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All Male: I didn't expect you'd kiss me with such passion

A great kiss is when we lose ourselves in one another's mouths: enjoying the suction, moisture and depth. Our eyes closed to increase the intensity of shared pleasure.

There's a persistent myth that male sex workers won't kiss because it crosses a line beyond an emotionless transaction into an intimacy they want to distance themselves from.

I didn't expect you'd want to kiss me but then you did. It added an extra level of tenderness holding you so tightly in my arms.

For me, when I choose to explore sex with a man, kissing is simply a delicious way to extend an intimate, affectionate, sensual experience. Another way of expressing my desire and delight and to demonstrate my sexual talents.

Moist and hot

The inside of a healthy mouth is moist and warm. It tastes pleasant; it's delicious to kiss and adds to the fervour and passion of intimacy. There is much to explore and touch: your teeth, inner cheeks, lips.

Our kisses may be deep and tender. Cool and thoughtful. Rough and aggressive. Short and sweet. Or long-lasting and intense.

We may kiss slowly, languidly exploring one another's mouths. Or passionately, tongues darting back and forth, lost in the intimacy of such closeness.

Kissing requires gentle suction

Kissing one another means more than sticking our tongues in one another's mouths and waving them about.

The right degree of suction is when you feel your tongue engulfed inside my mouth, as though I am sucking on your finger or your cock.

It's not the kind of suction that leaves you worried I may suck your tongue down my throat. Nor is it a sensation where you feel your tongue is floating about inside a hollow, open, cavernous hole.

Pressure and release

There's pressure and release as each of us sucks, with our lips or by compressing our cheeks. Imagine you are sucking a delicious lollypop. There's no chance you'll swallow it whole but you can try to.

We can gently bite one another's tongues or lips without pressing too firmly or biting too hard.

Playful intimacy

One of us may have a smaller tongue than the other. Or you may pull your tongue back into your mouth, inviting me to chase after it.

We might "battle" with one another's tongues: first soft, then more rigid. Use the tip to poke around inside my mouth. Use your lips to suck and stroke my lips. Run the tip of your tongue across my lower then my upper lip.

I might point my tongue tip to delve into the inner recesses of your mouth. Or relax the muscle, allowing you to explore my mouth instead. We might use our tongues to jostle and plunge back and forth.

Passionate penetration

Lying on my back, with your cock plunged deep inside me, leaning forward to kiss creates a circle of passionate feedback.

Not only will you feel the intensity of my arousal along your cock as my arse muscles clench and relax. You'll also sense the excitement in my mouth as our tongues thrust and explore. As I will feel in yours.

Each thrust of your hips is mirrored by the passion and depth of our mutual kissing. The more slowly you plunge your erection in and out of my arse, the more leisurely will be the action in our mouths. And vice versa.

Before and after fucking, a kiss on the lips can lead to exploration of my neck, nipples, stomach, inner thighs, cock, balls and any other erogenous surfaces and crevices you wish to explore.

A kiss is both an intimate and an erotic act. It's difficult to separate the two, even when the men kissing one another are not romantically attached.

Our lips are among the most responsive and sensitive areas of a man's body; our mouths are organs of pleasure, ideally suited to kissing, sucking, tasting and licking.

Some men won't kiss

For some heterosexual men, not kissing a man is the final holdout against a full commitment to their mansex desires. So long as their lips never meet those of another man, they can rationalise the remainder of their sexual activities as simply "getting off".

The ultimate expression of intimacy between men is not the degree of passion nor the depth of penetration nor the level of abandonment during sex.

It is the intimacy, depth and tenderness of a masculine kiss.

I loved how you held me so tightly when we kissed. You're a great kisser and a very sexy man to spend time with.

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