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How to enjoy your first erotic male massage in my hands

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Curious about what to expect when you come to enjoy your first erotic male massage with me? Find out what makes my soothing style so sensually satisfying.

The moment you enter my permanently set-up erotic studio, you'll see how well-prepared I am to massage you. The lights are dimmed, there's a subtle fragrance, music chosen to relax your mind.

Take a few moments to admire my gallery of male pornographic images wedged between mirrors, covering every wall.

Undress and lie on the firm but comfortable massage table, ready for the first touch of my hands on your naked body.

Although straight, I have often fantasised about being sensually massaged in the nude by a male, getting my cock touched and my balls caressed by a man who knows how good it feels.

It's best if we're both naked

What I've heard from my clients is that most other erotic masseurs aren't naked. And most won't let you touch them unless you pay extra.

My approach is completely different. After all, this is an erotic, full body experience.

We will both to be naked while I massage you. And I don't charge extra if you want to touch me.

When you lie face down on my massage table, I don't drape a towel over your naked body either.

So when I smooth warm oil all over your naked skin... when I slide my firm and confident hands down the entire length of your body from head to toe... there is nothing to interrupt my smooth, flowing movements.

I was pretty nervous when I arrived but your attitude quickly soothed me. Great music, the dimmed lights, the mirrors, the erotic wallpaper. Everything was excellent. It's rare to meet a professional who always puts another man's comfort and satisfaction first.

Relax, receive and enjoy the sensations

My erotic massage style is a fluid sequence in time with the sensuous music.

From the moment I first lay my hands on you, they will remain in constant contact with your body. There are no uncomfortable pauses as I reach for more oil. Everything I need is within easy reach.

The only thing you need to "do" during my full body massage is to relax, receive and enjoy the sensations.

Breathe deeply and regularly. Soon my movements across and around your body will match the flow of your breathing.

I was amazed by your knowledge of how to stimulate my body, all your sexual talents. That way you kept adding layers to my excitement until I climaxed blew my mind.

Slowly sensuous, full body massage

Face down, I'll smooth unscented oil across your upper torso, shoulders and along your spine. Stretching as far as I can reach until my fingertips caress your buttocks.

The slow and sensual way you massaged my body and stroked my cock in time to the music was divine. It was like watching some kind of mesmerising, rhythmic, sexual dance.

Standing to one side of the massage table, I'll firmly pummel your bum cheeks. My fingers pressing, caressing between your thighs. Spread your legs and feel how my hands respond. My fingertips stroking your balls or seeking lower to feel your lengthening erection.

Along your legs to your feet. Repeated on each side of your body with slow and easy strokes.

You can look. You can touch. You can taste.

For some men, an erotic experience in my hands is their first chance to look at or touch another man's naked body. To feel the velvety hardness of another cock throbbing in their hands. Or the tight muscles of a man's arse hole gripping their fingers.

So, feel free to experiment. Touch, stroke, caress or play with me however you want.

What sets you apart from other gay masseurs I've seen - aside from your incredibly sensual massage - is how open you are to me stroking and fondling your lovely cock.

When I stand at the head of the table, enjoy your first taste of my cock. Reach out your arms to draw me closer for an intimate embrace.

Demonstrate on my erection how you'd like me to massage yours. Or match my hands, stroke for stroke.

Watch me massage

With your face resting on the headrest, you'll probably have your eyes closed. This helps to heighten the sensations as you feel my hands working their way across your skin.

You can easily sense where I am massaging and easily follow the flow of my touch.

If you turn your head, you can watch in the mirrors as I move around the massage table.

Watching in the mirrors as your confident hands worked their massage magic up and down the length of my dick was pure heaven.

When you turn over to lie on your back, you may want to watch my hands working their magic on your throbbing erection. I can even raise the head of the table so you can watch in the full-length mirror as I stroke your penis and fondle your balls.

Talk or not, it's up to you

You may prefer to lie quietly and enjoy the sensations of my hands on your body.

Or you may like to talk or ask questions. Tell me why you've chosen to visit me. Ask about other men who come. I'll answer your questions honestly and share my stories (without ever identifying other clients).

If there are particular areas where you want more or less attention, speak up.

Or if you want to say how good you are feeling, say so.

Show me your hard cock

Most massage therapists actively discourage their male clients from having an erection. Some are even offended by this perfectly natural result of being touched.

If you have to concentrate on not being aroused when someone is caressing your erogenous zones, how relaxed can you really be?

I loved how you held me on the edge of cumming for such a long time. It felt like you were making love to my cock, worshipping it with your hands and fingers. You are a master wanker!

I encourage you to feel as aroused as you like. Expose yourself openly and without embarrassment. Let me admire, play with and fondle your erection.

After all, it's an important part of my erotic services to massage your genitals. And a good indication of how well I am succeeding to see and feel the rigidity of your cock.

By now, you may have drifted into a light sleep. But you'll soon wake up when I invite you to turn over and lie on your back.

Face up, I'll work my hands along your chest, stomach and arms. Bypassing your cock for the moment to slide my palms along your inner thighs to your feet.

Finally, surrendering to my desire to play with your balls, to stroke up and down the length of your cock.

Make a lot of noise

While I'm exploring your body, discovering what turns you on and manipulating your cock and balls, express yourself in whatever way you like.

Groans, moans, faster breathing and comments all encourage me to continue what I am doing. And, if you want to shout out loud when you ejaculate, go ahead.

When I cum with you, it's like my whole body explodes. You are the only man who has ever been able to make me feel that.

It may be a new experience to lie still while another man actively relaxes, arouses and stimulates you. Surrender to these novel sensations and thoroughly enjoy the sensual, full body experience.

Cleaning up afterwards

I have a pile of clean, moist towels ready to mop the cum from your body.

And you're welcome to shower in my wet room before and after I massage you. Alone or together.

There are unscented liquid soaps and a supply of clean, soft towels set aside just for you.

You were absolutely made to massage men. Not only are you really good at keeping me aroused but you enjoy yourself too. That's a real turn-on for me, making our every erotic encounter even better.

Ready to enjoy your first erotic male massage with me?

When were you last sensually massaged with care and sensitivity? Your naked body touched all over from head to foot and everywhere in between?

Have you ever experienced an orgasm that flooded your entire body with a profound sense of relief? And enjoyed physical sensations that left you deeply relaxed for days afterwards?

I felt perfectly calm and relaxed within minutes of lying on your table. I've never had anybody manipulate my penis before and when I came it was a great release. I felt great for the rest of the day.

You won't find another masseur anywhere else with the skill and desire to arouse and satisfy your passion for erotic touch. Or so I've been told by the hundreds of men who have already come for such a sensuous experience in my hands.

What's more my erotic male services are designed to appeal to men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older.

Because, in my experience, mature men - gay, straight, bisexual or simply curious - appreciate a gradual build-up of pleasure that slowly leads to a deeply satisfying, full body orgasm and ejaculation.

You're obviously very calm and patient. You know exactly what you're doing and I had no sense of you rushing at all.

A trained and experienced professional

I'm a fully trained and qualified masseur with 22 years of professional experience in sensually satisfying a man.

My massage style is not remedial so it's not intended to fix or relieve muscular problems. Even so, many men have commented about how my style has a similar effect to a sports massage. How the sensations linger for days.

When will you come to enjoy your first deeply satisfying, nude, full body, erotic male massage with me?

I bet you have men coming from all over the world to experience your superb erotic massage. I've only driven the short distance from Sydney but it feels like I'm in a different world when I'm on your massage table. You are the body bliss man!

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