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My mind went blank with the intensity of my orgasm

Men ejaculate. You already know that. But men also frequently have what can best be described as a full body orgasm. And I know how to give that feeling to any man.

The sensation that begins simultaneously at your feet, in your head and seems to flow from inside, from your prostate.

You feel as though you are going to ejaculate. There's that familiar tingling in your penis and your balls begin to pull up. But instead of feeling the cum fly, the sensation floods your entire body.

You may suddenly go blind. Or be paralysed as, at the same time, your body writhes out of control as wave after wave of pleasure courses through you. You may feel hot or cold.

You may, in some still functioning part of your mind, wonder what is happening to you. You've never felt anything so good, so uncontrolled, so all-encompassing.

Completely relaxed

Once you calm down - and that can take a long time - once your body has ceased shivering and pulsing, you feel completely relaxed. If you haven't ejaculated already, you'll want more of that feeling.

Give yourself a moment before you start that steady rise back to another orgasm.

If you have already ejaculated, your whole body will be pervaded with a sense of relief, as though you have cum from everywhere at once, as though your whole body has cum.

That's what a full body orgasm can feel like.

The touch of a master

When I cum with you it's like my whole body explodes. You are the only person who has ever been able to make me feel that.

I excel at introducing men to full body orgasms during an erotic massage or body play session.

So that's what a full body orgasm feels like. If a great orgasm is a 10, that was 15.


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