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Enjoy your first erotic, male to male massage

Are you nervous about your first erotic, nude, male to male massage? Here are tips that'll increase your sensual pleasure when you come to my studio.

When you arrive at my massage studio (in the upper Blue Mountains, NSW), I'll invite you to undress and lie on my comfortable table.

I'll already be naked, so there's no need to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about being the only naked man in the room.

It's best if you're naked

Clothing gets in the way of the sensation of my hands on your skin. So it's best if you are completely naked. I always make sure my massage room is heated so you won't feel cold. You may be surprised at how quickly you feel hot.

Some men like to leave their underwear on as part of a fantasy or fetish. So long as you don't object to your underwear become soaked with oil, go ahead and enjoy the sensations. You'll be eager to remove your underwear once the massage begins to focus on what is hidden beneath.

You only need to relax

The only thing you need to "do" during a massage is to relax. You may feel nervous, especially if it's your first time.

But this is your chance to passively accept what happens and to allow your body to sink into the table. Be a rag doll. Don't try to be helpful. Simply receive.

Breathe deeply and regularly. Within moments my movements across and around your body will match the flow of your breathing, relaxing you ever more deeply.

As my hands locate areas of tension, consciously try to let go and release these tense areas.

Talk or not, it's up to you

Some men like to talk or ask questions: perhaps from nerves or a real interest in the masseur. There's nothing wrong with talking. There will probably come a time during the massage when you will give in to the feelings in your body and grow quieter. Maybe even falling asleep.

Naturally, if there are particular areas you want more or less attention paid to, speak up. Or if you want to say how good you are feeling, say so. As I'm manipulating and fondling on your genitals and other erogenous areas, express yourself in whatever way you like.

Groans, moans, faster breathing and comments all add valuable feedback and encourage me to continue what I am doing.

Allow yourself to feel and be felt

My erotic male massage gives you time to feel how your body responds to being touched in deeply intimate ways.

Because I always perform a full massage of your naked body, you may discover new areas of sensual pleasure. And once my hands begin to expertly massage your genitals, you'll become aroused.

Let yourself go and feel where and how you are being touched. Give in to the experience as much as you like.

Close your eyes

With your eyes closed, you can see with your senses. Visualise the sensations of the masseur's hands on some part of your body.

As my massage room is dimly lit, you may want to keep your eyes open to watch as I work on your body. In my massage room, there are plenty of mirrors that let you watch me as I move about the table. Or to watch my hands as they massage your penis.

Touch and be touched

Feel free to touch me as much as you like. Reciprocal or mutual touch adds an extra level of sensuality to your experience.

Be passive or active

It can be a new experience for men to lie still and have someone actively relax, arouse and stimulate them. Surrender yourself to these novel sensations and thoroughly enjoy the sensual, full body experience.

I look forward to introducing you to my uniquely pleasurable, male, erotic massage.

I felt like a really sexy and attractive man while you were massaging me. It was totally different to what I expected. You're a real master at massaging my penis.


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