Did you know looking at gay male nudes increases testosterone?

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Feast your eyes on 60 hot, gay male images to stimulate all your senses and give you plenty of fantasy masturbation material. Plus make you healthier.

I prefer hot male nudes, of all ages and body shapes. Men who turn me on just at the thought of what we might get up to. Don't you?

Seductive poses that leave a little to your imagination. Smooth skinned and hairy men. Men dressed in suits and jeans. Jockstraps, y-fronts and other sexy underwear.

Beautiful bottoms. Tasty cocks, big and small. Arousing sex scenes. Fetishes and fantasies. If I get a hard-on, that's the picture I want in my collection and on my walls.

I've spent hundreds of hours sifting through thousands of gay porn sites to find the ideal images of gorgeous naked men to add to the gallery in my erotic massage studio.

All these images are from the public domain. You could probably find them yourself if you looked long and hard enough.

But I'm very selective when it comes to choosing male eye-candy. I want great quality photos of gorgeous men. Interesting and imaginative images. Suggestive, sensual poses. Good photography. Images that fill the page.

Your massage studio is like a shrine to the male body. I've never seen so many gorgeous pictures of horny, naked men sensually enjoying each other. It certainly gave me ideas about what I wanted to do with you.

I've sorted them into categories. Printed many hundreds to add to the wallpaper on my studio walls. Included dozens in my ebooks: Different Strokes and Your Penis: A Handbook.

Who else likes looking at naked men?

Now, I've selected some of my favourite images of naked men to create PDFs of 60 images each, in a single category.

Handsome, hot, desirable men. Toned bodies, taut butts, rigid cocks. Gorgeous mature men.

Seductive images of men that will give your testosterone levels the kind of boost that's sure to keep you healthy.

I've selected the best quality photos with an attractive subject that mostly fills the frame with good clarity, colour and tone. These booklets are designed to work equally well on your desktop, tablet or mobile.

I'd like to pose naked for you and have you take photos to add to the gallery in your massage room.

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