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About Sydney Information Xchange (six.com.au)

SIX is an entertainment site designed for mature humans.

A mature human is anyone over the legal age of consent who enjoys viewing pictures of men, using adult services or learning new or different ways to enjoy better male to male sensuality and sexuality.

About SIX

Over 30 years online

SIX has been operating since 1982. Starting as a Bulletin Board System, SIX migrated to the web in 1997.

The nature of our content might be offensive to some people, which is why there is a range of child and sensitive adult protection systems in place. Having bypassed such protections, you have implicitly accepted the nature of our content.

The legal age in any one country can vary. If you feel you are a mature human and aren't offended by the contents of this site, you are the type of person we most want to attract.

Images copyright statement

Any images of humans used on this website were found on the world wide web on various sites or were submitted by visitors to our site. Images were found on sites stating that the images were free to use with no restrictions.

SIX does not intentionally infringe on any other person's or company's copyright to published images.

If any images used on this site are found to be outside the public domain, as we have assumed they are, we will promptly remove them if requested by the copyright holder, or if preferred, give due credit to the copyright holder.

If one of our images does belong to you, your company or agency please contact us.


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