How many ways will I stroke your cock until you come?

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Discover how many ways I can stroke your cock in stories from my journals; and reviews from men who came while exploring my erotic massage talents.

Different Strokes is a collection of my memories of the more unusual ways I have guided horny men to an explosive orgasm or two. Like this one:

Find out how hot things will get before you come

25 erotic, intimate stories of sensual massage sessions. With pictures to stimulate your imagination. Fantasies and fetishes.

The young man who wanted to sniff every nook and cranny of my naked body from head to toe.

His wife never made a sound when they fucked, so he wanted me to make a lot of noise.

He only wanted to get naked with another man, he said. No massage or sex. He said.

A sexually frustrated, married man's first male on male body slide.

How many times can I make a man ejaculate during 2 hours?

You don't have to be young to indulge your passion for fucking every which way.

Is it better to give or to receive? This gentle man wanted me to receive his erotic massage hands all over my naked body.

Tales of horny gay virgins. Voyeurs and exhibitionists. Full body to body, man on man sex with erotic male to male massage, naturally.

Imagine out how hot things can get before you come with... Different Strokes

WOW what a cum shot I witnessed! I very much take that as a compliment! I would like to pleasure you again sometime. I know that when you are with a client the emphasis is getting them off and in most cases they don't really want to pleasure you. In my case I love pleasuring you, bringing you to the point of climax then stopping and starting. This exquisite pleasure causes your explosive orgasms.

In the hot hands of Sydney's best m4m erotic masseur

I'm not the only man to have kept notes about my erotic massage sessions. Dozens of men have written about their own experiences and asked me to share their stories with men like you. You'll find a few on this web site and when you want more...

Buy a copy of Happy Endings to read all the reviews satisfied men have sent me over the years. Like this one:

Guiding men towards a very happy ending

Read real-life reviews written by the men who've enjoyed an erotic session in my male only studio, with titles like these:

69 ways to blow my load

Advice from a guy who loves to rim a man’s arse

Enjoying him every which way but loose

Fun with butt plugs

I was a male to male sex virgin

My boyfriend experience was sensational

My dick got hard when I first saw him naked

My first male fantasy was to be stripped naked

Two tops for one horny bottom

You can read other less explicit reviews on this site or get uncensored reviews in... Happy Endings

I haven't felt so good for years. Hot sex with a great looking guy is rare for a man of my mature years. You gave me the best experience of my life. Absolutely wonderful: you've definitely got yourself a regular client!

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