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You always come first in my erotic male studio

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Where can you go to relax and explore your male to male sexual fantasies? And always come first? Nowhere else except in my erotic massage studio.

While I have your naked body in my hands, I'll be eager to discover and explore what turns you on the most.

Whatever h appens between us, you can rely on me to put your pleasure first. To give you the chance to explore and satisfy your sexual desires. To gradually guide you towards an orgasm and an explosive ejaculation.

The moment you first touched me, I could tell you knew exactly how to turn me on.

Curious about my erotic male massage?

Discover first-hand what a difference 22 years of massaging men makes to your arousal and pleasure. Find out for yourself why one man described me as Sydney's best erotic masseur.

With me, not only will you enjoy a proper, full body massage but there's not much I don't know about man-handling your penis too. I've even published a book containing all my most popular hands-on penis massage techniques: Your Penis: A Handbook.

Keen to try out erotic play with a man who will satisfy your sexual curiosity? Find out why so many straight and married men choose to come in my hands.

My erotic massage and body play sessions are designed to appeal to mature and responsive men of any age... 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and older. Because, in my experience, mature men appreciate taking time to enjoy sensual pleasures.

Imagine you're stretched out on a wide and comfortable massage table in my erotic studio with its pornographic wallpaper and mirrors that let you watch.

Feel how my confident hands seek out the stress and tension in your muscles, sensually soothing your naked body from head to toe.

Massaging your throbbing erection

Can you feel your cock growing harder, pressing into the table? Are you enjoying the way I focus my attention on your most sensitive areas? The way I run a fingertip all around the head. My palms stroking, caressing and subtly pressing along the length of your shaft. My fingers circling your balls.

It was something you did that made me cum buckets. I've never felt anything so good in my life. You're a master wanker.

You'll be eager for me to explore every velvety inch of your solid erection, to feel the weight and shape of your balls. To grip the shaft just so and slide my soft palm all around the slippery head...

How long can I keep you on that delicious edge of orgasm and ejaculation? Come for a massage and let's find out.

Are you keen for your first taste of a cock?

Among the many things that sets me apart from other erotic masseurs is the freedom I give you to explore my body however you want.

I always massage in the nude. So you can readily see how excited I get watching and feeling the effect my skills have on you.

You're welcome to stroke and play with my long, thick cock. To lick or suck it into your mouth. Or to slip a finger inside my tight, clean and willing arse hole.

How do I tell my current masseur I want to see you instead? I feel like I'm floating. I've had lots of massages but I've never felt this good. Your erotic massage was superb!

The horny men who come in my hands may...

be aged between 40 and 85 years

be straight, gay, bisexual, bicurious or virgins

be married with children or grandchildren

be single, separated or divorced

be from a different culture, country or background to mine

be fatter than they'd like or be gym-toned and muscular

be hirsute, hairless or shaved

be curious about exploring their m2m fantasies

have big cocks, small cocks or any size in between

have cocks that bend one way or the other

have cut or uncut cocks

have big or small testicles

When did you last play with a naked man?

Have you, like so many men, played about with another man once or twice before? But it never really went far. You'd loved to have experimented further. But you were unsure about what to do. Hesitant, a novice.

You didn't feel comfortable. You needed time to explore the sensations gradually. Besides the other man wasn't all that interested in your pleasure. He only wanted to blow and go.

My focus is always on your needs and desires. So when you come for nude massage and sensual play session, you set the pace. And I'll encourage you to be as open as you like.

I've tried sex with other men, but it's never worked out well. With you it was completely different. Great fun. That way you so patiently guided and encouraged gave me the confidence to explore and enjoy the experience.

My 22 years of sexual experience with male to male virgins means I'm in no rush to get to the finish line. I want to show you how much fun sexual play between two men can be. Besides I gain great pleasure from arousing and delighting you.

The more I see, hear and feel your delight, the more aroused I become. It becomes an endless loop of mutual, passionate play that ends in one or both of us ejaculating. Once or more.

Once I have massaged your body, we'll slip and slide about together on the spacious bed. Explore one another intimately. Do you like being hugged and kissed? Do you long to feel my hands stroking your cock, encircling your balls?

Thank you for an absolutely incredible erotic experience. You did amazing things to my body. I was blown away (literally) by your intimacy and sensuality.

When are you going to come?

Maybe you'll only come once or twice a year. Or only once, ever.

Whatever you decide, you can always rely on me to use all my erotic talents to relieve your pent-up sexual frustrations. To give you enormous sensual pleasure.

Because in my erotic massage studio, in my hands or wherever you fancy, you'll always come first.

You're providing a truly essential and wonderful service to men who have no other outlet for exploring their sexual longings. You were absolutely made to do this work.

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