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male massage
How to enjoy your first erotic male experience

Curious about what to expect during a nude, male to male massage? Find out why so many men choose me for their first erotic experience with another man.

Many of my first time clients have never experienced a massage from anyone, let alone a sexy, male to male, erotic massage from such a talented masseur.

Some men feel shy about being naked and obviously aroused around another man. I'll already be naked, so there's no need to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable about being the only nude man in the room.

Your penis is the first I've ever seen and felt apart from my own.

You may feel nervous and excited about what's about to happen. But you'll soon discover you've made the right decision to book an erotic massage or body play session with me.

After more than 20 years' experience with straight, bisexual, bicurious and gay men, I know just what to do to help you lose your nerves and thoroughly enjoy my massage.

A proper, full body massage

You can get a "rub and tug", a so-called Tantric or a Reiki massage from just about anyone these days. If that's what you want.

But if you're seeking a proper, full body erotic massage with expert hands-on attention to your penis, that leaves you feeling relaxed and satisfied for days afterwards, you'll need to visit a professional masseur.

You know how to massage and what it means to be erotic. It's a great combination.

I'm fully trained and qualified masseur with years of practical experience. And I enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate my skills on any man who longs to be soothed and relaxed.

My massage is not remedial so it's not intended to fix or relieve muscular problems. Even so, many men have commented about how my style has a similar effect to a sports massage.

Erotic massage designed for men

I prefer to focus on the erotic aspects of massage. To touch and caress men in places that are often overlooked or avoided.

Because I believe it's important for men to be allowed to explore and express their sensuality.

I've had erotic massages from men all over the world. But I have yet to find another masseur as talented and sensual as you are, Geoffrey.

So, when you visit me, I will use all my professional expertise to soothe your entire body as well as concentrate on arousing and stimulating your genitals. When you ejaculate - once or more - you'll feel deeply relaxed from head to toe.

It's best if you're naked too

One important difference between an erotic massage and a sports or remedial massage, is that I don't drape a towel over your naked body.

This means I can slide my hands down the entire length of your body from head to toe without anything getting in the way of my smooth, flowing movements.

Some men are aroused by keeping their underwear on. Or wearing a special jockstrap, g-string or speedos.

So long as you don't object to your underwear becoming soaked with oil or other fluids, I'll be happy to play my fingers around the waistband and under the fabric.

I always ensure my massage room is heated so you won't feel cold. You'll be surprised at how quickly you feel hot. And, if you're wearing undies, how soon you'll long for me to sensually strip them off you.

I've tried other masseurs when I couldn't get to see you. But they only seem to want to do a "rub and tug". They don't know how to massage. That's why I love coming to see you.

Expose your erection to me

Most massage therapists actively discourage their male clients from having an erection during a massage. Some are even offended by this perfectly natural result of being touched.

If you have to concentrate on not being aroused when someone is caressing your erogenous zones, how relaxed can you really be?

I encourage you to feel as aroused as you like. Expose yourself openly and without embarrassment. Let me admire, play with and fondle your erection.

After all, it's an important part of my erotic services to massage your genitals. And a fairly good indication of how well I am succeeding to see and feel the rigidity of your cock.

Allow yourself to feel and be felt

From what I've been told by my own clients, most other erotic masseurs won't let you touch them (unless you pay more). And many of them aren't even naked.

I'm different. I encourage you to touch me, if you choose. I won't demand extra money either. Anything that happens during an erotic session is included in the advertised price.

Because I am also naked and often standing very close to the table, you can reach out to stroke, caress or play with my erect cock however you like.

I like how you let me touch you as you moved so sensually around the table.

It may be casual caress as I move about the table and my cock slides across your upturned palm. I may stand still to let you feel between my legs or elsewhere. Or to enjoy your first taste of my cock.

Touching me as I massage you adds an extra layer of sensuality as well as giving me feedback about how much you are enjoying yourself.

You only need to relax

The only thing you need to "do" during my erotic massage is to relax.

This is your chance to passively accept what happens. Be a rag doll. Don't try to be helpful. Simply receive and enjoy yourself.

Breathe deeply and regularly. Within moments my movements across and around your body will match the flow of your breathing. As my hands locate areas of tension, consciously try to let go and release these tense areas.

Talk or not, it's up to you

Some men lie quietly and enjoy the sensations of my hands on their bodies.

Others like to talk about themselves and the reasons they've chosen to visit me. Or to find out about other men who come. I am happy to tell stories (without ever identifying other clients). Or to listen to you talk about yourself.

What I like more than anything else, even your incredible massage, is knowing I can trust you.

If there are particular areas where you want more or less attention, speak up.

Or if you want to say how good you are feeling, say so.

As I'm manipulating and fondling on your genitals and seeking out your special erogenous areas, express yourself in whatever way you like.

Groans, moans, faster breathing and comments all add valuable feedback and encourage me to continue what I am doing.

I can totally recommend a body slide session with Geoffrey. You're both naked and he'll put oil on you and slide his body all over yours, give you a hand-job. You can touch him anywhere, he'll tease your cock with his, rub his body all over yours front and back, slide your cock between his legs, you can come on his body, play out your fantasies and safe stuff like that.

Close your eyes

With your face resting on the headrest, you'll probably have your eyes closed. This helps to heighten the sensations as you feel my hands working their way across your skin.

You can easily sense where I am massaging. I never remove my hands from your body during the massage, allowing you to follow the flow of my movements.

And there is a clear sequence to the way I massage. First your upper torso. Then your buttocks, with my fingers perhaps pressing lightly between your thighs, circling your balls or seeking lower to feel your lengthening erection. Then down to your legs and feet. Repeated on each side of your body with slow and easy strokes.

Your massage was so relaxing and erotic. It's difficult to see where one begins and the other ends. And your whole approach is soothing and non-threatening.

Face up, your chest, stomach and arms. Bypassing your cock for the moment to slide my hands along your inner thighs to your feet. Then surrendering to the temptation to play with your balls, stroke your cock. And demonstrate my exciting penis massage skills.

Or open your eyes to watch

If you turn your head, you might watch in the mirrors as I move around the massage table.

And when finally you turn over to lie on your back, you may want to watch my hands working their magic on your throbbing erection.

Tell me when you want to come

You are welcome to book an erotic session with as little as a few hours' notice. Or as far in advance as you like.

Some of my sessions require prepayment. This is so I can decline other requests for the date you want. For others you can pay in cash on the day.

It was so easy to make a booking with you. I appreciated how professional the entire process was.

When you decide you're having too much fun to leave so soon, you're welcome to extend the session for a further $200 per hour.

I accept only one booking each day, so there's plenty of time for you to stay as long as you like.

You'll be glad you came

It may be a new experience to lie still while another man actively relaxes, arouses and stimulates you. Surrender to these novel sensations and thoroughly enjoy the sensual, full body experience.

I look forward to introducing you to my uniquely pleasurable, male, erotic massage.

I was really nervous when I arrived but your attitude soothed me very quickly. Great music, the dimmed lights, the mirrors, the erotic wallpaper. Everything was excellent. It's rare to meet a professional who so obviously cares about another man's comfort and satisfaction.

One erotic hour of nude body and penis massage $240


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