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Anyone for a touch of voyeurism or exhibitionism?

Men are often as much aroused by the visual as the physical, when it comes to sensuality and sex.

Imagine you're lying face up, naked and aroused on my massage table. Your erect penis is dripping and throbbing in my hands and we're both looking at it.

I'm focussing on the way my hands slide up and down your shaft or gently tug on and caress your balls. Conscious too of the rest of your body: the way you're breathing, the pulsing of your penis. Being careful not to have you ejaculate before I am ready.

You're watching my hands as they caress and fondle your erection. Or you've turned your head to watch in the mirror by the side of the table. Or propped your head a little higher on the pillow, so you can watch my hands manipulating your penis and testicles between your legs.

It excites you to watch your penis, to see how what I do matches what you're feeling. Maybe you'll learn something you can repeat when you masturbate alone or with another man.

Voyeur or exhibitionist?

One reason I have covered so much of the wall-space in my massage room with mirrors, is that men like to watch: themselves or me.

The hundreds of pornographic images that fill the spaces between the mirrors, give you something to look at. To add to your fantasies. That could be you in one of the photos; it could be me.

Aroused by the visual

Men are often aroused by the visual as much as the physical, when it comes to sensuality and sex.

They like to look at porn and imagine it's them in the frame. They enjoy looking at their penises in a mirror. Or seeing a reflection of themselves (or me) that they can just as easily see by looking at it. A mirror provides an extra angle to watch and be titillated.

I like to watch

Sometimes, a man will ask me to masturbate while he watches. It may be because he wants me to show him how the master's hands go to work on a penis. Or because it offers him a layer of "control" - pull this way, push that way. Show me how you wank!

Or it's the thrill of looking at another naked man pleasuring himself.

When a man is watching me and he catches me looking at him in a mirror, I can feel how his penis throbs in response. He likes me to watch him as he watches me watching.

Body play and massage:
$400 for 2 hours or $600 for 3 hours (Cash or Prepaid)

❝ I've never had so much sexual pleasure over such a long period of time. I'd love to have you as part of my incentive package at work!❞

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