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All Male: who else enjoys looking at a horny, naked man?

When I greet you at my front door, I'll be naked. First you'll see my smiling face. You'll feel a familiar stirring in your pants as you anticipate the excitement that is to come.

Then your gaze will travel down my body to where my cock is already beginning to lengthen.

We'll enter my massage studio. Its walls plastered with male pornography with enormous mirrors in between.

Look wherever you like; I may be looking at you too. Or bent over seductively so you can enjoy a great view of my firm and shapely butt.

Expose your naked body

As you undress, everywhere you look you can see my growing excitement. My desire to arouse your lust. To see and touch you everywhere I can reach.

Lying face down on the comfortable massage table, I'll look along the length of your naked body before I begin to stroke and caress you from head to foot. Stimulating all your desires. Turn your head to one side on the face rest to watch in the mirrors as I move.

The thrill of mutual looking

Watch my hands stroke and slide up and down along the shaft of your cock. Raise your head to look long the length of the table to see us reflected in the mirror.

Turn your head to watch in a side mirror as your fingers disappear between the hairy crack of my arse cheeks, seeking entry inside my tight, willing hole. Feel how I press my cock against your thigh as you pull me closer.

Feel how my hands part your cheeks and know how much I am enjoying a glimpse into your hairy crack.

Watch me wank my own cock

Do you want to see the hands of a master working his own cock? Match the way I expertly and pleasurably stroke myself. Aroused by having your eyes following my hands. I'll be delighted to show you.

Climb off the table and let me see you from every angle. Sitting at your feet and looking all the way up between your legs to your balls. Kneeling behind you to admire the curve of your butt. Or in front as your erection bounces up and down with each heartbeat.

Body to body sliding

Slipping and sliding together on the bed, with a mirror on the wall in just the right position so every inch of us is visible to our admiring gaze. Your cock disappearing between my legs or elsewhere.

Leaning provocatively over your body with my bum to the wall for a wide open view of my puckered hole.

Lying face up, my legs spread apart, my erection throbbing and dripping, inviting you to see how I am exposed to your roving eyes. Sitting between your legs and looking into your eyes.

Is there some other way you'd enjoy having me look at you? Or for you to look at me? Do you like watching a naked man as you watch him looking too?

I'm spending time with a man who enjoys being with me. Plus I get hot sex with a great looking guy and that's rare for a man of my age.

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