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Men like you like playing with me... and say so

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Excellent, sexy massage. A truly relaxing and erotic way to enjoy a weekend in the Blue Mountains. Geoffrey, you are the body bliss man!

During my 22 years as an erotic masseur, men have made many comments about how much they've enjoyed a sensual or sexual experience in my hands. Here is a selection of these comments.

Full body, erotic, nude massage

I've been to most of the erotic masseurs in Sydney but none of them does as good a penis massage as you.

I enjoyed your sensual massage at the end of my stay in Katoomba. Next time, I want one at the beginning and at the end. Your hands are incredible.

If a great orgasm is a 10, that was 15.

Starting with a hug was your only mistake. I knew then that I could have my way with you. With you I can relax and not be shy.

A gold star for truth in advertising erotic, male to male massage on your web site.

The first time I came in your hands it was the best orgasm I'd ever had. But today's orgasm was even better. I can't wait to come for my third visit.

Spectacular. Your touch was so relaxing, I fell asleep in the first half hour. But your first touch of my penis and I really woke up!

I didn't think I'd be able to blow and then you did something and I came buckets.

I've visited most of Australia's erotic masseurs and quite a few in the rest of the world. You are the best. A master wanker.

Our last sexy session together was amazing. Your smooth, naked body and incredibly confident hands. How hard you got me and how much I came.

I tried one of those amateurish Tantric, Reiki massages once when I couldn't visit you. It was just a cheap "rub and tug" from a guy who couldn't care less about my pleasure. Never again. I love that you're a mature masseur with a true appreciation of the male body.

You've cured my insomnia. Thanks to your sensual and relaxing massage, I slept like a baby last night.

There are plenty of young guys who charge much more for a clumsy "rub-n-tug". I prefer a mature masseur with a proper appreciation of the male body and all its pleasurable sensations. That's why I keep returning to you when I want an erotic massage.

Last time the effects lasted 3 days - I could feel my muscles every time I moved; it was a lovely feeling.

Watching in the mirrors as your confident hands worked their massage magic up and down the length of my dick was pure heaven.

Nude male, body to body slide

Thank you for making my first gay sex experience absolutely incredible. You did amazing erotic things to my body. I was blown away (literally) by your intimacy and sensuality.

Thanks for a thrilling, sexy, enormously pleasurable afternoon. Best of all was that intimate and erotic connection we shared. That slow and easy, gradual way we explored one another's body. You are the best sex I've ever had. I can't wait to come again.

I sense you genuinely like me. You're always so friendly, soothing and welcoming. Thanks for giving me an incredibly refreshing, immensely pleasurable day of fun.

I am so happy to have finally found somewhere I can strip off and relax. You made me feel very welcome and comfortable. You've got a regular nudist friend in me.

You were so well-prepared. I loved how I had your undivided attention during the entire session. All I had to do was relax and enjoy myself.

I felt like a sexy and attractive man while I was playing with you. Young and full of vigour. It was totally different to what I expected. You're a real master at massaging my penis. And not only with your hands.

I enjoyed your beautiful bum and hard cock. I hope to have the pleasure of them both again often.

I've never met anyone like you I could talk with so easily. I could tell you were actually listening to what I said. I know I can tell you anything without any fear of being judged or criticised.

I was delighted when you agreed to spend the night playing and talking with me. It was the most sensual and relaxing fun I've ever had with a man. I felt completely refreshed the next day even though we didn't get much sleep. I loved how we kept playing together all night long.

I'm spending time with a man who enjoys being with me. Plus I get hot sex with a great looking guy and that's rare for a man of my age.

It's really great to talk to someone who is obviously intelligent. You are clearly a well educated, well spoken man who cares about what he does.

Today went where I was not expecting but your guiding me was so kind and gentle and absolutely wonderful. It has certainly helped me on my journey of sexual discovery with men. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt.

Your hands working their magic on my cock was amazingly good. But watching you in the mirrors as my fat cock slid in and out of your hot mouth was incredible. I got off on how much you enjoyed yourself too.

Your slow and easy style of man to man sex gets me hot!

I love that I can passively accept what you do to my body and simply enjoy every delightful minute. It's a refreshing, sensual experience every time I visit.

Exploring your male sexual fantasies

I was delighted to read you like being fucked in the arse. What can I say? You're the best fuck I've ever had! We seemed to go on for hours. I've never lasted so long inside a man. How do you do that?

You certainly know to turn a man on... and keep him turned on. Wow! It was great. Just like it says on the web site.

It was so hot watching you wank to a climax. My only regret was that I couldn't get all of your massive load on my chest.

I'm totally turned on by the touch and sight of a man's buns. So it was incredibly exciting seeing you lying on your stomach, legs spread apart, like you were waiting to be fucked. How could I resist?

I'd love us to rub our bodies together. First, while we're dressed and then as we gradually strip our clothes off, until we're both naked.

Our fantasy is to watch each other fucking another man. We are both very passionate and sensual. We love touching, sucking and kissing, rimming, playing with arseholes. Is that something we could do with you?

I loved the way you tied up my dick. And played with my balls, spreading and stretching them with your fingers.

Last time I came, I kept my clothes on while you were completely naked and kind of vulnerable. I loved being in total control as I played with your cock and made you cum when I was ready. Next time, I'm going to blindfold you too.

I like to see your dick going from soft to hard. Watching it lengthen and thicken before my eyes. Then getting you soft again and feeling how your erection expands inside my mouth.

Lying together on your bed with my head resting between your thighs, my fingers working their way inside you, stroking your cock. Seeing and hearing you lose control when I made you cum. A fantasy come true.

I choose to visit you, Geoffrey because I don't want to become the object of another man's desire. I don't need complications, just great sex with a male professional who knows how to turn me on.

I loved the way you played my role games and let me explore my sensual fantasies.

It's so refreshing to meet a professional gay masseur who is honest and up front about his erotic male to male services.

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