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All Male: pleasure-giving sex tips for a man to man virgin

Erotic play between men should be enjoyable, pleasurable and pain free. Yet sometimes men try things without thinking about how they feel for their partner.

As a general rule, if you think something is going to feel unpleasant, it probably will. There are some activities you should simply never try, like the ones listed below.

For anything else, start slowly and gently. Experiment to find his tolerance, gauge his pleasure and listen to or watch his reactions.

Sandpapering his penis

Don't rub his cock across your stubbled chin or face.

You may enjoy the feeling of his leaking cock sliding about your skin, leaving a sticky trail of precum. But he probably won't appreciate the sensations.

Unless you have a beard or a few days of soft facial hair, sliding his cock across your chin or face is extremely unpleasant. He'll have a similar experience if you rub your stubble across his lips.

If you want to know how it feels, take a sheet of sandpaper and rub it across your lips. You can also try this with your own penis, though I wouldn't recommend it.

The sensation is like tiny specks of glass cutting into the sensitive head of his penis. An instantly painful turn off. And likely to cause an immediate drooping of his penis. What's more, the sensations can last for some time. And, depending on how forcefully you rub, you may cause bleeding.

Bad smells

There is nothing nicer than the musky, alluring scent of a freshly washed man. That's why it's always a good idea to shower before having sex. Then the heat of your sexual activities only produces fresh, pleasant smelling sweat.

On the other hand, there is nothing more off-putting than bad breath, stale body odour or the acrid smell of unwashed body crevices, like under your arms, around your crotch or between your bum cheeks.


In your eagerness to get at the head of his cock, don't force his foreskin to stretch or try to glide it down his shaft too quickly. It hurts.


With his cock buried in your mouth, the temptation to bite his shaft may overwhelm you. Unless you are very gentle, don't give in to this feeling. He won't appreciate the sensation of your teeth clamped on his cock. If he tries to withdraw his cock too quickly - a natural reaction - you may cause irreparable damage.

Hard nipple play

Playing with a man's nipples is fun but not all men have the same pain thresholds. Some men have no sensations whatever when their nipples are tweaked. Others will quickly pull away at even the lightest caress.


You may not want to use a nail file but make sure your fingernails are clipped short, with no ragged edges. You can cause internal and external tears with rough edged or cracked fingernails.

One fast thrust

A man's arse is not self-lubricating. Neither is it, ordinarily, wide open and loose.

Caught in the throes of passion, you may be tempted to plunge your cock deep inside him with one swift thrust.

Your partner's reaction is likely to be trying to pull away as fast as he can. There's nothing more painful than being fucked dry or having a cock thrust inside with great force.

As you are also wearing a condom, the effect is to have his insides violently stretched and, potentially torn.

Enter his arse slowly and gently. Make sure you have lubricated his hole first and the condom - inside and out - and prepared his arse by fingering it beforehand.

Once inside, with plenty of lubrication, you can bang away as fast as he will allow.

Also remember to add more lubricant while fucking. You may want to pull out all the way and finger him to add more slickness. Or spread lubricant on your hand and apply it to your shaft as you fuck him.

You'll find a water-based lubricant won't dry out as fast as oil. And it's safer to use with latex condoms which break down when oil is applied.

I'm going to blow

When a man ejaculates, his penis becomes very sensitive. A few men enjoy continued stroking as and shortly after they cum. Most do not.

If he has indicated that he won't swallow your cum, don't force him to. Depending on the force, volume and taste of your ejaculate, you may at the very least cause him to splutter. Or gag, choke or vomit.

Moving together improves the experience of sex

If you lie still, make no noise and be as passive as though you are asleep, your partner has to do all the "work". As he has no feedback from you, he can't tell whether you are enjoying his attentions.


Some men have limited experience of what may turn them on. Experiment as much as you like, while paying attention to what he says or how he reacts.

If he says stop, stop. If he says he's not enjoying something you're doing, there's a good chance he's telling the truth.

Most men are keenly aware of what they do not enjoy. If he tells you not to do something, don't make the attempt.

You obviously have a marvellous knowledge, respect and appreciation of the male body and all the sensations that go with it.

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