need to work on. Getting a good view between your legs.

As I move to one side, turn you head to one side to watch in another 2 metre long, gilt-framed mirror that reflects the entire length of your body. Or me from behind, when I'm working on your torso or legs or fingers plunge between your thighs to lightly stroke your balls.

Exposed to my lustful gaze

Face up, with your head on a pillow, watch my hands stroking and caressing the length of your erection. Flicking my fingers across your sensitive knob.

A glimpse in the mirror as I bend over your body. Watch your own fingers disappear between my firm butt cheeks, eagerly seeking to enter me from behind. Or play with my cock, resting on your upturned palm.

A master wanker exposes his style

Do you want to see the hands of a master wanker working his own cock?

Match the way I expertly and pleasurably stroke myself. Aroused by having your eyes following my hands. I'll be delighted to show you how I masturbate.

Climb off the table and let me see you from every angle. Sitting at your feet and looking all the way up between your legs to your balls. Kneeling behind you to admire the curve of your butt. Or in front as your erection bounces up and down with each heartbeat.

A nude slide reflected in the mirrors

Slipping and sliding together on the bed, with a mirror on the wall in just the right position. Cocks disappearing between legs or elsewhere.

Kneeling on the bed, leaning forward, my mouth inches from your cock. Would you like to see my hot, tight hole? Look to one side for a very exposed view between my parted cheeks.

Lying face up, my legs spread wide. My erection throbbing and dripping, inviting you to look me at all of me. Sitting between your legs and looking into your eyes.

I want to watch you cum

When you're at the point of no return. When you can't hold off any longer. I want to watch your face, see the cum shoot out of your cock, hear the noises you make.

Watch my growing excitement as I too draw close to ejaculating. The thrill of having been so exposed to your lustful gaze will send me over the edge. See for yourself how much I cum.

When are we going to cum together? I have plenty to show you.

It's really great to talk to someone who is obviously intelligent. You are clearly a well educated, well spoken man who cares about what he does.

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Nude slide $450  
Mansex play $640
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